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  1. 1. - Make a backup of the sexmod.jar file 2. - Open the .jar file using something like Winrar. 3. - Navigate to assets\sexmod\textures\entities\jenny and copy paste the .png file that's inside to the outside of the .jar 4. - Edit it and make the custom texture 5. - Delete the .png file that was inside the .jar file. (Don't forget about the backup to get Jenny back. 6. - Paste the custom .png you made inside it. 7. - Load the game and test out how the texture looks, if you got the textures messed up you can do the same process again and try again until it looks alright. Mod at your own risk, I don't think doing the above messes up the mod in any way (especially if you have a backup of the jenny.png texture.) but still ya never know.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I've actually given up on that after pretty much almost irreversibly damaging my mod by messing with the java codes, goes the show an unexperienced coder should probably keep away from what they don't know. 😅 The mod seems to be working again, (somehow after reinstalling various versions of the mod + reinstalling minecraft itself, some of the issues I caused fixed themselves. 🤔) hopefully the next update will fix the rest, seems like I've just messed up a few paths for the .class files. I'll just stick to making custom textures since they are pretty easy to change. 🙌
  3. Since we're on the topic of customizing, I was wondering, would it be possible to change Jenny's chat lines? I've found the file responsible for it, uncompiled it into a java file, edited it, but the final step of packing it back into a .class is my current problem, it errors when I'm attempting to convert it with javac. 🤔
  4. For some reason the FutaPotion mod isn't working when dropping the zip folder into the packs folder (like most other mods). What am I doing wrong? 🤔
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