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  1. Makes me feel less bad about the 65k I spent and got nothing but 2 misaki SSRs (which might as well be nothing as I laready have like 3 SSRs of her already)
  2. Hi,Image quality patch  ..I like it..


    Can you share it?



    1. tFighterPilot


      I'm just using the base mod and the reshade mod 


    2. NaiZi


      :joy:Thank you!Thank you!I love you!



  3. I've made a no panties version of her, but I never released it because I didn't know if anyone wants it hole in butt.zip
  4. Fix for minazuki's Valentine Honoka mod (cuz they changed the hashes). Just replace Honoka.ini Honoka.ini
  5. If you redo the textures, can you make Luna's pubic hair brown, like her eyebrows? White pubic hair kinda sucks.
  6. For me too. IDK, maybe it has to do with the mods. edit: yup, uninstalling the mod support made it work. I guess we're gonna have to do without it for now.
  7. I've added Marie's pajama to Honoka\Luna's pajama. I wanted common pajama as well, but it seems to be impossible because of the bones Pajama With Marie.zip
  8. Wasted 25k and didn't get it. At least I had luck in the previous even where it counted (I already have momiji anyway)
  9. Only problem I've encountered is that the nipples stick out a bit. Not very noticeable, and in any case can be easily fixed by cropping them out of them model, as I have done in the mods I've done. However, I've got a fetish for bottomlessness, one clearly not shared by the majority here who want naked boobs, so I guess it wouldn't be super popular that way anyway. btw, I found it kinda surprising that it doesn't use the same mesh as Misaki's default outfit, as it looks exactly the same. It would make it much simpler if it did.
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