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  1. Thanks for the reply fellas, really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, does this mod work with the body that comes with the sexoutNG file, or does it only work with a Type 3F body, thanks in advance. also does NV compatibility skeleton work with body morph? i know it comes with its own skeleton but im willing to try and fail. Thanks in advance guys
  3. Hi, does this mod work with the body that comes with the sexoutNG file, or does it only work with a Type 3F body, thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks a bunch, Svartr, looks promising!
  5. Heya fine folks, im still trying to find any good mods that has the player as a pimp. unfortunately all i can find are player as prostitute mods. I still remember animated prosti from a long time ago (really shows how long i didnt play this game for) but i heard its really buggy. Any help is really appreciated, and thanks once again.
  6. Thanks AJ, im mostly trying to get mods that i used to have before or get ones i used to think i got. its nice to know that years later, easy pete is still the butt of new vegas jokes.
  7. Thanks neutron! I was probably thinking oblivion. I was prob confusing New Vegas STUN with oblivion.
  8. Hi I'm modding fallout again after years apart from it, was there a mod that lets NPC's crawl on fours? I cant remember anymore, but wasnt there one that used to exist? Thanks in advance lads.
  9. Hi im installing a bunch of mods after years away from this game does fade to black work for TTW? thanks in advance guys.
  10. if i recall correctly, it takes time, also its a percent chance unless you change the settings in the MCM menu. also thanks for the reply neutron.
  11. Hello, when my kid reaches adult stage, they lose their custom name and the name changes back to the generic "*race* baby". also they cant talk and the screen zooms in and zooms out quickly but no dialogue box appears, may someone please help, i have not modded in years and im a big dummy. thanks in advance.
  12. also i think something really weird was happening with the pregnancy mod as well, rolling back made the sperm work again?
  13. i used to have that same mcm problem eflat0, i think i got it to "work" by rolling back to the base minimum requirements. SexoutNG 2.10.97, NVSE 5.1.2, NX 16, UIO 1.31, JIP 53 something i think the newest nvse might have something to do with the weird problems?
  14. Hey everybody, Is there an adult slaver mod like bravilunderground for fallout newvegas? The closest thing I got is a primitive conversion of FNNCQ for TTW (Its quite buggy as hell). Ive checked out slavery simple on the nexus but i found it VERY buggy as well. suggestions are greatly appreciated, and thanks for any heads up.
  15. I heard Sesom is trying to make a FNNCQ version for fallout newvegas but that was years ago and he just fell of the map. Is FNNCQ mod friendly with TTW or will the game break down if I install it? would love to hear a reply since Im planning to reinstall fallout newvegas.
  16. I love this mod and I'd like more people to know about it. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46509/? I love it even more after using midas magic to make someone gold then sit on them.
  17. thanks a lot! I used version 51 and everything works now. sorry for the multiple posts
  18. Hello, I'm still a beginner when it comes to modding, so i may do stupid stuff without knowing. I recently edited bravilundergrounds npcs with new clothing, but it seems to break the scripts when i save the file. I used construction set with script extender, and these were the steps i took. I opened bravilunderground as an active file, a warning appeared that, loversslavetrader has same files, but i continued anyway. i edited the npcs clothes. I saved bravilunderground still as active. i played a new game to test, talked to gil in bravil but he wont give me the key and the quest woudnt update further. copying the original bravilunderground makes it work again but obviously my edits are not saved. any idea what Im doing wrong? help is greatly appreciated!
  19. I have a request, I lost my downloaded oblivion files, and Nuska removed oblivion character overhaul version 1 from nexus. Can anyone with version 1 please share a file? I prefer version 1 over version 2 because it fits my aesthetic choice. ( i think nuska also had a compatibility file for F-INevOblivion with OCOv1 before it was deleted as well, if you can share that too you have my undying love and gratitude).
  20. hey fejeena how did you add set a3ltc.kokumaromilk to 1 to the tamago ini? was it a simple copy paste or a customized ini?
  21. Hello, I cant seem to open HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge_v100a_WINXP.7z.002 with 7 zip or winrar. any help?
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