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  1. https://gitlab.com/Nabber/rimvore-2/-/wikis/FAQ#how-do-i-vore You either RMB from a controllable pawn, or let the various triggers for auto-vore do their thing (hunting animals, kidnapping raiders, colonists proposing vore to each other / colony animals / prisoners)
  2. The current 0.4.2 allows you to choose a feeder pawn that reserves a prey pawn and then feeds them to a predator pawn! That is odd, maybe the latest version fixes that as well, I have seen that error before and think I fixed it along the way. Try out the latest version for sure
  3. Absorption vore "stealing" various things from their prey is planned, but probably far away currently, it will most likely be implemented alongside reformation vore, that's where I need to take a deeper look at the predator<->prey relationship in regards to skills, traits, etc. anyways
  4. Please be advised that this mod is all about the vore fetish, many features can be turned off, but at its core it is still a fetish mod! I am pleased to announce that RimVore-2 has now entered its public beta. The mod is still not done, but we feel like the mod is presentable to the public. You can join the server dedicated to RV2 here: https://discord.gg/w9tYgTGgx4 Please make sure to read and understand the rules of the server! I could write an elaborate forum post about the features, mod requirements and mod support, but the Overview document and wiki already contain everything you would want to know! Overview: Google Document Wiki: GitLab Wiki Download: GitLab Master branch archive Issues: GitLab Issues Page I personally do not check LL very often, so if you have an issue or question, using the discord server is your best shot to contact me. Showcase screenshots
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