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  1. ya Im not sure WHATS with it at this point its something about the THAT XML file that just refuses to work i even updated the unofficalF04 Patch and followed the guide abit to rearrange something in NMM not sure whats going on with it, (ya i know most like vortex now but i prefer to use NMM) ay suggestions on what it might be?
  2. What i was getting at that the i simply moved older mods as to be updated as i go on but Mentioned the Unoffical Fallout 4 patch cause i saw that i had been mentioned so i wanted to make sure if that wasn't the cause since i simply ported the files over to be updated later and get the lastest versions of AAF mods like leito and FPE, or savcabbages stuff Etc.
  3. Newest version of FO4 Sorry meant to say i simply moved older versions of some mods minus AAF mods as i wanted to make sure to do a clean installement.
  4. Hey i just recently installed the Version of AAF for 161.1 and as far as i know everything seems clean tbf i recently moved all the old files into the new clean installment as i came from 1.10.120 straight up to the newest so as far as i know it might be JUST AAF but i dunno. I Have all the correct ones as far Looksmenu and everything is good to go i do have the fallout 4 unofficial patch from the old version for THAT old version of FO4 but i dont think that should affect it unless you guys know something i dont. Anyways heres the screenshot.
  5. ya NOPE nvm i figured it out for myself .....lol alls well so far so as far as i know should be good to go.
  6. ya i saw that myself kinda feel abit dumb testing that out myself lol update once ik for sure...
  7. ok Actually one more problem. ALL of the vanilla clothes/armor and DLC stuff isnt going with the morphs the body just clips out and idea how to fix this?
  8. @EgoBallisticnvm! got everything working with the by digging thru my original download file and put the F4EE morphs and everything etc and everythings works! Thanks to everyone who replied and helped i appreciate it!
  9. Ive never really so much "built" a body on and outfit but just used the CBBE Vanilla on everything so will it just automatically apply to the outfits or would i still need to apply what u said above in this post?
  10. ooooh ok i think i understand why now. i didn't install those morphs when i got CBBE originally since it was optional and didn't think it wouldn't matter lol. Will report back on this afterwhile thanks to everyone for the help and patience so far i do appreciate it.
  11. Before i start figure how to do the my end on my problem and fix it possibly will this universal morph for my version? just outta curiosity? or if i updated if couldi use current F4SE version that i have?
  12. yaaa thats the problem im having... im using CBBE and HAVE actually had it set to the cbbe body thing the whole time but she dosen't get any bigger. Secondly i saw where it says i have to "Install" the F4EE body morphs...? And thats what im so confused about like what specifically IS F4EE Morphs. is it something i hav to build which is also kinda something ive never done outside of use CBBE Vanilla in outfit studio for Armor/clothes. Or maybe someone has got them premade and willing to share said files id appreciate that to surely but either way im fine with. this mod is great is just kinda a struggle on this one thing with CBBE lol.
  13. Also i should mention im uing version from ballistic that is for F4SE 1.10.120 so i hope that isnt a issue an this fixes my above problem im just sorta confused is all i appreciate the patience.\
  14. uuhhh... huh? i mean like when she GETS pregnant and thru time its suppose to like show u i believe? but it just stays the same. The baby is born but theres nothing showing the pregnancy or her stomach getting bigger overtime.
  15. Could someone help me out im not entirely whats the deal with this F4EE overlays for CBBE or where i can install it or something id appreciate it been im still new to the mod so if someone could help me out with this id appreciate it
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