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  1. Wanting to move on from the heartbreak, Dianne found herself in the mystical land of El Selvadorada. As she explored the ancient lands that she used to read about in her books, things happened that made her realize that it was indeed, a vacation to remember.
  2. Avery and Steven are transitioning into the next phase of their lives. And when Avery broke the news, Dianne didn't take it too lightly. Desperate to ease the pain, Dianne found comfort in the arms of an unlikely partner.
  3. Before the Fords came into their lives, Dianne was a 16-turning-17 teenager living a somewhat normal life in uptown Brindleton Bay. But that one encounter with her stepsister, Julie and Julie's girlfriend Kimmy, made her realize that her whole life was about to change.
  4. A typical afternoon stroll became something extraordinary when Dianne met Avery Lawrence, a free-spirited girl who was about to open her eyes (and her body) to new experiences.
  5. Dianne used to be happy and content about her weird relationship with Avery and Steven. But that night made it all change - and her life is about to get more complicated.
  6. Thank you so much for the kind words! It really means a lot.
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