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  1. The same thing is happening to me, but all NPC's who are hostile despawn when I uninstall SXB, and they just stand there doing nothing when I have SXB. Are you using FU, by chance? I am I get the errors: [11:36:26.604] [Error] [string "/npcs/bmain.lua"]:35: (LuaConversionException) Error converting LuaValue to type 'N4Star11LuaFunctionE' [11:36:26.732] [Error] [string "/scripts/sexbound/override/npc.lua"]:36: attempt to index a nil value (field 'sb_npc') [11:36:26.762] [Error] [string "/npcs/bmain.lua"]:144: (JsonException) Cannot call get with key on Json type null, must be Object type I... updated 'Portrait Restorer'. A mod that shows the radio portraits of NPC's in their chat bubble. Sorry for the false alarm??
  2. I think the clothes from the Sex Toy Vending Machine mod show during sex, too
  3. I'm of the opinion that people don't need to make their things compatible with purely cosmetic things such as custom hats, so I'll be perfectly fine if Lox doesn't add compatibility with custom multiplayer emote (directives) (basically custom hats, but for your emotes. I haven't tested it with animated hats, just custom emotes) It is compatible, though it causes a lot of lag (and possibly log errors?) whenever the person with the custom emotes, well, emotes. Maybe I'm just on a potato? Also, since SxB uses the head sprite when an entity isn't emoting, the custom idle emote isn't ever shown during sex. But there's basically a 1/10000 chance of someone using SxB and a character with the custom emotes, so... Bet you thought you'd never get more than 1 "Hey, uh, this item doesn't work during sex." due to the whole "can't use items during sex" thing! So, HA!
  4. Last time I checked (I haven't updated this mod, so no idea if one has been added!), there wasn't anything that added the recipe for the statue to the player's available recipes. try adding this as player.config.patch: {{ "op": "add", "path": "/defaultBlueprints/tier1/-", "value": {"item": "statueofdibella"}}}
  5. Not a bug, but more of a request. So, this website, https://silverfeelin.github.io/Starbound-Hatter/, generates multiplayer compatible custom hats. The custom hats show up as eyepatches (which is what the custom hats are made from) during sex. I also tested hat-sex with a manually recolored hat, which appeared as the default color for that hat. Support for custom and recolored hats could probably be done by using the directives from the hat item, instead of the colorIndex parameter also! amazing work on the mod!
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