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  1. Actually, it's a rare instance when the name of the patch befits the quality. The fanboys were craving for this patch with closed eyes and open mouths, expecting that Paradox would put candy there. Not this time, fellas. This time the fanboys got treated to a very different flavour. They did figure out that something was wrong only after that patch was brutally thrusted right in. They still pretended to enjoy it. Have you been on the Paradox forums? They have a button "Respectfully disagree". Because if you disagree without the "respectfully" part, someone might have a heart attack.
  2. What the mod could use is a lot of extra immersion and depth in the form of new events. Some people said that more events were needed. There is enormous room for all kinds of stuff to polish and enrich the existing content without heavy scripting or inventing new mechanics. The civics alone require specialised events to make them feel more distinguishable from each other. I've already come up with a bunch of immersive events, but I reckon they best be put away until the game stabilises and the mod gets a major update with new content, so as not to overencumber the process.
  3. I'd say prioritise university studies above all else. The mod can easily wait until the summer holidays when there will be more free time for modding, especially considering that the new game update introduced a lot of balance changes and problems and will most likely see constant hotfixes for a few weeks.
  4. Just wait for the summer holidays and there will be more activity. The site was a lot more active during the winter holidays.
  5. Most men don't even know that this is the best strategy to be attractive to women, by focusing on oneself and not giving them attention. I've never even had such thoughts because their perception of my persona is irrelevant. I'm too busy having way to much fun.
  6. I have a passion for women myself. To me, they are the most beautiful creatures in the world. But I don't give most of them the time of the day, not out of spite, but solely out of nonchalance. I don't obtrude my outlook and philosophy on others, I encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to make their own choices. I surmise that you believe that some exoteric force in the form of a woman can enter your life and make it more meaningful and joyful. It is a very common error that many men make. The truth is that only you can make your own life more pleasant and meaningfu
  7. Are you sure that playing on women's emotional playground is something worth having? What exactly do you seek from playing their games? What is the reward, what is the endgame?
  8. On the contrary, your life gets more meaningful and enjoyable. The more you fill your mind with knowledge and information the more pleasure you derive. Mental work energises a person, especially if it's done for personal growth and pleasure. There is just one major downside to understanding how the world works - you become very cynical and cold-hearted. But even then, being a coldblooded entity such as myself is very rewarding: there are no emotional burdens.
  9. It's hard to say how it's working out. Because I am an adherent of the Gray Man theory. I am an invisible man. I dress in very cheap clothing with no brands at all, pretending to be a broke guy even though I have a higher income than about 93% of the population. I can't even polish my shoes because it will make me more detectable. My last date took place in December 2019. The woman in her late 20s whom I was dating offered to pay for me at a cafe. So I guess it would probably be working out just fine. As for women needing attention. The last chick I was in touch with wa
  10. This is weird and raises a whole cascade of questions. Why are you opening doors for them and why are you exonerating yourself? Why do you still care whether they will call you down or not? Why do you need to be nice for them? Women hold doors open for me. And I like it.
  11. Good. Work is for work, not flirting. It's been that way for about a decade. You flirt wherever you want, just not at work. But it's not a man's job to flirt. Flirting is just a game perpetuated by women for personal fun: "Entertain me, clown." A decent man has way too much stuff to do, such as working, studying, working out, playing video games, etc. So there is no time for any of that flirting nonsense. Women need men's attention, so they should be the ones trying to earn it.
  12. I actually use that term and the effects are hilarious. Also, shaming tactics don't work on men in the 21st century. Men are yet to enjoy the fun of using women's own playbook against them. The problem here is that men aren't filing complaints and charges and aren't organising mass protests, unlike women, which is why women are taken seriously and men are not. As for the dine-and-dash guy, he got 13 years of jail, if I'm not mistaken. He is a national hero and a martyr because he caused a precedent that men should take advantage of. Shower the police with similar charges.
  13. The world just keeps getting better, regardless of what the feminists or other communities of busybodies have been doing lately. People all over the world are getting dumber, which elevates my value as a professional on the labour market. Women are growing more honest and showing more of their true nature on social media. So much free information and content on the Internet for any taste. There's just not enough free time to peruse and relish all of it. No more social norms and gender roles to hold people back. Robotic love dolls keep
  14. A very interesting and elocuent woman. Very sharp for her age. But she seems way out of touch with the modern sexual market. Is she aware of the epidemic of incels and simps? Is she aware of the 80/20 rule, which has already turned into the 90/10 rule? Is she aware that the sexual market is oversaturated with overweight and tattoed women and single mothers? How about all the modern rules and regulations that can get a man metooed in a snap without even any evidence? No wonder I have never come across any of her videos.
  15. I have recently learned that Lithia plans to update the mod by adding new features and fixes. I have a list of fixes and suggestions that could be implemented into the mod. It is only a rough draft that still needs many values and figures added: 1. Prostitution Slavery fix + New slavery type There was a problem and inconvenience in the mod that chattel slavery made slaves occupy only whore and streetwalker jobs, while domestic servitude made them occupy only escort and call girl jobs. This is probably the only problem I have experienced with this mod. Glanducra d
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