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  1. Hello again, sorry this take more time, very busy week, but finally i get a bit of time , so here is the link for mega: https://mega.nz/file/y1F2WSwb#OAJ8KpWgGEytRsX-fEekZ3xiuHrjCNZTT9a8fwJsnQY The mod is the free version, because in baidu say about another version with more things, but is good, this changue the main menu image and song, also some locations changue the name, more enemies, followers and a lot of armors and weapons. Also i remember this mod have a second part but i dont have this For download from mega search how dont have a limit, or wait some hour
  2. Hi, i still playing some times, the archive are 6 gb so will take me time for upload to my drive or mega, maybe the weekend i upload and share the link to you, this replace a lot of things so make a backup before
  3. Thank you so much, and dont worry i found the tattoo mod after of search in some russian sites, but sadly isnt what i expected :c is a complete skin, not overlays for racemenu
  4. hello, i am seaching for a copy of this mod if any have a backup of this, this isnt anymore in internet and i cant find another good mod like this for tattoos Also looking if any know the name of the mod what include the sunglasses in the next pic
  5. No, i dont know if any port it ,also i dont know if it need be ported of if this work in the same way in SSE, sorry
  6. I appreciate your help, I will soon make a post with several soundtracks overhauls, I just need a little more time, any suggestion or request is accepted
  7. yeah, Keiichi okabe and his studio Monaca always do amazing soundtracks!
  8. i am happy you like this, i am thinking in make a new version because some tracks are from the nier automata game rip soundtrack and not are full version, but will be when i have time, thinking in do ui replacer too
  9. Thank you i was searching too i will try to download, if i get it i can share with you in private
  10. Hello, A bit late but maybe any still searching for it.... i do my own soundtrack replacer with the soundtracks from Nier Automata and others works from the same studio (Monaca) and i share with some friends, but maybe any want this too so i share here, i hope this don't break the rules, This is my last try because you know, the others site dont allow this tipe of post and my post be deleted or hidden ? This take a lot of time for do it, are 2.5 gb of sountracks, some times don't work but i dont know why but is better then nothing. The soundtracks are from : Nier N
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