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  1. Yeah having loads of mods with dialogues/approaching mechanic is my issue lol. I restarted a new game and it seems to be working correctly now. I'll slowly enable the mods/settings to see if I can find the culprit.
  2. I think I worded that question badly lol, the NPCs could trigger conversations to my character no problem by bumping into them or getting drunk from SLDR. It's just that they don't do any harassment/groping until I get out of that area eg screenshot after leaving bannered mare.
  3. Is it normal that the event only triggers for me only if I exit a cell area (eg. leaving Silverblood Inn)? If no, any ideas what is causing this?
  4. Gorgeous and perfect girls. Sorry, have no more votes. If I could I would give you 10 votes for each one. Thanks!
  5. Bunch of my characters and their roles in my Skyrim, enjoy ;-) Andaerielle, Dragonborn Alyssa, Archmage of Winterhold Sera Ki'alrin, Knight of Talos Elsa Cathdeiryn, Nightingale Ayla Windwalker, Thalmor Inquisitor Eillana Ereuvyn, Exlied Princess of Valenwood Kira Starsong, Songstress Celeste Thornheart, Witch of the Glenmorial Coven Lady Atalanta Elenvir, Courtesan Ilivana, Immortal Necromancer Scarlett Lithlende, Vampire Slayer
  6. My sex screenshots with a little story... Hehe Ravaged in the streets of Solitude Dragonborn: Wha... what are you doing?? Get off me! I'll scream! Stranger: Scream and I'll break you neck little girl! Stranger: Now.. Now.. thats a good girl Dragonborn: Please.. stop.. don't do this.. (Sobbing) Stranger: Well? that wasn't so bad isn't it? Whore. Dragonborn: Mmph.. Ahh... Ah.. Stranger: Heh! and you thought you could dress like this without men noticing! Dragonborn: I.. I... Ah! Ah! Ahh! didn't mean to.. Let me go! Stranger: Well bitch, I won't stop till you
  7. Wow great screens, I loved the expressions. What mod did you use for it? Lol thank you Side the expressions are my custom expressions from sexlab expressions mcm menu. The tears are from my cum meshes mod and the clothes are a modded version of Break Undies armor I made using stuff I learned with CK and nifskope Is the girl a follower mod btw?
  8. Wow great screens, I loved the expressions. What mod did you use for it?
  9. What skin tone is that ? thanks! and good job by the way. It's Fair Skin Complexion with Fitness Blender
  10. My Bodyslide Preset for my character Andaerielle (CBBE HDT) Atalanta Andaerielle.xml High Quality Image http://andaeriell.tumblr.com/post/148627678700/naked-dragonborn-custom-bodyslide-maps
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