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    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Games, mainly RPG, that only allow you to have a default, usually male, character, and games that insist on your character wearing undergarments regardless of personal preferences.
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    What inspired your chosen nickname?

    My username? - Damned if I know, - I cannot even pronounce it!!
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    Hmmm, what's next...? [ maybe you see the humour, maybe not, or maybe I just have a real f*cked sense of humour... ]
  4. I agree with you totally and whilst, yes, LAPF can be extended to cover what you are talking about, the base functionality for what you want is not there, ie: the basic requirements for hardcore BDSM setup all have to be added in and that, in turn, requires a hell of a lot of files, a lot of conflicts and potential conflicts to settle, and an awful lot of aggravation just in order to give someone a seriously good thrashing (not that you are not in the mood to at the end of it all!). I would be prepared to contribute or, at the very least, to explore the possibility of expanding on some of the mods already suggested (I currently need to put together some sound files for Enhanced Daedric Invasion; but that is no major project); although I am not an animator or a mesh / texture artist. I am sure though, initially at least, that most things could be culled from other resources (with permission where necessary). Also, funnily enough, I have just responded to a post about spanking because I have noticed that, whilst there are several offerings for spanking, all of them involve slapping, not spanking [spanking - for the true BDSM aficionado - involves using a cane, horse crop, or (in more extreme cases) a studded cestus or the like held in the hand], plus I have not been able to find any "red bar, stripe, or laceration" textures for the "freshly spanked or whipped" look (save for a mod that does come close and could possibly be extended). 1. Variety of Torture devices to use in animations. I dont know if it is possible, but it would be nice to be able to replace torture devices in animations, so people can have their custom whips (maybe even HDT whips) and custom paddles, candles, wax color etc. As I understand it, animations are attached to the mesh of a given device and there can only be a single animation, unless there are multiple parts (or appendages) to that device (multiple meshes); so as long as the device to be substituted is animated, there should be no problem (OBSE, Blockhead, Pluggy, Nifskope and, yes, Papyrus at a later date if you intend to expand the framework, or bridge, into Skyrim, would be required for the necessary scripting). 2. Torture marks based on torture device used. I dont know if it is possible, but it would be awesome if the framework would be able to apply torture marks (similar to whip marks) that change based on the device used. For example different whip marks for differend types of whips. Or small burn marks for fire or electric devices etc. Most scenes involve the victim loosing their clothing / armour (which swaps the top body mesh completely, as I understand it); so an interim body could be 'clothed' in marks and swapped-in at the end of each session; possibly with additional bodies with burn and slash marks, for example, as opposed to just one or the other. This is all scriptable, especially with OBSE extensions, but could involve quite a few body replacers (HGEC, DMRA, Bab, LAB, x110, x117, and so on). The above could also be used for attachable devices, and I have seen it implemented (albeit a little clumsily) with one of the Janpanese / Korean mods and an IV pack ...and if you decide to use IV packs or similar you can definitely count me out on support [interesting acupuncture and injections (for diseases, preventing loss of consciousness, inducing psychotic episodes, inflicting diseases, insemination, or impregnation, yes; but cannulas and IVs absolutely no]. 3. Support for Animation sets with 1, 2 or more participants (equal to sexlab). Should be possible to have more than one aggressor and more than one victim. This Framework would be with aggressive animations in mind, but it could even include "vanilla" stuff, like playing with sex toys, tong, sexual massages, showering together etc. 4. SexLab Compatibility. Of course the Framework should be compatible with Sexlab. It should be possible to call for Torture Framework Animations randomly instead of SexLab and also be able to "queue" torture animations with SexLab Animations. 5. Scent of Sex Compatibility. This Framework could be included in Scent of Sex SexRules, allowing to create extensive BDSM Sessions for modders and also users. 3, 4, and 5: No reason why this should not be possible: all should just involve a bundle of scripts (OBSE, Blockhead, Pluggy, Nifskope etc. extended functionality). The biggest problem, here, is going to be your (or the team's) familiarity with OBSE extended script functionality plus the oddball skeleton used by LAPF: I understand that in Oblivion LAPF the skeleton is an extended version of Growlf's Universal Skeleton, the "extended" part being the problem for several mods which do not, or cannot, work with LAPF; so this could break compatibility unless the new framework avoids using any specific skeleton, but much would depend on how much the framework borrowed from LAPF. In my opinion, and further to my initial comments, try to make this project an extension of the base LAPF, otherwise you will definitely be re-inventing the wheel, so to speak, but, in doing so, try to avoid any fixed assets (like the skeleton) which are going to cause problems (see below for further expansion on this). 6. Devious Devices Compatibility. Like with SexLab, there could be keywords that change the animations sets available based on the Devices worn. As above, plus the co-operation (and permission) of the modder (fejeena?). 7. Furniture Support. With the current mess between DD and ZAP Furnitures, I dont know which route would be best here. I think it would be easiest to just include the furnitures in the Framework and allow different animations to run on them. Or just include them in the animations like with Sexlab Framework. My dream tho would be, that if the Player is tied to an X-Cross for example, a mod can call for an NPC to perform a certain furniture torture animation on the Player. (In Prison Overhaul Patched this is true for example with the Pillory scenes outside. The most immersive thing I experienced to date. I think you need to pool together whatever animated furniture you can find and / or obtain permission on and make that a "standardized" set for your project. Each piece of animated furniture will only have whatever animations it has been given, though, ie: you would not (as I understand it) be able to take an animation off a like piece of furniture by a different modder and just casually change it over because it would be like using a VORBs skeleton for an NPC in a Growlfs Universal Skeleton game because you want the NPC to have something that requires a VORBs skeleton (only in the former it would simply wreck the animation, as opposed to the entire game). The 'standardized' furniture set could also then be added to with new content and extended with patches for other games; but, taking in account your final points, I would say keep it small, versatile, and modular: the framework essentials as a pack (and as unchanging as possible in order to avoid breaking compatibility with anything else), the furniture as a resource pack, additional animations / sounds as a separate pack, and additional equipment as a separate resource, too. Why? - As much compatibility as possible. - With the likes of LAPF everything is interlinked with a mire of dependencies and, whilst the end result is a brilliant piece of work, it means that you either have to go LAPF or your own way (think of OOO, MMM, etc. before FCOM came along). - If the core functionality is in one neat package that will happily co-exist on its own or mesh with the other resource packs (if available), then other modders can easily integrate it and create patches to allow it to be used with their mods (including their own furniture and equipment - wet or wicked - even if that mod is incompatible with LAPF); so you would have a modular solution for those who simply feel a need to kill something (I can sympathise) or something that will happily bitch-slap the other mods without getting its knickers in a twist with LAPF...
  5. 04ycIlXyni3t

    Tickling & spanking?

    Just a thought: why are all the spanking animations hand-spanking? - What about spanking with a cane (complete with red-bar textures across the but), a horse crop, a cat-o'-nine tails, or a cestus (held in the hand when not using it in games of fisticuffs)?
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    What is this and Requests thread

    Ah! - That is considerably easier than what I was doing, - again, thanks, - I also turned-off the background grid [ Render > Show Grid ] and changed the background colour to something less migraine-inducing [ Options > Settings > Render > Colors > Background ].
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    What is this and Requests thread

    Got it! - Thanks, - I did look at a couple of the meshes a bit later in Nifskope and wondered if that was possibly the case. How do you display things, though (like a mesh showing what it looks like with the skin)? - I have managed something of the sort in Blender, before, but it was a real struggle to do so and the end result was nowhere near as good as the usual mesh with skin displays that some modders, like yourself, use.
  8. Gads! - Ego Draconis meets Oblivion!!
  9. 04ycIlXyni3t

    What is this and Requests thread

    Brilliant, - thanks! - Going to have to get these, and the others, in a mod or two; but which Northern Star mod is the fix for? - That linked below, by any chance? https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-hair-hairstyles-female/title/northern-star--conversion-hairstyle/id/1357306/ I have also found the following, which shows some really nice Nord-style braids (Moar's Wig Mod XD, which does not appear to be available for download): https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/images/149311
  10. What Lovers Lab alternative beginnings are there for Oblivion? - I found a wonderful list of options for Skyrim, but only Outlaw Life on the Oblivion side of things. My reason for asking is that I am gathering together what I need for a LL-flavoured Oblivion alternative beginning but do not want to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.
  11. 04ycIlXyni3t

    What is this and Requests thread

    @Gaebrial @DogOnPorch: absolutely perfect, - thanks a lot.
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    What is this and Requests thread

    No problem: glad you were able to locate it.
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    Flayed Skin - Which Mod Is This?

    @SpaceOctopus @Void That's exactly what I was after, - thanks, - hopefully I will be able to convert it for use in Oblivion, too, - I am tired of seeing everyone looking so damned healthy regardless of how many or what they have just run into or been victimised by!!
  14. 04ycIlXyni3t

    Flayed Skin - Which Mod Is This?

    Whose post are you responding to? - The injuries I am referring to seem to be more of some kind of injury system (I have seen similar in other screenshots for other mods), but I am uncertain which mod adds them, because I am fairly certain that they are not vanilla Skyrim).
  15. 04ycIlXyni3t

    What is this and Requests thread

    It looks suspiciously like something from Hentai Mania Volume 1 or possibly Volume 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25612 https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34179