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  1. thanks for your mod pama! one problem I met was at the last animation of the line, lever turned down but prisoner was still in struggling, not dead and out of control. did I miss something?
  2. I think it might be easy by using “help pama” to find gallow furniture, then using “player.placeatme ID” to create one. if you want to adjust gallow, try to use Jaxon's Positioner.
  3. spitroast animations are still in zap 8, maybe you just forgot running fnis before play it? you can find one in by using console "coc zbftestzone", or better way is to download zap 8 helper addon, it can help you search zap furnitures, play them and force NPC to use.
  4. Big surprise! Perfect mod you have done! btw, you mean you will add deadly furnitures in future versions?
  5. Thank you, I'll check it.😉 Well, I finally found deadly furnitures didn't work well with Mod"SAC just hang sse".
  6. Hello, SAC, I got a problem with this mod. I had set autohang chance to 0% yet, but it still hanged nearby npc when I approached to them. I reinstalled mod again, but it didn't work. Could you help me?
  7. *Sigh.....Same problem with my Skyrim again. Deadly Furnitures didn't work with dragonborn and some didn't work well with npc, too. chopping block works until last animation and the death effect sound appears, even "clean up" message shows up, but dragonborn stick in scene, alive but unmovable, can look around with both 1st and 3rd view. All kinds of guillotines can't kill dragonborn, blade goes through the neck but only hear the death effect sound, dragonborn still alive; with other npcs guillotines can kill successfully, but still can't separate head and body. I had reinstalled ZaZ, deadly furnitures and needed mods, problems still exist. Pama, could you give me help?
  8. Wow, next week! I must reinstall my Skyrim at once(I broke some .hkx files perhaps, Skyrim ctd at once while reequiping any bow and I don't know why and how)
  9. Hello Pama, I found that in April 9 you had released something new, but in download page I hadn't seen anything different, there still were old files...😯
  10. Hi, Pama, me again.😀 First of all, thanks for your great work! Now that many modders like you an t.ara have created many impressive torture and deadly furnitures, but we still have little bad ends. I think perhaps we not only need executions with furnitures like block or guillotine, but also need some ways by just "weapons". I mean, our bad bad dragonborn will not only die in front of crowds by execution, look at those mercenaries, they hunt thief dragonborn through the skyrim. If they defeat player sussesfully, they might public the corpse with a horrible way. At the same time, our dragonborn can treat them like the same way. My first thought is chopping head after fight. Like it shows below. I don't know this screenshot is suitable or not, I'll delete at once if not. I post here because I think you might easily deal with it: tie hands and feet, put head and dagger on back(same havok effect?) I think to act this, an enchanted dagger is enough, like dagger for catching bandits in mod "public execution". When target's health is below 25% or so, use dagger to attack, end fight, tie victim, then kill it in setting way. Just a crazy thought, I'm not sure you're interested in or not, and spare time you might have. Thanks again, Pama.😄
  11. I know little about these, thanks for your reply😁 Is it possible to act both public punishment and execution at the same time?
  12. Hey, Pama, I just find sth interesting about your guillotine. I tested your guillotine MK2(upfacing one), finding sometimes corpse will fall down automatically from board. As I changed to 1st view and moved the body apart a little angle from the beginning position for several times, I found that a little angles is enough(10 degrees enough ). I guessed it relates to the collision of board and corpse, especially hands. Making collision of the board smaller and changing a little angel of victim and the board might makes it easier to happen. Or providing a struggle force to make the corpse move down from board, like mod from SAC (Just Hang sse). So, if you have extra time, will you make a new guillotine with coffin nearby? That might be more realistic. Great mod, Pama😁
  13. Got it. Thanks for your reply. English is not my first language, so I must misunderstand some informations. Still a good mod, wait for next version😁
  14. Hi, SAC, thanks for your work. Here is a question, when I use suicide magic, I stay in 3rd view and it seems endless. Bug?
  15. It's good to hear that you might start with the Bad End's. Maybe you can combine Bad End's and Prison Overhaul or so? Dragonborn will be ececuted because (s)he stole a sweat roll by accident seems a little... Now that you have finished many furnitures, perhaps you can add a preset about crime and linked execution way in MCM, like murderer must be ended by guillotine. Always thanks for you, Pama~
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