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  1. I was interested in possibly doing a playthrough with a fuckbuddy of mine since I heard of Skyrim Together. However, I am not sure how well that would work when it comes to sex, particularly having sex with each other. Has anyone had experience with this stuff, and would anyone have suggestions on the types of mods that should be included?
  2. Alright, so if that's all there is available...how do I exactly get the HDT stuff? I don't really understand Chinese unfortunately, and it seems like the links I find get redirected the main page.
  3. As the title says, I'm looking to see if there's a wearable fox tail mod. I specified "simple" in the title since I've seen a HDT tail mod, but I don't necessarily want to also download HDT. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Wanted to ask a question since I wanted to wait till all of the mods I had were updated before I played again.I use Vortex as a mod manager for Sexlab stuff. Do I need to reinstall the mods to get them to work after the update? Or can they be automatically updated?
  5. So I was (attempting to) update SKSE when it told me it was out of date, and after doing so, this popped up in game. I tried reinstalling them via Vortex, but it didn't work. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how should I fix this?
  6. Are these just animations? Is there anything that would let them occur in game through interaction? Or would I have to use something like Matchmaker?
  7. Hey, I was wondering if there were any mods for SE that would allow the ability to have consensual sex with Flame Atronachs and Spriggans? I believe that Sexlab Light includes animations for them, but I'm hoping for mods that would let me actually use them. Any other relevant mods I'd appreciate to.
  8. Huh...So I just came back to Vortex after sleeping on it, was beginning to run Vortex as admin, stopped when it told me that was a bad idea, and then the error never came up when I enabled/disabled the file when I used it normally. I then fiddled around with the textures for a bit, eventually removed my modified ones, and those brown markings disappeared. So...fixed?
  9. I checked for all variations of femalebody.dds that would be in that area (one for Khajiit, one for the Fennec) and neither of them were checked to begin with. (The Khajiit one is the one that says it was modified on 2018, whereas the Fennec one was 2016. The pictures below have the dates highlighted for reference)
  10. I recently got added the Fennec mod to my list, and noticed that it had really strange brown marks on its body that didn't look like they belonged there. I had disabled the mod in Vortex for some time, but thought to maybe go into the files to view and perhaps edit the textures myself to put them back in. I opened the files in paint.net, since that was just what I had on me, to compare them to another female texture for comparison. Not having done anything yet, I thought to re-enable the mod for comparison's sake in-game. However, this error came up. I'm pretty sure it has
  11. I downloaded Joy of Perspective because I thought it would let me be in first person during SexLab animations. Didn't work how I wanted, but I kept it on for a bit, until I eventually got annoyed that my shield kept flying into view when running. I disabled it, and now the camera seems to be really bugged, as my body in first person doesn't adjust when looking up or down. I tried re-enabling it, uninstalling it, reinstalling it, but it just refused to work. Any reconmended way to restore the original camera? I'm gong to put my mod list below, as well as video of what the issue loo
  12. I recently started up Skyrim SE with mods, but something I noticed is that some miscellaneous quests seem to be missing, as the dialogue to trigger them doesn't seem to be there. In my case, the ones that I have noticed so far are the fist fight with Uthgerd, and retrieving the sword for Amren. I even turned off the SLEN dialogue in the MCM to see if they would show up, but it doesn't change. I'll put a list of my mods below for reference, and I'll be happy to provide any additional information. Thanks in advanced to any help I can get! Fixed i
  13. Strangely, stuff doesn't work unless I include SexLab Light, as animations don't load, and I only get the error when it's not included. Other than that, most stuff is working. (The only thing that might be weird is that the "# of times sex with player" doesn't go up, but that's fine, considering that relationships can still increase.) Thanks for the help so far!
  14. Am I also supposed to remove Light now that I have the Framework mod? Now animations don't seem to be playing.
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