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  1. Glad you're enjoying it. The quest line for Dibella's Garden will pretty certainly revolve around bringing Black-Briar down. Exactly how that looks I still need to work out, but I have some ideas. Something like what you're suggesting will probably be at least a component of it.
  2. I'm going to try to get out a new update within the next few weeks. It will be a bit more modest in size than the last.
  3. As I expand out the quest lines, I really intend that you won't be able to work for both. But I do intend to adjust the balance.
  4. Ordis the Kind is not an NPC I created. I may give it a try myself at some point just to say, but my mod doesn't actually modify the innkeepers, so I'm not sure right off what would cause your issue. I will take a look at Riverwood and see if something there isn't working right in the vanilla, but I'm not modifying Orgnar or Delphine. He becomes the innkeeper as part of the normal progression of the game, but I don't make it happen any sooner. The counter for how much you owe the innkeeper just adds 50 percent of each act to what you owe, rather than calculating at the en
  5. Thanks for all of the feedback! I'll definitely be looking at improving the balance, though I'll likely keep Benjen pretty exploitative, at least at low levels. My intention would be to balance that in some other ways, but I'm still working some of those details out. I might allow income adjustment once I implement an MCM menu. Doing that is on my todo list. Your timer suggestion may be a good idea. I don't know about the continuous warning thing, but I might do a "you left without paying; if you don't take care of it within a day you'll get a bounty
  6. You should be able to use these console commands: setstage tapqmarkarthlicense 10 setstage tapqmarkarthlicense 20 setstage tapqmarkarthlicense 200 This should give you the letter of blessing that you need to give to the steward. If you just want to skip that part, you can also set the stage to 300 to get the license. Out of curiosity, what in that mod makes it impossible to complete the quest? I've never played that one.
  7. Progress is a little slow right now. I'm working on another project that is large and has started picking up speed recently. I have added another brothel location and a few other things for the next release, but I don't have an ETA right now.
  8. Thank you for the info. I'll see if I can figure something out from that. Stage 31 just means you talked to him about the job, so shouldn't affect his pathing. I may have to investigate the AI Overhaul mod, though if it does anything too crazy I don't know how much I'll be able to do about it. I made Vanikseth level 20 and gave him a pretty good array of powerful spells so that he could take care of the wolves if you follow him as a low-level character. The Nord in his workroom is level 1. I've only read over the documentation a bit, but I don't see anything that makes
  9. If he's said "Follow me" and then just stands there, then he can't find a path to get to where he needs to go. The quest stage if you check it with the console (getstage tapqwinterholdextra) should be 30. It's possible other mods could be interfering. If you forcibly move him out of the inn with the console, does he start walking? You might try a few different spots to teleport him to. His workroom is near Saarthal, so if you head in that direction and teleport him he might start moving. I have a bug where I was going to consider moving his workroom closer. I think I ne
  10. Yeah, I meant to make that inaccessible, but I didn't bother with making another build after I realized the quest was still starting. The only requirement should be that you are talking to someone who is in the faction JobInnkeeperFaction. They should also have RentRoomScript or whatever it's called attached to them. Just look at the vanilla innkeepers if you're trying to implement this yourself. If you want to avoid a bounty for leaving the inn, then the overall Location where the inn appears (the city, town, or whatever) needs to have the keyword LocTypeHabitation on it.
  11. Ah, ok. It is normal to have to talk to Ulfric once and answer something he asks you before other dialogue is available - that's a vanilla thing. I guess I've just gotten used to it and didn't notice it anymore. I might be able to do something about that, but it would require me to touch vanilla stuff, which I try not to do if I don't have to. Edit: That said, you should have had to talk to Ulfric to become a Stormcloak, so it's still weird that it thinks you are one before you've ever talked to him. I will still look into that and see if I misunderstood how the game tracks your a
  12. That's really weird, because that means you're in both the CWImperialFaction and the CWSonsFaction. If you weren't in the faction, it would give you something like -1 or -2. I may have to do some investigation to figure out if there was a way to get into those factions that I missed. I just tried a new character and followed Ralof, and Jorleif didn't act like I was a Stormcloak. He gave me the neutral quest. If you just want to force your way past it, you should be able to just do setstage tapqwindhelmlicense 200 and then talk to Ulfric (though again there's
  13. BTW if you are seeing the "Normally I would handle that" dialogue, then something is still going wrong, because that should set the stage of TAPQWindhelmLicense to 200, so it's odd if it's still at 10.
  14. OK thanks. So the line he's saying is this one? "Normally, I would handle that, but since you've joined the Stormcloaks, you'll need to speak directly to Ulfric about that." Can you also check these: player.getfactionrank 2bf9a player.getfactionrank 2bf9b If you haven't joined a side, they should both be negative. The conditions on the unaffiliated dialogue are: GetPCIsSex Female GetStage TAPQWindhelmLicense >= 5 GetStage TAPQWindhelmLicense <= 10 Player.GetInFaction CWSonsFaction is False Player.GetInFaction CWImperialFaction is false You'
  15. Hmm...the name of the quest is definitely TAPQWindhelmLicense so if it's saying not found then you might need to double-check that you typed it correctly. When you say quest stages are none do you mean 0 and the quests are stopped? I will give it a try following Rolof at Helgen, though, just to see if it messes with factions in a way that will confuse the quest.
  16. Thanks for the report, then. I'll see if I can make it happen. If you don't mind it would be helpful if you could run all of these console commands and tell me which quests are running and what stages they're on: sqv tapqwindhelmlicense sqv tapqwindhelmlicensesub1 sqv tapqwindhelmlicensesub2 sqv tapqwindhelmlicensesub3
  17. The next part of the Dawnstar quest is not implemented. Technically, that second quest is, but if you do it then you'll be starting something that's not finished and where you can get into situations you can't get out of without the console. It will not start for that reason. When that's done, it will basically drop as a large piece all at once in a release. Are you seeing something about it in-game, or are you looking in the Creation Kit or SSEEdit? It is not a requirement to join the Stormcloaks to get a license in Windhelm, though you cannot get one if you've joined the Imperial
  18. Just an update - that was the problem, thanks. I'll definitely link to your mod next time I update mine.
  19. Edit: I guess all of this is if you see this happen again. I see it resolved for you after reloading a game. So I just tried some things out, and as long as you've chosen the "What do I have to do?" option and the next quest objective is displayed you should have Jagar's dialogue available. There should also be dialogue on pretty much everyone in Dawnstar. Were you seeing any of that? The conditions on Jagar's dialogue are: GetStageDone TAPQDawnstarLicense 20 == 1 AND GetStageDone TAPQDawnstarLicense 40 == 0 AND GetIsID TAPJagar == 1 You can check all of those bu
  20. Odd. I really don't have a good explanation for that. Have you tried doing an evp on him in the console? Probably a long shot, but the conditions on him hanging out in the inn are: GetStage TAPQWinterholdExtra < 30 AND GetStage TAPQWinterholdExtra >= 20 so he shouldn't be running that package if you're in stage 30. Every other package has conditions for higher stages.
  21. Thanks for the kind words. Can you double-check for me what stage the quest is on? It's really weird if he's going back to the inn - that would suggest he's selecting the wrong AI package, where if there was a problem with the package to get him to the workroom, he would just stand there. The quest ID is TAPQWinterholdExtra for the sqv command.
  22. Ah, that is probably it. I do have the facegen as loose files, of course Wasn't even thinking of that. I will probably have to make a clean copy of my Skyrim directory to give this a try then! Thank you for the compliments. Always nice to hear that someone is enjoying the mod, especially enough to mod it themselves
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