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  1. i know. i understood what he said as meaning the appearance changes other than facegen. not claiming that facegen isn't needed.
  2. @Bad Dog Just going through my modlist in xEdit to make corrections and make sure that things are going through correctly and found a problem. One of the mods I patched using your transmog script is coming up with incorrect file paths. I know you restructured the model/texture file structure and I think you forgot to update them in the transmog script. For example: The patch I created used this file path - Actors\Character\Character Assets\MaleFeet_1.nif Current version of YA Consolidated used - actors\character\BDBeastModels\felinemalefeet_1.nif
  3. Not a mod per-say, but there is an xEdit script that comes with this mod. It's in the Tools folder of the main download.
  4. Ah, I see. Yeah, I knew about the gray faces. But now I know what to look for on tints lol
  5. I haven't tried yet. I know nothing about tint layers so I wasn't sure if that was a major problem or not. I also don't know what it should look like lol I'm mostly just going for no grey faces
  6. Got a problem when doing this. After using the Transmog and checking the plugin for errors, all Imperials give me the following error: NPC_ \ Tint Layers \ Layer \ TINI - Tint Index -> <Tint layer index 0 not found in ImperialRace "Imperial" [RACE:00013744]>
  7. @Bad DogIf i'm making my own patches for mods, do I just use the Transmogrifier, or do I need to use the other 2 also? I'm just not clear on the process (other than the instructions in the transmog file)
  8. Yeah when setting my up my SkyrimVR I had to get a lot of updated tools/programs. The latest version of Wrye Bash seems to have added a ton of new options for merging things Edit: Looks like I was a little mistaken about what Wrye Bash does on that. While you can have it import keywords, it doesn't merge with previous mods. For example, if 2 mods add keywords to something, only the last mod's keywords will be applied. Doesn't look like there's a way to merge keywords automatically.
  9. Is anybody running this in combination with Wrye Bash bashed patches? For some reason when I have my bashed patch enabled, i get the "hole in the crotch" issue and no genitals appear. But if I turn off the bashed patch, genitals appear just fine. Any idea how to fix this? Edit: I found out why, but I need a better solution for fixing it. For some reason, the bashed patch isn't adding SOS_Revealing keyword to the armors that have it, even though I have the necessary mods higher in the load order. Anybody know of a way to fix this without manually editing the ba
  10. Working on updating my mod setup so I can start enjoying this in VR. Just missing one thing. Need a patch for Immersive World Encounters or a nudge in the right direction so I can make one myself.
  11. That sounds amazing. I recently got a VR setup and really want to play this, so i've been checking on how stable it is. If fixing up those missing files cleans up the crashes that would be awesome.
  12. @LearningmomentI'm not sure if this is the problem, but on the left side of MO i have my XP32 sitting in between Yiffy Age SE and Yiffy Age Digi. Maybe try that?
  13. i just now downloaded it and the plugin is there, but that's all i can confirm. i've never used vortex so i can't help on that.
  14. Alright, i've ran everything through Cathedral Assets Optimizer, ran through some tests in-game on SE, everything seems to be running perfectly. ...Until I found children. For some reason they have blank, untextured eyes, and it's kinda creepy lol Any idea what to do about that?
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