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  1. uh sorry,it looks like they update the mod again in 2 May @ 4:15pm and i didn't see that problem again lul. it float only when the sex animation so you thought its Facial's update change some methmod and broke rjwAnimation but no, they fix it theirself, did that author also use rjw lol?
  2. i think i was wrong,i just saw the head floating now . And theres a new bug, Facial Animation(workshop one) just update and now some of the human pawns 's head won't face the right side when the Animation(like the head is north hair is south) okay thanks
  3. this is a old problem that before the update, but the situation i meet didn't go so far like you had lul ,this is kinda like their head is floating. I think its because 1.2 rjw kurin is designed with HDS not Show hair, like i said the 1.1 rjw kurin just like the vanilla kurin is designed with Show hair ,without show hair they all become balding even they don't have a hat, so removing HDS may have some graphics problem? i don't know just maybe ,atleast i didn't remove HDS so my kurin shows like before the update,with a bit acceptable hair and eyes displacement. And do
  4. but i am very sure when i remove rjw Animations the shell apparel again and i notice all the kurins with a hat becomes balding ,yeah that sure is the crash on Hats Display Selection actually you can use them both at the same time , i was doing this before rjw kurin updated to 1.2 ,when 1.1 without Show Hair with Hats all the kurin become balding , just make sure load SHWH at the lastest. i still think that mod kinda , bad.ppl want to "Select hat to hide" not "Select hair to hide hat" thats why i stop using it when kurin doesn't need it anymore. but i
  5. hello, did the new version have a hide parka function? yes, I am sure cause I tried to disable the mod then my parka shows again , but not all pawn 's shell apparel been hide, some of them I killed their Armor Recon been hide some of them don't. I still using with Hats Display Selection(but it shouldn't mess with body apparel so I think not his problem?) , and I didn't see any problem yet. I think the incompatible is kinda like the hat or hair kinda can't match up to the body Animations if the hat or hair didn't be hide did it ?
  6. Hello,is that a bug that pawn without a dick can't right click to have sex with animal? I mean it won't shows rimming or something only breed or anal breed even with a dick , and before the right click update I can right click a girl to have rimming with animal (now only rape). And ,does anyone know about the Virgin thing?i mean i never see any pawn get thought about Virgin.
  7. hello, does anyone or anyone who can touch with the author knows why the BackstoryDef and ThingDef_Races can't be translate? e.g. like DragonianAdopted's defname is Dragonian_Adopted so i tried to way to translate it with <Dragonian_Adopted> <title>aaa</title> <titleShort>aaa</titleShort> <desc>aaa</desc> </Dragonian_Adopted> (this is the way i see that used on core translate) or maybe <Dragonian_Adopted.title>aaa</Dragonian_Adopted.title> <Dragonian_Adopted.titleShort>aaa</Dragonia
  8. yea that bug shows up again , Striped Stockings spawn on Harrowlight's pawn(human). only stocking , last time thats what i saw too, maybe be more stocking got bugged?
  9. okay another question here. there is some mod that can make girls young again like from "sometimes raid go wrong", any chance that may support that making Menopause gone and cycle start again after they get young?
  10. so dog and dragon vagina is supported so these animal have gui when cycle on. hmm , could i know about why you make the chance diff on vagina? i mean as i know animals kinda like high production(between human) sure , well i turn it on for animal girl use human vagina , so is it save to turn off midgame?
  11. wait,but after i turn on the animal cycle my dog my trumbo have Menstruation and information gui,so thats a bug? if i click in their gui they just stuck,there is no X to close the page,thats what i was hopping about want to remove non-human vaginas gui. and bytheway i turn on the animal cycle and my thrumbo seems they don't get pregnant with their breeding, i never saw they are in menstruation and leaking fluids,is that the problem because they never enter menstruation so they never prenant?
  12. i added a non-human vagina to my prisoner and the gui didn't show up(yea because only support human vagina) so,i want to know about will this making any problem on breeding? i mean they can get a trumbo baby with non-human vagina in vanilla RJW,you can just grab a chicken and harvest a chicken vagina than install to that prisoner,will this still work? if not,so i can avoid prisoner having menstruation gui with this way did i? turning on animal cycle makes gui shows,could you think about gui shows only when that animal have a human/bio/arch vagina
  13. start seeing humans spawning with kurin's apparel and having pink box bug,gloomy dress also having this problem too. anybody knows how to avoiding apparel spawning with xml editing? like trait can avoiding with setting <commonality>0</commonality>.
  14. thank you two! yes i saw one like 8 before thought thats from RJW,i think maybe race support disable it now anyway i have it now,thank you two again. bytheway Skömer please have a look about #6467 if you don't mind , just a config wished.
  15. hello,does anyone knows did the spawning methmod been changed? since i never seen any girl younger than 10 shows up anymore , or even 14. if it does,could anyone tell me which xml file change this?
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