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  1. Hi, I seem to have gotten past 2.4 locking AAF at whatever % it was i dont recall now. I did a wipe of FO4 completely and started with a clean game, Updated to AAF 139 followed the Updated Guide, and all seems to be working but i havent had much chance to play because of previously mentioned reinstall of everything. I thank you guys for your help, one of the reasons i still even bother with the mods from this site is because of the helpful people that are still around after all this time! Thanks Again!
  2. I dont understand how your 2.3 version worked fine with AAF 1.33 but 2.4 locks it up? and you say it has to do with older xml's. So your saying 2.4 uses xml that is older than what was used in 2.3? i'm confused by your statement, sorry to be a pain but i am truly not understanding.
  3. Love the Mod, ton of fun with this one. Just got to this part and was wondering myself what the deal was. My only question is why? feels like it should have a finish. Just so ya know at a glance im talking about the Garvey non quest thing lol.
  4. Thanks for responding! guess i got my work cutout for me! lol
  5. Hi, Thanks for the response, I didn't realize the foot had a bone weight. So what is the solution to that?.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but doesnt help me fix some of the outfits i have.
  7. Hello, I have a problem getting the new Fusion Girl body and High heels to work right, i convert the outfits fine body looks good in the outfit but the feet no longer fit in the high heel shoes, ive tried to fix this but i just dont have enough info on how this part works. Please help, someone must know how this part works. Thank You.
  8. Ok so i've tried deleting any old BP70 animations and reinstalling, but as long as BP70 animations 2.4 is installed AAF refuses to work. So my question i guess is does anyone have a real clue as to why?
  9. Thanks for the tip gonna try it will get back to you on how it worked. That worked all fixed! Thanks again. Do you happen to know what broke the original files?
  10. I guess i'll try the manual install, and maybe go back and check overwrites in vortex but i thought this was standalone but i'll check. I thank you for your input.
  11. Hello, Not looking to be a pest but i really would like some input on why the charred vault suit isnt working correctly for me. As i stated already the body of the vault suit dosent show up in game i can see it when i build it in bodyslide but in game theres no suit just arms and legs for it. Please i would love to use this along side the other outfits you've released. Any help would be welcome. Thanks
  12. Hello, I am sure i'll feel stupid, but here we go anyways! When i install the latest version 1.5.8a other than the mentioned 1.5.3 being installed, do i need/want to remove the other two patches i have installed? they are: 1.5.6 and 1.5.7. Thanks and sorry if this was already asked and answered i was just to lazy to read the entire thread.
  13. Hello, Happy to hear your doing better! I have a small issue with the charred vault suit for some reason, i build it in bodyslide and it all seems to be there, but in game the body of outfit is missing, arms and legs of suit show just not the body part, any ideas??? Edit: Hi, does anyone have an idea about this issue?? been waiting several days with no response.
  14. i have used the unnamed spot on the Lexington freeway directly across from corvega there is a bed a cook station and a red tool box i leave my weapons in as long as you stay quite the raiders wont notice you, and as long as you dont trigger them before you put your weapons in the tool box, you can the go surrender to them. tho i always go inside and surrender to the raider in the lobby bathrooms. So yeah almost anywhere should work, the key is DONOT let the raiders at Corvega notice you till you have no weapons.
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