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  1. That person displayed screenshots of private costume mods which transplanted from DOA5.😞
  2. これ試して [ShaderOverrideWet2] hash = 3d6c93879b0d5a0f checktextureoverride = ps-t1 allow_duplicate_hash = overrule
  3. @tokorozawa KuroKaze78さんの提供してたd3dx.iniを自分のを取り替える あとはextra_wet.iniの中で hashの数値を編集してみろ。 私は日本語と英語が苦手で、変な言葉と文法を受け入れてください。 I am not good at Japanese and English. Please accept my strange words and grammar.
  4. After I updated d3dx.ini, etsorhtt's Hairmod_lunaV22 mod can change the color and style, but the twintails only disappeared in half. Is there a way to deal with it?🥺
  5. Well, I find no way out. This can only be a problem with d3dx.ini. Can anyone deal with this weird problem specifically for the STEAM version?🥺
  6. I am using Steam version, I don’t think I have to face the issue of DMM version update at the moment. I will try to reinstall everything, it should be able to avoid this sudden and irreversible error, maybe.
  7. Hi! I have a trouble. I can't change the hair color of girls through [TextureOverrideColorChange]. It even happened on etsorhtt's Hairmod_lunaV22, and I couldn’t change the hairstyle and color through hot keys. When I switch the twintails function, it will only remove its ornaments and shadow. It’s weird that I was able to use it a while ago, but now only the functions of other mods are still well. I have tried to close all mods and Reshader, but I don't see how this can help. Anyone have clues about this problem?😩
  8. @KuroKaze78 Can you remove the abrupt parts on back from the bell collar mod in [CostumeCustomizer] WIP_ModPack_2_09_2019.zip?
  9. Press the number key to activate the corresponding MOD
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