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  1. @shaaaaq, thanks! It will be a while before v0.6 comes out, but I'll incorporate this code in. The event may be best with an activator/deactivator though, in case the player wants to educate their kids for whatever reason (I assume most will want to educate their heir, at the least).
  2. Now that I'm actually thinking about it, those event-triggered lovers are kind of offensive. Just because someone is lustful doesn't mean they're automatically unfaithful! Way to slut shame, Paradox.
  3. It'd be great to have this out in the wild. At this point I'd be ecstatic to have any kind of crowd-sourced/toolbox animation mod, even if they were just a simple set of kneeling/masturbation/leaning for rear entry poses. The base game poses are so limiting. I've noticed that even simple animation replacements lead to a jittering effect on some character windows though. Does anyone know why this happens?
  4. @Endlesslust, that sounds like event-triggered lovers. Making a Mulsa a paelex should break off any existing relationships, but there's a few events that will create more (I ran into this once during a hunt, for example). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an easy way to stop these events. They don't use the normal will_cheat trigger, and messing with the can_set_relation_lover_trigger will likely mess with attempts to make your own wives lovers. Making a paelex uses the same interaction as making a Domina, Domitans Tribunal. If you already have a wife the Mulsa
  5. You would probably only be willing to spend 100 piety to bring a vassal or neighboring potential vassal into your harem (as if you don't make the new female ruler a Paelex, the title will most likely revert back to a male heir on her death, due to prevailing gender inheritance laws), which cuts down the candidates significantly. This is incorrect as of 0.5. All adherents should have the Hereditas Compendita inheritance law, which is female only. I agree about the imbalance in virtues/sins though. Diligent and fecund seem like reasonable virtues. Are people using the Bi
  6. 500 for the spontaneous Abice Maritus, 250 if you're triggering it (+100 of your own piety). It should trigger periodically, but not for every character. Unlanded characters don't gain piety quickly unless they have virtuous traits, but they also don't have anything to spend their piety on. Basically it was this or code a difficult to balance points based system to make ambitious, zealous, etc. characters trigger the action. This should be way more easily adjustable.
  7. Make the unlanded wives counts or higher and it will disappear on its own after 0-4 months.
  8. The path should read "mod/Regula_Magistri" when you download it, but change to "C:/User/.../mod/Regula_Magistri" when you load CK3 after putting it in the appropriate mod directory. If you can see the mod in your dropdown menu the path is fine. Glad it's working though!
  9. Looks like whatever you're running is essential. It just crashes when I try to load that save. Your best bet is probably to try the Regula Magistri mod alone, then add in until it no longer works. That should tell you where the conflict is, and you can then put Regula Magistri below that mod in the load order. Kind of weird that you don't even see the acquire decision though. That doesn't really interact with any game code.
  10. Can you tell me the details of your character or send over a save file? I'll try to replicate the bug, if I can. There's no way for the AI to get the Magister trait at the moment.
  11. Thanks Hamakabula, glad to hear that you're enjoying it! M4rocks, where is the mod failing? In the initial decision to get the book or the transfer of traits to your heir? There are three ways to gain the Magister trait: 1. The initial Important Decision "Acquire the Regula Magistri" 2. Via a spontaneous event, after the death of a previous Magister. Will automatically fire 7-28 days after the death of the previous character, or quarterly afterwards if there's some issue. 3. By selecting the Minor Decision "Find a Book to Read". Used to r
  12. Alright, 0.5 is out! The focus of this update is expansion of the mod to vassal MCs. You can now try to take down the HRE, Byzantine empire, etc. from within. I've also added the ability to crush the armies and independence of female rulers, and made a number of quality of life tweaks. Full changelog: Added a new type of vassalization war: Domination. Crush the independence and will of nearby female rulers, then add them to your harem. Enabled the Regula Magistri for non-independent MCs. You can now work to take down the HRE or Byzantine empire from within, slowl
  13. Wow, I had no idea the on_actions didn't stack. That makes them so much less useful!
  14. How do you code events that fire for the player's heir after the player's character has died? I assume it's some form of on_action (from studying the Carnalitas code), but this doesn't work: on_death = { effect = { primary_heir = { trigger_event = { id = test_event.0001 days = 1 } } } }
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