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  1. Hey, sorry for the late response I'v been super busy with rl stuff. So I ended up just completely resetting everything. So to speak I started from the clear. (I figured it would be best option at this point) I installed all the essential mods and it is stable now. Thanks for the help tho this kinda reminded me of how installing mods works.
  2. Ok so I went the safe route and just re installed every required mod, this time it seem'd kinda to work, but I also got this crash error that had too reasons why this could happen. I had too many animations again or it just randomly occurred. Load Order.txt
  3. Ok so after few test runs the game runs perfectly (even with slaverun activated) till certain point of the questline where I need to enter dragons reach. I still get the ninode crash error
  4. Ok so I did the things you said earlier, whiterun still seems to be a small problem, it just crashes randomly. Also I updated the skeleton, at least I think I did. LO.txt
  5. ok so after I launched launched took via MO I tested if skyrim launches, I got error message for the first time when it crashed. Something about missing ninode. I will also do those things what you said and see where it leads.
  6. Yes I'm using MO, I didn't launch loot before via Mo I tested doing it now. Don't know if the loadorder still shows the same. Load Order.txt
  7. ok so, if by usleep you mean the unofficial patch I do have it. I got rid of the SLNC I seem to have missed to Brawl Bug patch but I do have it now. I got rid of the Hi-res Packs just in case. FNIS shows me that I have skeleton and it should be there. Don't know what is up with the loadorder being alphabetical tho. but here is the latest LO.txt
  8. Ok so the skeleton tells me XPMS2. and I also got rid of the nastycrittens. LO.txt
  9. Here is my recent load order. I think I might have some animation dupes or something cause the number was not 3k when last I did this. Load Order.txt
  10. so, from where should I start uninstalling animations?
  11. It's just saying that I didn't launch skse via steam.
  12. yeah ok I might agree on the fact that there are few animations, no sure where they all even came from.
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