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  1. OK Thanks for that info It worked wiht app. Now the problem is with the vagina I selected proper option from mod and ran fnis all worked fine vagina was showing as per pictures and gif. but the breast was too large so I went to bodyslide and changed selected the default body cbbe hdt and preset hourglass. and ran the game all the animations was there body was back to normal even skin textures (wet) was also there but vagina was gone. it was replaced with original one. So now I dont have working vagina. I unstalled mod completely from NMM and again installed this time there was less option
  2. Use the mega link instead(the txt file with the gibberish text) then paste it after mega.nz/ It's pretty large because of the prebuilt meshes of multiple types and mods plus 2k and 4k texture variants for clams of skyrim and uunps. And like all prebuilt mods, they tend to bloat a lot. hello Lifariz, I couldn't find any txt file with gibberish text its not on download page, after clicking download it directly goes to mega.nz site where it ask me to download via browser, googel drive or with their own app. And I tried both browser and google drive option it stops downloading aft
  3. How u been sci, Hahaha and I thought u retired man. I am downloading mod today. hdt vgn u did it. I was away like year. :D :D
  4. Why would mod is so big 1.8 GB? and due this those mega people asking for premium subscription to download the same. I had completed up to 1 g.b download of file and then suddenly it stooped saying I exceeded my downloading quota of 1 gb for 6 hrs. means I will have to wait for next 6 hrs to reload 1 gb data. I dont understand how do I download this mod? pLease help anyone. I will happily donate to the modder after looking at mod rather than subscribing this site.
  5. Hey Leito, Just want to know are working on these features as well ? Time limit for animation , change of animation for same scene, like sexlab? is it possible?
  6. You know what I did when I request a modder to work on some hdt hair and he didn't bother I try to make it my self and he helped to make it. he even test it and made some changes in havok. I learn alot about modding stuff and friend modding is not a joke. just to take mesh of original hair adding rag dolls and stuff I was close to giving it up but there were modders who helped me to get the mod work. Freelance modders not here for some fame money they do it casue they also want the same thing only thing is they share there good work with us. So chill or make a mod for yourselve
  7. Looks like the script runs until Four_play:Main.Remove_actor() is called. Then it just stops from there. Try asking DocClox. It might not be an issue with SEU, as I didn't mess with any sort of stripping. I managed to work out what the issue was " Trial&Error" I updated FP 0081 to Fp0082, Thats when the problem started So I reinstalled FP0081 then overwrote that with FP0082 Leaving FP0081 installed "whereas I would normally delete it "Phew" Thank you, your input it was appreciated! I;ll leave this post open in case someone has a similar problem!!! about .8.2 doc said its chang
  8. @bellasgnuk @GMODMAT We really dont need crazy mod as dependency. Just read my case Think 4-5 pages ago I even have screenshots attached. . For me following steps worked thanks to DOC and Vinfamy. 1.I Uninstalled all mods from NMM then saved the game as clean save.player should be in safe house just in case. 2.Then load that clean save again save the game. quit the game 3.Install mods as follows. four_play_0_0_8_1 by docclox mod FO4 Animations By Leito - v1a - Leito animations mod Four_Lei_081 - Vinfamy mod. Now start game load that save game. U will see the leitos mod r
  9. OK Its resolve now quick save trick worked I think. Thanks.
  10. No Its not working. IDK why but it was working earlier. what should I do? I quick save game when violate mod is deactivated in NMM then quit the game mounted the mod in NMM then load the quick save game. Used spawn raider command. They started attacking me but no surrender done by PC and she died. I am uploading papyrus log link. https://pastebin.com/cfEVjWqL Request you to look in to. Also the mod list. four_play_0_0_8_1 FO4 Animations By Leito - v1a Four_Lei_081 FP_Prostitution__1_3 4PlaySEU v1 FO4 Hotkeys - FO4 Hotkeys - Option 1 - Full - v1.2
  11. Hello Vinfamy, Yesterday I installed ur mod but PC not getting violated after 30% health damage its not even surrendering Does this require crazy's mod as well or one of its files? So I can just copy paste the same. ( I am really confused on this cause Doc saying there is no need of crazy's mod as its requirement.) Please help on this. Thanks.
  12. If you replace the animations from Crazy's mod with Leito's (put Leito's in Crazy's folder after changing the name to match Crazy's ones being replaced) then you will get Leito's with sound when you assault. I know its some extra work but Leito's anims are WORTH IT. Yes that can be the better resolve. I will try it but still I doubt it will play the sound from leito 's mods cause crazy's animations doesnt have any sounds. So how will script react IDK. OR cann we add animations from skyrims mods of Leito's?
  13. Well I like to clap for this mod and modder it is the best mod for animation activation. Just with a simple key I was able to test all the animation made by leito it was great as always. still its hard to see when you are in third person view and not in free look mode. Fills like softcore. But it played both aggressive and non aggressive animations for flirt. Sneak option dosent play any animations cause not using crazy's mod. But this is the best till now. Its like Skyrim allover again.
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