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    I enjoy creating just about anything. I write music, stories, paint, create mods, do VFX for short films, sound design for short films, the list goes on and on and on.
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    I was born in Plano Texas and had a pretty rough upbringing. But through my life I've gone from living in a 64th floor penthouse suite in Manhattan, to being locked up in jail for 2 years, to living on the street for months and months to finally building my life back up to where it is now. In a comfy, paid off house with my family of three.

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  1. Hope you had a super xmas! :) Any exciting plans for 2019?

    1. NerdsPlayhouse


      I'm doing too many things to list, lol

  2. I've moved on to the Unreal Engine. It's a huge leap for me but I've created some characters with rigging, animated them and got them in game. Granted they look like shit but, I was just making sure I could do it and I can. So now I'll fix up the models and make them look better. It's going to be one helluvan awesome game. Even though only one person is making it for free in his spare time. I've got incredible idea's for it.


  3. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Happy Holidays.jpg

    1. sophiextime


      Merry Christmas Nerd! :D

      I really am lovin your designs and art. Your ever so talented and more than your given credit for. I have been watching your youtube vids on your animations progress. The one where your making that top and skirt for that girl is awesome. its like silk! i love the gravity and way it looks so delicate.


      I am always watching your ideas and progress and i feel 2019 is gonna be one very awesome Nerdfun year! ♥

    2. NerdsPlayhouse


      Hey! Thanks man! That means alot. I'm just working hard trying to get good enough at all this stuff to make something worth-while. I appreciate the comment!

  4. NerdsPlayhouse

    A True Adult Game

    Alright, no worries. I guess I could have been more specific with the "Adult RPG" phrase. I've never seen any games, in 3D, that look good, play good, and sound good, that feature FULL UNCENSORED sex scenes that can be activated by the user when passing relationship/skill checks. Conan Exiles, with the Sexiles Mod, is the closest thing to what I'm talking about. But in a single player format only. And not with "mod level animations". Throwing in sex animations for free as a modder is one thing, but having a budget and a team to optimize and deliver true skin shaders, animations, skin deformations etc, that's what I'm looking for. A triple A game that has ZERO censorship. Even the Witcher 3 was censored. Cleverly, but censored all the same. Just like Bioware games.
  5. NerdsPlayhouse

    A True Adult Game

    I'm being a hypocrit? You're one of those people that come online to find arguments huh? Well I'm not your huckleberry. As far as GTA, Conan Exiles, Mass Effect, and even The Witcher 3, no, that's not what I'm talking about. But that doesn't mean fuck anything that walks either. Interesting that your definition of sex is only a) PG rated sex scenes, or b) Fuck everything... First of all, GTA only has "A sex scene" in which you take no part in. Conan Exiles has ZERO sex unless you count the mod Sexiles, there is only nudity, and if that's sex to you then, I don't even know what to tell you. Mass Effect and the Witcher has a few sex scenes but they are scripted, only happen a couple times when the devs see fit, and are rated R at best, just showing a nipple here and there. That's hardly a TRUE ADULT game like I'm talking about. Imagine a survival game where your plane crashes on a deserted island and a small part of the game is repopulating enough humans to build a full community. So you have to have skill check conversations with women to get them to sleep with you, and have children that can grow up to help rebuild your new world. It would be more of a survival game, tower defense and cave exploration/zombie killing game but there would be that option to spend any amount of time, any time you want, doing what two adults do. Or in this case many adults do. Not a system that happens three times in the game, but whenever you want, or can get it. True Adult Choice. Not guided developer choice. It's pretty simple really, not sure why you couldn't get your head around the idea.
  6. More scenes from my Sci-Fi game

    Planet-X Explorers.jpg

  7. A personal photo for a Patron of mine. Cheers!


  8. Freshman College Girls, am I right?

    Hitari College Girl.png

  9. Making Sci-Fi great again


    1. sophiextime


      This looks very promising :D  LOVE her hair!

  10. NerdsPlayhouse

    A True Adult Game

    What this world lacks is a true ADULT RPG. Sure we can mod the hell outta Skyrim and get the results we want but that’s certainly not Plug-N-Play ready gaming. And it’s not without its faults, like animation alignments and just bugs in general. What we need is a team of people working on a fully mature RPG. Sure, it won’t make billions but with enough support on Patreon and GoFundMe, it could atleast get paid for and made. And the best part is, it would be an absolutely free game download. Now whether that’s for Patreons only or not, that’ll have to be decided later with the team. Now Im no expert coder or animator even though I do a tiny bit of both, but what I am, is a man with all the free time in the world, great ideas, and incredible drive. I can make this happen. If I have to create the game alone from scratch and have it take me 15 years, then so be it. But what I hope for with this post is to find other talented people to join me on this adventure. We’ll create a funding page, promotional material, weekly updates and work in our free time to make this game a reality. Voice Actors, programmers, script writers, animators, 3D artists, concept artists, storyboard artists, writers, I’m looking for everyone. weiters first so we can get a great story structured. And maybe we’ll find a way to bring in enough money that we can do this full time. It’s possible. Dream big. The idea is a deep RPG with engrossing storyline mixed with real adult interactions. Choice based narrative with multiple endings. We could go fantasy, we could go Sci Fi, we could go modern realism. I’ll leave that decision to popular vote here in the comments. Let me know what you would like to see in a fully realized adult game. I can’t wait to read your posts! And if you’re willing to join the team and start this journey with me! Message me! I check my messages here daily and leave samples of my 3D work on my profile. I have links there to all my web pages so get at me! Let’s make this happen!!! (Using the Unreal4 engine: Free game supported by Patreon/GoFundMe to stay legal)
  11. Ah the joys of learning C#.

    I decided that a visual novel just wasn’t good enough so now it’s transforming into an old school Zelda type RPG.

    Once I’ve mastered the Unreal Engine, I’ll move on to 3D 1st Person RPGs. Those just require ALOT more art design I don’t have time to do by myself.

    Again, I’m looking to meet all sorts of voice actors, programmers, animators and 3D artists. How cool would it be to grow my Patreon large enough to start making REAL adult games?!?!

  12. I am no longer Sickotik Mods. I have ascended to the level of Nerds Playhouse!

    Still creating animations for Sims 4 beastiality but don't get too excited. Working with those Sims 4 Rigs is a pain in my ass. So it's REALLY slow going. Especially with a day job, 3 kids and a choice based Sci Fi visual novel I'm working on. I don't have a lot of time for the modding anymore. But it is being worked on. Just slowly. 

    I will have a playable version of my game up on my Patreon within a couple weeks now. No need to become a Patreon or pay me, that's just where you'll find the free demo. I mean, of course you could give me money too, I won't turn that down. lol.

    Figured I'd throw out an image from the game to give you a tiny taste for now... Just a teeny tiny taste. More on my Patreon.

    greylien rape 2.png

    1. daedal
    2. NerdsPlayhouse


      The best kind! 


      Well, maybe like, 3rd best kind.

  13. I was balls deep into working on my Choice Based Fantasy Visual Novel when I realized I didn't have a bunch of EXTREMELY important 3D assets I need. I could have made them myself in Blender but we're talking about atleast a months worth of work just for a bedroom set, so I decided to put the fantasy game on the back burner for now. Once I get enough money I'll purchase the assets and start work on it again but for now, I'm writing a sci-fi story to go along with a new Cyberpunk Choice Based Visual Novel. I think you guys will like it. It's got a little bit of everything.

    Orc Orgy.png

  14. If you've found yourself on my profile page, which you have because you're reading this, don't forget to follow me so you can be notified of future content and updates!

    I'm going to leave my Patreon here if anyone get's the urge to skip out on a hamburger to help support my mod work and games. :)
    Never a requirement but always EXTREMELY appreciated.

    Currently I'm working on my Choice Based Graphic Novel and in my off time I'm putting a little work into creating animations for a Sims 4 Beastiality Mod.

    Check out my Youtube Gaming Channel if you get bored. It's not your average Youtube Channel to say the least.

    Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you all find something you were looking for!

  15. NerdsPlayhouse

    Lore Friendly Ultra Epic Overhaul

    Version 1.0.0


    Be sure to Follow me on Lovers Lab! Back by popular demand! The former number 1 Fallout 4 mod! The most sexy, lore friendly, sometimes hilarious, COMPLETE overhaul of all the textures in Fallout 4. Everything has been hand crafted in Photoshop to give the most REALISTIC look for your Fallout 4 experience. Faded colors and worn papers, this mod changes all that lame PG Fallout Artwork across the wasteland into a complete must-have masterpiece! The Magazines have lore friendly headlines and sub stories. The Billboards have hilariously sexist advertisements. And just for good measure, I threw in some period piece porn. There isn't a greater Fallout 4 texture replacer out there so pick this one up today before I decide to pull it down again. I only put a couple sample's of some magazines in there but believe me, I've changed EVERY texture with art on it, in the game to something sexier. (Update: I had to remove a lot of images to fit LL's new smaller file upload size limit. But believe me there's still more images in here than you'll ever even be able to see.) If you want to check out some more of the images, feel free to visit my old Youtube page and watch a video about it HERE. You can find other Youtubers Mod Spotlights with this mod in them but I don't want to go find them all so, if you need it, you can use mine.