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  1. @wookhiemanjoe In your Mods folder do you have a "_id" folder with "id.ini" in it? It was included in the latest DOAXVV Base Costume + 3D Vision Mod Support 2.3
  2. I see those variables in "ShaderFixes\debug_2d.ini", "ShaderFixes\debug_cb.ini" and "ShaderFixes\help.ini" If you still see that error while your Mods folder is renamed "DISABLED Mods" The ShaderFixes folder is likely the source. Did you update the old files in the ShaderFixes folder? I don't know if there were any updates... but can't hurt to try.
  3. @bbva Did you try exporting the body with a different UV map selected? I'm not sure if it matters, but make sure the camera is highlited ( Active Render )
  4. [Rare] Akatsuki / Akebono Busty Body (Honoka) Here's a mod for Honoka body types. A Rare suit anyone can get. Ctrl + 1/2 to enable the hotkeys X + 1 : Top variations (_Busty) [R] Akatsuki [krunkdunk].zip
  5. There's an update in the OP The other body types are in progress...
  6. Did you try merging poses ( combining the suit and body mesh weights ). Sometimes the imported body won't have all the vertex groups; there may be holes in the mesh. look at the tutorial video again at 39:50 the input for "Bone CB" is "vs-cb2" -Merge the imported suit and body poses together ( in blender 2.8+ press F3 and search "merge" select "Merge 3DMigoto Poses" ) -Join the meshes ( Ctrl + J ) -Clear the mesh's parent ( Alt + P > Clear Parent ) -Now hopefully you have a mesh with more vertex groups -Transfer the weights like usual, then remove the weights that aren't simply numbered e.g. remove "000084.3-[commandlistclothes]-vs-cb2=8f3185fc.txt.46" A perfect nude mesh would have 148 vertex groups (for the common body)... some outfit's imported meshes may not be able to reach that number with these easy methods.
  7. First time using mods? You need this...DOAXVV Base Costume + 3D Vision Mod Support 2.3 My Costume / Nude Mods typically use Hi-Metal skin textures | (original post with some more links). Busty (Honoka) R Akatsuki | Akebono (update: 2020/06/17) (_Busty) [R] Akatsuki [krunkdunk].zip About Customizing the Painting and Cheer Board: After editing remember to reload mods (F10) in game Move/Copy images into their "pics" folder, then edit their respective ini files. Here is a video demonstration of editing: Photo-mode Pose Cheer Board (update: 2020/06/14) Photomode_Pose_Cheer_Board [krunkdunk].zip Owner Room Painting (update: 2020/06/15) please use the updated d3dx.ini from link up top Owner_Room_Painting [krunkdunk] Ver2.1.zip Hitomi SSR "Candy Pop" (update: 2020/06/13) (Hitomi) [SSR] Candy_Pop [krunkdunk].zip Candy_Pop modding materials.zip (photoshop files for creating your own suit color variations) Nyotengu SSR "Marionette" (update: 2020/06/13) (Nyotengu) [SSR] Marionette [krunkdunk] Ver3.0.zip
  8. Here is a ini with a few shader overrides to get some mods working again, since the June 11 update has switched some shader hashes... I only looked at a few costume mods to get a few new shader hashes. Just drop it into your Mods folder and reload mods (F10) Temp-PS-Overrides.ini * update found more shaders for some clothes, and nails; hair shaders in a seperate ini if you use those mods. replace the old Temp-PS-Overrides.ini... Temp-PS-Overrides_v2.ini (fixed triangles on Honoka's tits for CC) Hair_Shader_Overrides.ini
  9. You probably need the body mesh's ".fmt" file ".fmt" files are created when exporting a mesh in vb format. The "Square bikini nude" mod didn't include the .fmt file because it's not needed by 3dmigoto. However, a ".fmt" file is needed to import vb / ib files into blender. You can use any .fmt file created when exporting a body mesh of the same type (Common,Honoka, Marie). When you try to import the vb file, and it prompts you to select a ".fmt" file, try using a corresponding one from another mod (matching body types). Or copy one from another mod and rename it to match the "Square bikini nude" mesh's name, but with "fmt" extension. If you don't have any .fmt files, you should import a body mesh from frame analysis, then export it to vb and use the .fmt that is created.
  10. Sorry, gotta make a correction so it doesn't cause confusion... The $id is used for mods that enable hotkeys with ctrl+1/2 ... so that when two suit mods with the same hotkeys are on screen together each mod's keys can be enabled individually. To enable a mod's hotkeys only when it's visible would be something like this: $id isn't needed unless you are using the constants in the Mods\_id\id.ini for example: if $id == $\mods\_id\id.ini\swimsuit1
  11. Peach Party Cherry Blossom Dance SSR (2.5 year anniversary event) Common, and Petite (Marie) Feel free to use the meshes in your own mods. I was just taking a lot of time messing with latice modifiers only to make a nip slip because I like the original suit as is for the most part. v1.0: 2020/05/27 [SSR] (#Petite) Peach_Party_Cherry_Blossom_Dance [krunkdunk].zip [SSR] (#Common) Peach_Party_Cherry_Blossom_Dance [krunkdunk].zip
  12. Re: Fortune In addition to KuroKaze's fix, I had to change two lines in the Common.ini to fix skin color when switching to another costume after Fortune. In the Common.ini I searched for "ResourceFortuneBodyBreast_TAN" and noticed, that the Resource assignments didn't have the "ref" in front... adding "ref" seemed to have fixed the problem. e.g. " Resource\Mods\Costumes\CostumeCustomizer\Common.ini\BodyBreastPS3 = ref ResourceFortuneBodyBreast_TAN" *Edit, see KuroKaze's remark here on why you may not want to do this.
  13. You can put the ini file anywhere in Mods folder, or any of its sub folders... Here's is a compilation of the no horns no fangs mod. Just drop this in the Mods folder - or a Mods subfolder you like. Fix the change you made to your d3dx.ini so you don't get errors from duplicate overrides. Kanna_Defanged_and_not_Horny.zip
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