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  1. 1) Was still using the launcher - but I'll try that instead 2) Nope, never logged in - memories disabled - settings to medium (kind of a bummer since a new 8G vid card was added in the upgrade) 3) Yep, including increasing the local page file on the drive that contains all my games
  2. Has anyone noticed a decrease in performance with S3 in Windows 10? I upgraded my pc recently and went from W8.1 to 10 and it seems to me the already shaky-leeky memory management of S3 under W8.1 has become shakier and leekier still. I've tried all kinds of tricks to improve the way the game handles memory usage but it reaches the 3.2 G ceiling much faster now. I keep alt-tabbing to RamMap and emptying working sets and standby lists but unless I play on a small and sparsely populated world, I CTD very quickly - especially when I use KW and switch between ongoing animations to try and simulate an actual 'play' session. It's almost unplayable now. S4 is obviously much more stable, and Wicked Whims is great, but ye gawds those sims are shallow and dumb! And I'm quite tired of the same worlds all the time. And we can't expect anything from EA. If the rumor is true, the next instalment will be some online thing...
  3. Can we get permanent flag commands to designate tops & bottoms, so we don't have to constantly stop an animation and reverse the positions of the players?
  4. Hi, I know this mod allows for male prostitutes but does it also allows for teenagers? I want to play a runaway teen boy who becomes a cum dump for meaty truckers in growdy gas stations & back alleys. I tried Hoe it Up and it was possible but that didn't jive well with the WW animations. I'm told your mod meshes more naturally with WW (the only thing that still keeps me playing S4 - that and Extreme Violence by Sacrificial). Thank you.
  5. A switch to set the dominant / passive roles which would trigger the proper animations. Nothing so immersive breaking as having my bottom boy turns top. I have to pause, click on the sim and reverse the role. It's annoying.
  6. Anything on this page would please me. --> https://gaysexpositionsguide.com/ Oh, and functional dildos for guys. Oniki had it in Sims 3.
  7. I would like to have a switch/settings that designate specific sims as top or bottom / active or passive - so I don<t have to constantly pause the game and force a change of position. When my male adult sims f*ck teenage boys - the boys should be submissive by default, unless otherwise specified.
  8. Is there a way to create playlists of animations? Such as "romantic evenin" or "kinky night" or "raunchy romp" - where you list the animations you want to play and in what order?
  9. Always helpful Rufus - thank you. And yes I've gone through all the usual steps to stabilize the game. If I limit myself to small worlds - mostly those of My Sim Reeality or RFlong then I can play without too much issues. Still the folks at NRaas won't provide any help since they consider KW problematic. Hence why I turn here for answers. Thanks again.
  10. What age are the teen sims at the beginning of the count exactly? Considering the relative height of a teen sim when compared a young adult/adult - they look like they're 14 or 15. In any case, my sim did ask the boy to move in and then they became lovers - until the god awful game froze and jammed on me. I swear, unless you use a tiny world with no more than 10 sims and with no mods - the engine seizes up, stutters or crashes all the time
  11. I'm wondering abut something. Even with teenage action activated both with NRaas & KW, shouldn't it be slightly difficult to seduce a teenager when you're an adult? I have this 35 yo single male sim living in a large Victorian mansion, next to a family of 4 who has two twin brothers. One is more artistic than the other and is gay. My sim befriended him and invited him over one evening. At the end of it the friendship meter was above 75 and the option to ask the boy to move in became available. I find it curious a teen can decide by himself to move out of his parents is even a possibility.
  12. So I opened a brothel, designated a second house I own as the establishment. I have yet to hire any whores but I checked the scheduling options and there doesn't seem to be a way to select multiple 2 hours segments. And we can hardly see anything in that window. I've followed this guide too http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com/wiki/Brothel_Management_step_by_step
  13. I've downloaded Kuree 1.1 (I'm told 2.1 doesn't jive well with S3 1.69) and my save, which was originally 40 MB at the onset of this PT - and ballooned to 130MB only 5 in game weeks in, was brought down to 61 MB. Quite impressive. I'm not familiar with the other thing you mentioned though. Anyway thanks for the advice. Now let's go see if the clean save loads properly.
  14. My Sim doesn't live in Meadow Glen, he lives in frakking Bunny Town. It seems that the only thing everyone is doing in that town is fuck. This particular plaza is the theater of a lot of action. I've seen grannies on their knees, in the snow, gobbling up two young thugs. Married women masturbating with teenage boys and I constantly receive notifications that so and so finds his/her partner is neglecting him/her - only to promptly start pleasuring themselves, wherever they are. There doesn't seem to be any more stigma to doing it in public. I'm not shocked btw, it's actually hilarious. But it is also very process intensive. So my question is: is there a way to limit all this down to my active Sim and his boyfriend (and whoever they invite in - see below)? [/spoiler]
  15. @DickTracy So far, resetting the sims with MC is what I've done, but it's annoying to do so every time. As far as toilet placement, I've experienced this in different houses where the john wasn't always positioned the same way. Still, I never thought of selling the object until now so I'll try that if it happens again. I started a new game where I disabled 'get nude in front of toilet if aroused' - we'll see what happens.
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