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  1. Could you make a conversion of [LE] DM BDOR Solios by Team TAL 2003031? https://www.patreon.com/posts/le-dm-bdor-by-31863090
  2. There also are many mods around that add Exposure and Time rate (I think I saw a few that messed with Time rate) for random stuff like absorbing dragon souls, using spells, existing or whatever, so you gotta pay attention to the configs. You can get those frigid wash with additem, but I've never seen one in the wild.
  3. Does that happen in all holds? Try opening the console, clicking on a guard, and typing 'paycrimegold' to clear your bounty (don't know if you need to have the money). Sexlab Horrible Harassment or Approach (don't remember now) breaks dialogues here every now and then, there's a reset button on its MCM, don't know if that'd be your case.
  4. I tried deleting the cfg, loading the save and resetting the mod (after having added both arousal and health spells through console) and that seemed to fix it. I tried adding one slot with an stamina driver and it worked out. The get color as min/max/pulse is still hit or miss but I can always set the color using Active Overlay's own MCM. Thanks for the help.
  5. Does SLS has tears? I know STA does.
  6. I tried deleting zao_cfg.json, as soon as I load the save, the game creates a new zao_cfg.json with only the following content: I press the reset button and then when I try to reconfigure each slot, most of the options are no longer there. Btw, the get current color as minimum, as maximum or as glow is also not working. Edit: I tried using "help zao" but console only listed the mgef, not the spells. So I opened Xedit and searched for the spells' IDs and added them using player.addspell on console. Now it looks like things are working properly. Should I add all the spells
  7. Can I just do "help inequality" on console and use console to add the inequality spell to said follower? Or would that mess something up?
  8. Hey @Monoman1, female followers should have the Inequality magic effect if I have Strong Female Followers disabled, right? I added this female follower to the escort list and checked if she had the Inequality magic effect and she didn't. Does it take a while to appear?
  9. Hey @iamzip I finally got around to start a new load order and a new save, so I updated from 0.2 to 0.3 and I'm now having some problems. I'm using two drivers based on Arousal and two drivers based on Health (one only combat and one only out of combat). None of these are updating during gameplay, they only update if I either open the Active Overlay MCM or if I save and reload. Any idea what might be wrong? I'm using MO btw.
  10. >helps the Rieklings by being their horse in battle lol I'd really like to see the vanilla carriage's horses being replaced by pony girls though. I was also curious if there's any item that can heal the trauma caused by SLS?
  11. I think it was a load order problem, I ran loot and started a new save and now things are working fine. The problem is that SLS also blocks equipping Two-Handed weapons (I use CGO which allows equipping Two-Handed weapons in one hand) I tried changing the code and compiling but I had some trouble with SLS dependencies. Any chance you could either share your development script folder or maybe compile this script? I think the small changes I made are enough for my case. _SLS_AmputationHelplessAlias.psc
  12. Some other mod must be conflicting with it here then, maybe CGO. Thanks for the help anyway, I'm gonna try to find out what is messing with it.
  13. I can't even imagine not running both SLS and STA 😆 Cool, that debug option is only on the beta version right? It does seem wasteful to add one faction in each mod, but I guess it'd be the only way aside from making one of them a master.
  14. Ok Gonna stick with the SLS's approach then. I think it also impacts willpower on catcalls (not sure) Maybe covering yourself could count as not naked (count as Slooty)? Idk if that's really doable and/or worth it. On another note, I questioned on the Spank That Ass thread about having an option to add NPCs to a non-spank list (maybe through a new faction that we could just add any NPC we want to it? Idk what'd be the best way to do it codewise) and I guess that would also fit here (for the proximity spanks). Would that be possible?
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