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  1. I was wondering if there was another way to investigate memory problems. If there isn't, that's fine. For the arrows, since the problems began in Shivering Isles, I checked if it was the Reference Bug. On the page, they tell to verify by dropping arrows, which I was doing. I found the mod, probably a timer that expects you to be in Cyrodil.
  2. I understand that the answer might be that there is nothing I can do, but I'm asking since I would really like to complete it... I am in Shivering Isles since Hour 166 (in my save file). I have had CTD before, but nothing that was "constant". I would reload and continue playing without problems. I am now in Cylarne, just before the battle between the gold and dark people, and the game crashes everytime (I've been doing the battle 5-6 time). I was able to complete it once, but it crashed a little bit after. I have reloaded from a save file I made when I arrived at that place, and replayed the part. The game crashes (tried more than once). I have reloaded from the save file. If I move to Bliss, it crashes. If I walk to Bliss, it crashes (afer a couple minutes of walking). I have since installed the 4GB patch and Oblivion Stutter Removal, but the problem remains. I have not installed mods about Shivering Isles (except the Unofficial Patch), and I have not installed mods since entering SI. I have rebooted my computer and tried playing the game without not other programs running, but it still crashes. Is there something else I could try? Thanks! Edit : The Version of Oblivion is 1.2.0416. I thought it could be the Reference bug, but I drop arrows while walking away from Cylarne, and the IDs were FF0123AA, FF0123AE, FF0123B8, then I crashed a little bit after the last arrow.
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