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  1. anyone by any chance have the English translation of this mod? https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/32631?tab=posts&BH=0
  2. hmm nah the lore was more deeper than that, but i havent played it in a long time so i dont really remember the details, id reccomend playing it tho, the og version is free to play on blizzard
  3. she's a character from the StarCraft series, its a really old but its a damn good RTS game
  4. Gonna need more info chief, what mod are you talking about? If its linked to another site locked behind a password, perhaps the mod description includes said password; OR the mod author placed a lock on it because he doesn't want it to be public anymore? My only suggestion really is to try getting in contact with the Modder themselves and see if they can provide you with more information.
  5. not exactly sure if by sos=scholngs of skyrim u mean u just want a dick for your character? if so i guess this might be what you're lookin for https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/48908 Edit: also included in LAPF
  6. my dude, se is far superior! and 10 pounds for u is 20 usd for me lol
  8. if for some reason the dl file doesn't show up as a .jpg just use a converter extension
  9. Version 1.0.0


    ghost femboi pics, but the format for this thread is whack just let me post the pics not files edit: here sum previews
  10. yeah for sure, I just wrote with the flow bc I already had the pics and just decided to give it a story. Proper punctuation and mla format does not concern me unless its my collage essay XD thanks for the input !
  11. Most people of the Imperial City think Jenny as nothing more of a "Cheap CUM BUCKET" -(sheeeesshhhh)- little did they know; when she seeks her fortune, you best not fuck with her. A lesson that Lycanthropus would soon know. When rumors of Werewolves spread across Cyrodiil from IC to Chorrol, Jenny Flamel made haste in seek of her fortune. When she arrived to Chorrol she was well aware of Jauffre and the priory outside of the city, but decided now is not the time to return the Amulet of Kings, for a strange presence within the Amulet guided her towards The Grey Mare inn; Where she met a nameless old man who would start out her adventure in finding the Werewolf menace talked across the lands as a mere whisper. "I believe his name was...Norvallo", said the old man; He'd believe he led the young man and his family too their deaths. As you see, Jenney was not the first person in search of Fortune. The old man would go on for hours and hours in great detail of stories of werewolves truly lurking within the Jerall Mountains, guarding an ancient Ayleid treasure, in hopes of enticing Jenny to go after the Treasure, but in reality he'd hope she'd find the young man and his family. Naturally, Jenny was already enthralled by the promise of a great Adventure, and made her way to Bruma in search of a lead that'll lead her towards the treasure. At the arrival in Bruma, nothing but fear in the faces of its citizens made it clear to Jenny that Werewolf sightings within the mountains were turning all the rumors into reality. And once again, the Amulet of Kings would draw Jenny's attention towards the -great chapel of our lord and savior TALOS, THE ONE TRUE GOD OF MAN!!!- Within, she'd meet a priest who knew exactly what she seeks. The odd priest would divulge he trusted Jenny, and spoke of the lone dead tree atop a mountain east of Bruma's famous "Dragonclaw Rock", in hopes that (as the old man) she'd find the whereabouts of the lost Norvallo Family. Jenny would end up taking a stay at the local inn, and continue her pursuit the next day. When the Morn came, Jenny would awaken from a night of frolicking with the local Nords, and continue her adventure towards the mountain with the lone dead tree as mentioned by the strange and mysterious priest. When nearing the Rock, Jenny heard a cry of a beast, a beast she'd never seen before and a cry that would send a sense of dread and terror to the mind, and from the cover of a nearby tree, she saw it...true and behold A WEREWOLF. Jenny un-sheathed her -(FAT FUTA COCK)- Axe "Fate Ender" and thus spoke, "I fear no evil man-wolf! come! I shall end your life and banish you back to Hircine's Hunting Grounds!" The Battle lasted ten seconds; For you see! Jenny was blessed by the stars; For she was born under The Lovers Birthsign and gave the Lovers Kiss, paralyzing the Werewolf and gave the time to swiftly cut the beast throat! In its dying breath the beast spoke "Lycanthropus shall devour you as he did the man, woman, and child". And so it became clear to Jenny, the priest and old mans worries of the Norvallo family would come to an end, for the family was already dead. Atop the mountain, Lycanthropus awaited his next meal, but little did he know his meal would invoke an ensuing epic battle...that history would never know existed~ My note: I let the readers imagination take hold of what occurred during the last battle ps: This shitty story of mine is a based off this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24453 go try it out if you haven't already! pps: idk why i did this blog outta no wheres, i could've just played cod or halo or watch the new rick and morty smh HOPE U ENJOYED THE READ!!!!!!!!!
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