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  1. No, I'm playing on LE. I have no idea what's causing this, may try to reinstall it to fix.
  2. Still not sure what is causing this, for some reason the zipless transparent catsuits only feature the zips over my characters' nipples and crotch. Using DDE 4.52
  3. Ah I'm an idiot. I meant to type version 4.52, sorry.
  4. This is weird, the newest update that adds the zipless transparent catsuits look like this to me. The regular one with the zips is fine, but I don't know what caused this or why. This is version 5.52 by the way.
  5. Alright, I have no idea what I did but I've fixed the catsuits. Just had to change and build the body shape of the catsuit itself in BodySlide, then built the custom preset again.
  6. The name is Transparent Catsuit from Devious Devices - Equip. I built my body shape in BodySlide, so build morphs are not important here?
  7. I've rebuilt the outfits multiple times but it doesn't fit the catsuits. How do I add morph data? It doesn't get fixed in new games.
  8. I'm not sure where to put this, but this can been bugging me for a bit now. Ever since updating Devious Devices - Equip, the catsuits have been giving me this issue. Basically, it changes my body shape whenever I equip it. I've tried to fix it with Outfit Studio, but can't get it to work.
  9. Okay, I think I fixed it. Turns out I just had to start up FNiS from the Vortex Dashboard. Thanks for the help, pardon my idiocy. ?
  10. I checked my version of Skyrim, it is indeed 1.9.32 FNiS worked fine for me when I installed ZaZ's Animation Pack, not sure why it can't detect my game version.
  11. I've manually added the Data files from the Estrus mod into the Data file in Skyrim, but for some reason my FNiS still cannot detect the animations from the Estrus mod.
  12. I use the new installer Vortex, I guess that was what caused the issue?
  13. Whenever I use the Estrus shout on a target, they just stand there with idle animations and nothing else happens. The facial animations and voice all play, but all that happens is this. It's the same for custom characters and vanilla NPCs alike. As for FNIS, all I see is this:
  14. I see, are there any programs to create personalized DD items? What do you mean by replacing the body of the NPC with the body of the armor?
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