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  1. Hi all, I am going to start new game project (not sure yet will it be crowd-funding or in-house funding) and I would like to know you opinion. Of course it will be an adult game. It will be real 3d game - no visual novel, no some gif animations player - real 3d game with models and everything. But to be honest I can not still decide theme of game. Currently I have 2 choices: 1. galaxy traveling from planet to planet, exploring, meeting people and aliens, having sex with... both of them, mini games (to convince them ). There will be all kind sex scenes (partners) and great variety. 2. private eye that investigates adultery cases... with camera, bribing people, trespassing... and using situation to his advantage. This game will include some voyerism, all kind sex, blackmailing (forced sex) etc. etc. So please tell me what kind game would you prefer?
  2. Makumba666

    Four-Play custom animation tutorial?

    Thank you so much! Very helpful.
  3. Hi, I have some free time and I could create tonnes of new animations for Four-Play. I love animations that are already included, but I would like to have much much more... and in different categories - starting from foot fetish and ending with orgies. So my question is simple - is there any tutorial/documentation describing how to add custom animations to FP?
  4. Makumba666


    I am lazy to read entire topic... please can anybody clarify few points? 1. Does four-play require dropping some object on ground and such... things? Or it works like Sexlab, for example? As far as I remember first mods required dropping some objects , positioning and so on. 2. Are there enough animations in four-play to make it worth? Like Sexlab, again. 3. Creatures animations? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, This mod does not work for me. Carriage driver casts two spells on my char and attaches her to a carriage, but after this she can not move - just stays there. any advice?
  6. Makumba666

    Problem loading game (any game)

    Thank you very much dear friends (especially macnchz) - I've managed to load everything at last! Indeed it was a mod, not the game executable. Namely extended colors for race menu (this one: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6923/?).I've downloaded TESEdit and tried to check problematic mods and noticed that the program halted at above mod. I've deactivated it and now everything loads well. Thanks friends.
  7. Makumba666

    Problem loading game (any game)

    FutaLesbian No, I am not using any alternative start mod atm. As for you suggestion first to load "clean save" and then actual save game - it may be ok, but you see I had Skyrim installed about 8 or 10 months ago on my PC and everything was working just great. No infinite load, no CTDs - everything worked well. And now I simply can not understand what am doing wrong: mainly I am using same mods I had 10 months ago (except I've added enb and several new adult mods). It's all the same and result is absolutely different. I've tried deactivate all non-adult mods just to check how well sexlab and it's dependencies working and again - infinite loading screen. I can not see the reason. May be it is something wrong with game exe?
  8. Makumba666

    Problem loading game (any game)

    This is my load order: http://www.filedropper.com/loadorderskyrim2016-12-03t00-15-59 My PC Spec: Phenom x6, 8gigs memory, GTX960 I use NMM. P.S. By the way, I've continued experimenting with mods. First I've added 20 mods, then another 20 an so on. at some point (with about 80 mods) I'e discovered strange effect: at about 20-30 mods game starts CTD when I try to load game - in some cases. For example savegame loads without errors 4 times and game CTD 5 times. But If I add some other mod - namely, for example KS Hairdos HDT - game starts another endless loading screen. This time failure rate is 100%. This is strange, because first I've added non adult mods and tested them and everything appeared to work correctly. I've added sexlab and some other framework mods (zaz animation, creatures etc.) afterwards. That's where infinite loading appeared.
  9. Hi, I have very strange problem indeed. I have quite alot of mods indeed. The problem is Skyrim just do not work properly. I know ways how to find problematic mod, but this is absolutely different. In some cases I am able to load a game, in other (most) cases it is impossible. And game does not een have courtesy to CTD - it simply stays on load screen, infinitely. I've tried to identify problematic mods(s), but with no success. Logs simply give me nothing - there are not errors at the end of them. I've tried to "manually" find problematic mod by turning them on/off, but it is useless too. For example I may have 30 mods installed and first time the game loads successfully, while second, third and fourth time I get infinite loading screen. Ninth time it may load successfully again. The same bunch of mods, the same configuration. I have feeling something is wrong with my game executable or my OS. I've even tried cracked versions of executable, but still with no success. Any advice?
  10. Makumba666

    WickedWhims - 6 February 2019

    Can anybody answer this?
  11. Makumba666

    WickedWhims - 6 February 2019

    Hi, I am unable to undress any npc using exhibitionism skill. After I "convince them to exhibitionism" they reach level 3 and stop leveling up. it seems to further level them up one should convince them to undress, but this is impossible. Every time they say something about "more private place" - even if we are in home or in room without windows (yeah, I've tried even that ) they require more private place. Any advice?
  12. Makumba666

    SexLab Sex Slaves 6.2 December 06, 2016

    Other animations work fine, except slave training animations by dremoras. It is strange, because I have latest zaz installed and registered. And what about capturung slaves?
  13. Makumba666

    SexLab Sex Slaves 6.2 December 06, 2016

    Hi, I am trying to run this mod, but unfortunately it is too buggy - or at least, it does not work well for me. First cinematic in Mia's castle (after being captured) plays well (most time), but others just never or almost never play. I've brought my companion to dremora (do not remember his name - to learn how to train slaves) and that's where bugs appear break everything. Half of times spanking animations do not play, actors stay still and the only way to help is reloading game. But even spank animations play, that does not help much, because sex animations never ever play. Dremora commands my companion to come down and please him... and they just stand there like broken puppets. And this bug prevents me from finishing quest. Any advise? At least, is there any way just to bypass those broken animations, by using setstage, for example? And one more question: I understand basic mechanics of training slaves, but still not sure about one thing - how you can capture them? I have mods like Defeat installed and I can capture NPC, but how make them sexual slaves (i.e. visible to this mod as slaves)? Thanks.
  14. Makumba666

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    Update: After I've installed latest version (it appears I had older one) of Race Menu, even version 1.65 started to work. My bad.
  15. Makumba666

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    Another case closed, my dear Watson the fact is: version 1.5 works, while version 1.65 does nothing. I've reverted mod to older version and everything works as charm. Thanks.