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  1. My first instinct is that it should behave similarly to gold control, though that does seem to be at odds with this being a stage 3 deal. Does it need to be a stage 3 deal? I do think it is somewhat interesting to have to voluntarily give the follower your keys, but I also like how gold control functions. You could be given 0-2 keys of random types per day to use, dependent on willpower, and could sometimes ask your follower for more. But if you ask for more, there could of course be drawbacks: e.g. your follower gives you far too many keys (perhaps also of the wrong type?), and if
  2. While working on something else, I came across this line on the CK wiki for DisablePlayerControls: "Disabling movement also disables the UI (at least partially), and other actors can't attack a player with a disabled movement." So I wonder if, after starting the animation, throwing EnablePlayerControls(True, False, False, ..., False) and Player.modAV("Paralysis", 1) would work.
  3. I meant the behavior file for the stumble/trip/fall animations, in "path\meshes\actors\character\behaviors\FNIS_SexLabDisparity_Behavior.hkx". Maybe there's a flag in there that marks the character as uninteractable while they play.
  4. Maybe tweaks to the behavior file are necessary?
  5. I just tested it again, and it happens reliably. Enemy mage was zapping me, I'd fall over, he'd patiently wait for me to get up, then start zapping me again. Rinse and repeat. I don't see any obvious culprit in the code, nor do I see any other mods that are clearly to blame. Nothing wonky shows up in the papyrus log with SLD debug turned on either. @Corsayr, can you confirm if you have this problem too? It sounded like you did from your post. Though I guess that doesn't answer the question of whether it's an SE bug or not.
  6. That was the first solution I tried, to no avail. But maybe it would matter on a different mod setup. I ended up using something of the opposite solution. I set a constant penalty of -100% to M/S regeneration, and a potential bonus of +200% M/S regeneration to arousal, with the bonus limit capped at 0%. So, you begin regenerating at any positive arousal value, and cap out with normal regeneration at 50 arousal. However, several formerly unimportant devices have stamina or magicka regeneration penalties, such that as you add more of these devices, you need more and more arousal t
  7. Bug report: Clit piercings are not being recognized by the worn items system. This is due to a typo in _fwb_modifiers.psc: Line 3706: slotMaskFromSlot[50] = 0x40000000 Needs to be: slotMaskFromSlot[60] = 0x40000000 Compiling with the change fixes the issue. A few other things to ponder... 1. It would be really handy to have a page that summarizes all the currently active buffs/debuffs in effect, since the active effects pane is really unhelpful for Disparity. The "debug" tab of the MCM is close, but something th
  8. The .nifs only use partition 33; it's just the armor addon in the .esm that has partition 59 included. I just edited the .esm and it seems to work as expected, no bodyslide/outfit studio shenanigans necessary... hopefully.
  9. Hmm... maybe I'm being dense, but it seems like they aren't supposed to be recognized as arm cuffs. The DDI .esm overrides the DDA .esm for restrictive gloves in a couple ways: the zad_restrictiveGloves armor has its partitions changed from 33 and 59 to just 33, and the zad_restrictiveGloves_scriptInstance "armor" has the keyword zad_DeviousArmCuffs replaced with the keyword zad_DeviousGloves. They can also be worn with separate arm cuffs. The only place partition 59 remains is in the kof_restrictiveGlovesAA armor addon. Aside from design intent, is there any reason I shouldn't rem
  10. Does anyone know why the restrictive gloves block partition 59? I'm assuming the intent was to stop arm cuffs from showing up, but isn't that the point of the device hider? Since it's forced, it means that restrictive gloves completely hide prisoner chains, which is an unfortunate interaction to say the least.
  11. Minor bug report: In the variant of the third stage of the Slut deal where you're forced to wear an armbinder in town, the dialogue to remove it doesn't show up. This is because the dialogue conditions check for the keyword zad_DeviousArmbinder, but _DF_EasyArmbinder_Rope_Rendered has the keyword zad_DeviousArmbinderElbow instead. Changing the rendered item's keyword to zad_DeviousArmbinder resolves the problem.
  12. I have a bit of an edge case problem. Due to some particularly harsh debuffs, my character currently has a maximum magicka of zero. It seems that, when your character has a maximum magicka value of zero, SLSO treats this as perpetually having 100% magicka rather than 0% magicka. Technically both are correct, but it would make more sense for a maximum magicka of zero to result in being permanently mentally broken during sex, in my opinion. I imagine the analogous case is true for having a maximum of zero stamina, though I did not test that case.
  13. While playing, I came up with some ideas for this mod--as if you didn't have enough of those already. But maybe something will inspire you. 1. Vanity deal: one stage. Either the follower or the player (dependent on willpower?) chooses a material and a color (e.g. White Leather, Red Ebonite, Black Rope, Steel). For each device you wear that isn't of the correct combination, that could be of the correct combination, x% gets added to your daily debt. This includes items forcibly added by other mods. This deal could also add a new option. When requesting to remove a device, you could i
  14. Is there an option somewhere to tweak the mechanics behind non-key device escape, apart from the difficulty level? Ideally, this would be something like making the individual device/method escape cooldowns shared, such that only one escape attempt could be made every few hours, regardless of how many devices you attempt to escape from or what methods you try to use. The escape functions make me feel like that was planned at some point, or maybe it was implemented and I'm missing a global variable somewhere. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. For some reason I didn't think you could set the value of non-globals via the console.
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