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  1. I do not believe that to be the case because I was running and playing the game without issue prior to the installation of the SL mods, I could still be wrong of course, but it would seem strange
  2. So I got this, from the framework, does this help narrow down the problem in anyway, and also do the plugins that you mentioned "Crash fix; Brawl bug; Safety Load fix; Bug fix; D3DX9_42_wrapper;" Work on SKSE? Thanks
  3. Alright, I'll get that installed and see what it says
  4. The game was working previously with all of the non-SL mods installed, however, I did as advised and I went back up until I reached the mods which were previously working and now the same thing is happening. Something bigger must've gone wrong?
  5. Alright I'll try that and see what comes of it, thanks
  6. Ok, so, I have run LOOT and FNIS as intended, got no errors from them etc. however, on game start (following the Bethesda logo) the game immediately crashes to desktop. I have included my full load order below, sorry if its something obvious but I'm not particularly good at modding. Thanks in advance, will try to give more details if requested
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