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  1. it works! thanks for putting this game on new level
  2. who said it will be on unreal engine? Maxis use "Sims-Engine" for decades now, EA won't allow to switch engine so easily, it's too expensive and if they change engine then it will be Frostbite then we are in trouble, because Frostbite it's not so friendly for modding
  3. how did you determine that? I have almost the same log and teens in my game is perfectly simulated, even with custom WW chest body Although I have males who have a flexible chest, Victor Feng from San Myshuno for example. The top of his suit is buggy. Springing as hell.
  4. Deaderpool MCCC of course, it should respect WW polyamorous trait if it use WW sex counts (or WW sex adds woohoo counts and then MCCC use it.. or whatever) to simulate relationship drama so write about it to Deaderpool
  5. last one have premade animations, this one is generate animations in real-time so BBmod don't have animated boobs all the time, only where author is made it (and quality of them is very variable...) but walking animation is pretty well done there
  6. yes, but the wheel is also from Stone Age, and it still worked good 😉 here is my preset if someone interesting
  7. you can use WalkingBounce.package from Bouncing Sims Boobies mod it can be perfectly combined with this hook
  8. yep so, now when sim lay down breast no more deform by gravity? too bad, this was cool feature! setSpringK only force them down in any sim position...
  9. using cheats cause CTD at least rtbp.command "setSpringK breasts 300.0"
  10. cool! it worked now need tuning, but looking great one annoying thing is when you move camera out from sim and then back - breast start jumping like they are reload or something.. so when sim out of render and then back is re-initialization going on or what?
  11. confirm funny, to achieve asymmetrical movements I set up different masses for left and right parts, and it worked great cool it will be in new version by default awesome job! thanks for great mod
  12. Who told you? WW? ifaik WW doesn't tell you to use older versions, you are most probably have some other mods that use WW. Update them first
  13. WW just reset height to normal for both sims when play anims, all default animations is messy, but still I like height differences somebody tried REDHEADSIMS CASFeetUpBootsHeelsSlider? It's supported by WW? can we combine simple height slider and heel slider?
  14. with your hands, no way! just remove WickedWhims Censorship and Streamer Mode
  15. Because Sims Formal, Athletic, Sleepwear, Party, Swimwear, Hot & Cold Weather outfits are situational or functional they are no longer considered when rating Sim style. All your effort in defining Sim individual style comes from all of their Everyday outfits. so if sim wear NOT everyday outfit then attractiveness +\- ratings simply lost? this kind of wrong thing I think for example if you want to seduce someone and use swimwear\sleepwear outfit there will be no benefit from it
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