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  1. Strip Poker Project: Huan's Game1 Adult Version

    Stripping Poker Project: Huan's Game1 Adult Version!
    See the demo video in the download section first.
    So, it's a multiplayer online poker game. I just made the adult version of it.
    The game is designed to let yourself customize and play the game. Create your own fun game with yuor own ideas!
    We can customize the text, the image, and the sound freely, just edit the custom.json file inside game1_customization folder.
    Because of the free customization, it doesn't have to be an adult game. But since we are at Loverslab, we are only going to be lewd here.
    Everytime you lose a blood, you will say some lewd words, and strip a cloth. If you died, you get fucked or handjobed.
    You can strip, dodge and heal. Logic is farly simple right now. But I can implement some new rules.
    How to play
    Since it's a multiplayer game, you will need an opponent.
    I have a server for the game.
    Double click game1_win10.exe to start the game. After loaded the game, click "Generate Random UID", then Click the big "Connect" button.
    So if you just play it by yourself you will see the log "connected, waiting for another client". And you'll be waiting until another player also connect the server.
    Once you get your opponent, the game will start.
    I know that many people want to play locally, but I haven't written any AI yet. I can do it later.
    When you play the game for the first time, you will notice that there's no image at all. You need
    to click the top left Icon and Click "Skin". Then, to see what you saw in the screenshot or demo video, click "Load Default Setting".
    Of course if you want to load your customized skin file, click "Load File".
    The customization is made in custom.json, check game1_customization/custom.json to learn how to write custom skin.
    You can even use web image by filling in URLs.
    Sound file Credit: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/18853-personal-raw-dialogues-for-sexlab-or-whatever-your-imagination-wants/
    (The sound file page is removed for reasons that I don't know, I just get the file from a friend who downloaded it eariler.)
    Image file Credit:
    1. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuni/
    2. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hatarla/
    3. https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/



  2. Being A Doggy (A Petgirl mod)

    Description: This mod gives you immersion when you turn an NPC or yourself into a doggy ( or other things you want through MuST )
    Once upon a time, canines ruled the world when they spread their footprint to the end of the earth.
    So did they to their virus of their Purification method ( regarded by humanbeing as disease ).
    Someone worships the God of Canines, and then the power of the doggy curse was granted. That changes the whole world.
    Support huan to get Early Access and make the mod even better for you! 
     My patreon page
    Early Access Version: 0.91+, See https://renfenghuan.github.io/BaD/ , will be released in August 1st.
    The mod can also make you look like something else by using MuST. A little modder hardwork might be needed to use MuST.
    To customize your doggy's looking, download MuST and edit Data/MuST/json/doggyAutoFuck_huan.json (for BaD versions lower than 0.6.3)  or Data/MuST/json/BeingADoggy_huan.json ( for BaD versions higher than 0.6.3. If you have no this json file, just create one)
    MxR reviewed my Mod!
    Mod use demo videos
    Go to Huan's Channel to get all the demo videos.
    Quick use (version >=0.7.0): Download the mod, use nmm or other mod manager to install it, run FNIS. If you have 0.6.0 installed, please click "clean" button in MCM->Debug, and uninstall it. And after installed 0.7.0, you need to click "clean" button  again.   In 0.7.0 you'll not get the relevent things automatically, you need to click "get stuff" button in MCM->Debug.   Also a notice that after 0.6.6 you won’t need to download “Nymra’s voice files” in the loverslab anymore, because I included them in the main mod.  
    Details: (I'm still arranging the details, because there are too many changes  between 0.7 and 0.8, see What's New in Version 0.8.0 at the top to get the accurate information. Also check the Changelog. )
    This mod ( version = 0.7.0 )
    Curse related:
    Adds a illusion spell called "Doggy Curse Spell".The spell can force an npc ( any actor except you ) to go into sneak state, be stripped , stay there and go into npc fuck scene. Adds a enchantment called "Common Doggy Curse" that can take effects on pc or npc. You can learn the enchantment from item that has this and enchant anything else as long as the "light armor" enchantment can be enchant on that thing. When the enchantment is on you , the effect is very like the "Doggy Curse Spell" which can only be casted on an npc. When the enchantment is on an npc, the effect is the same as "Doggy Curse Spell" Adds a "Doggy Curse Necklace" which has the "Common Doggy Curse" enchantment. Adds a "Hostile Doggy Curse Spell" which will be used by NPCs in Skyrim. The spell looks like firebolt but will curse anything into a doggy. Adds a "DoggyKing's Anger" ritual spell which is an AOE spell. It will not trigger the seekhelp scene. a Cure self spell and a Cure others spell ( add through MCM debug section ). Adds a disease which will make an actor "Doggy  Cursed" Adds a virus which can let an actor contract the disease from wolves and NPCs. Adds a Trap which can let an actor contract the disease  ( add through MCM debug section ). The mod replace all the bear traps into doggy cursed one after Dangerous Activate feature. When you try to touch a door,a corpse or a dogmeat, you might contract the doggy virus. Add a “Doggy Contagious” Feature. A doggy can convert others into doggies by having sex with them. ( Like the HIV virus... )
    Add the “Go to Pharmacist” feature. When an NPC tries to release you, the local pharmacist might be pointed out
    Add a feature “Sex Curse” which can be enabled in MCM. Whenever you had doggy position sex, you will become a doggy.  Note the difference between "Sex Curse" and "Doggy Contagious".
    Doggy Role Play related:
    Abandon Doggy function. You can abandon your pet through dialogue. A feature called "Nemesis". After being abandoned, the doggy might be resentful instantly ( toggle in MCM ) and attack you. If you win, it will run away. If it wins, it will rape you and walk away, with leveling up. Level1: resentful doggy, level2: avenger level3 : Nemesis.  A feature to adopt the doggy and being adopted. You can interact with your pet with many options, currently including: releasing, sex , abandon . An NPC-Do-Deed feature. After the adoption, the master will think of a way to try to cure the doggy ( including you ). Gift Function. You can give your doggy to others through dialogue. Up to 23 NPC-Master-Pet-Pair is allowed. You'll fail to give out the doggy when the number of pairs is beyond the limit. Many "Doggy Options" when you are being a pet of your master. Try to jump to trigger the Messagebox when you are a doggy. You can free walk,leave master, bark , teleport to master and go to master's home. get a Doggy Power when you are being a doggy. Seek Help Function,  when you are a doggy, you can go to anybody for help. Cloak Mode. You can use cloak mode to slience the doggy so that it will seek help secretly. Ask your master to Go to warmer place when you are a pet. A side quest "Ask Court Wizard about the Curse". You can get the necklace when the quest is completed. An menu to change your or other doggy's combat style. "fist" and "scratch" available. Doggy Spare feature. When you get caught, you can tell the guard  you are a doggy, then he will spare you.  
    Integration related:
    MuST integration. with MuST installed, you can be whatever you want! (Note: MuST need modders provide add-ons to work, or you can edit the json files by yourself. ) Pose Sex mod integeration. Trigger the doggy event through Pose Sex  
    Minor Feature:
    Player's Voice. When you talk to the doggy, you player character will actually say the word. ( Not fully implemented yet, will be added during further modding. Thanks Nymra for his voice files. Currently need to be a male character to hear the voice ) Infinite Doggies. You can have infinite doggies, infinite resentul doggies, infinite avengers and infinite Nemesis.  Doggy Style Sex. Whenever characters in the mod try to have sex, they will only try these 3 kinds of position: DoggyStyle, Kneeling Blowjob, Spanking. NPC Dog wine and bark. Adds an NPC who has the curse spell ( add through MCM debug section ). Petting.
    After being a doggy, peoples around you will be shocked by your appearance, calming for a while. Watch the demo video before you play the mod. You can cast the spell on your enemy when you are fighting! To cancel the enchantment effect on you, you can simply unequip the enchanted item. If no npc is nearby, it means that you are the only validated one who can interact with the doggy!  To make the enchantment works on the npc, make sure that he or she is wearing the enchanted stuff. RaceKey is plural of the name of a creature race , like Horses, Bears , Dogs . ( I found there is a Horseses key, idk why... And "Canines" won't work, must be a specific race) To have sex with creatures you need to install other mods that enable that. And maybe try to set the "Aggressor Gender" to "Any" In Non-cloak mode , The scene need 3-4 seconds before the doggy say something. ( During this time the doggy is too dizzy to figure out what happened) You can seek help to anything as long as you are a doggy. If something went wrong, you can click the "clean" option to let the game be normal again. The actor in a "scene" can not react to the doggy. A Scene doen't always need to be a conversation. For example, in "Companion Quests", Farkars( or wilkars, I forgot) will test you in the backyard, if you don't fight with him, he will just stand there. And if you become a doggy and calls for help, he will simply ignore the fact that you are a doggy. Many npcs stay a region just waiting the PC to come, If they ignore you that means they are in a scene.  If you have some trouble after installing the mod, use a clean save and try it again ( Or use a virtual machine to install the mod in a clean game like I did.). Or press "Clean" button in mcm.  
    I made this mod because I liked the mod "Crawl on four" ... . I will keep updating this for a while. Please give me your suggestions.
    At first the mod was called "Doggy Auto Fuck" because that's the only feature at that time. Now I think "Being a Doggy" might be more suitable for this mod. I think that to refer to this mod with a more obscure name is a better idea.
    Mods that you should already have
    Skyrim Dawnguard  skse skyui FNIS sexlab  
    Unique Requirements for BaD:
    Sexlab Aroused (Redux ) ,  required. Fuz Ro Doh, every mod needs it MuST ( if you want the transformation ) UIExtension (If you want to use MuST preset or Doggy Power in 0.7.0 or newer versions) Huan's Animation Pack ( IF you want the extra animations, ilke "Cat wash face". )  
       Install it. then run FNIS.
       If you want the "Player Voice" feature to work in 0.6.0, download the Voice file and instal it. Then make sure you have a male character. ( after 0.7.0 you won't need this step because you already have the voice files in the mod file)
    Somebody asks that why the animations are not working, please check your Skyrim version.  SE version has been made.
    Current Version Bugs/issues:
    Tell me if you get one. Attach your mod version
    If you toggle the "Is Find Closest NPC", be careful, this make the mod only checks the closest NPC, if the closest NPC doesn't meet the condition , the mod won't choose the second closest NPC. It is an issue rather than a bug ( because I permit it ). It might be enhanced in the future. ( If the doggy is you, you can simply crawl near to a different npc ) When you try to go to your master's home, you might be locked outside the house, I might have done something to avoid this but it is not fully tested. Report if you encounter this issue. And to make others don't enter the alert state (trespass), I add every faction the master's home is in to the doggy. So it might mess up the factions. I've definitely not tested it. I have no idea what could it cause. Due to the flaw of the game, sometimes when you travel from one cell to another, the doggy will not crawl but sneak normally. There is a fix for this, just come closer to the doggy and it will crawl again. I've not got any trouble using this fix but it seems that some friends can not get it work.  In some friends' mod list you might not be able to see the "Doggy Spare" line in the dialogue. But I tested and confirmed that it works in a clean game. Maybe you have some mod installed that changes the guards' dialogue. ( In fact I didn't get it working in my mod build. I just use a virtual machine to get a clean game and get it work in the virtual machine).  
    Let me list all the mods that mentioned here similar to this mod, so I can study them.
    Recommended mods
    HDT Tails Wearable
    A word about "Immersive Pet Girl":
    A word about me and my opinin about sex :
    The public version release date: 3 months after Early Access Version showed up in the mod description in Loverslab.
    Thank you for your support! ?
    Changelog: See https://renfenghuan.github.io/BaD/
     Discord Server
    skse team for skse
    exiledviper meh321 or whoever made PapyrusUtil ( I found two version , nexus and loverslab, made by different authors, as a novice I'm confused )for PapyrusUtil 
    SkyUI Team for SkyUI
    Fores for FNIS
    Ashal for Sexlab
     fishburger67 and redneck2x for sexlab arousal (redux)
    DarkAngel1265 for Crawl on fours animation (I found that many mods contains some sort of this animation, and I don't know if some of them are original or copied from this )
    shadeMe for Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice
    Nymra for his voice files.
    I used some animations of the mod "Crawl on fours". I suppose the modder's approval as I don't see any permission restrictions. 
    Thanks for my patrons support, I had learned how to make animations and did make many animations, replacing some crawl animations. So if there's a problem, I can easily replace all the used animations from Crawl on Fours.
    Thank Crawl on Fours and the patrons again!
    You are not allowed to upload or make changes to my mods without my permission.
    As I made some crawl animations by myself, it is okay other mods contain my animation files, but the modder need to contact me first. I don't like the use without notice.
    The voice files are from Nymra, ask him to get his permission of using the files.



  3. Public Plaything LE & SE

    Public Plaything LE & SE
    My new mod. It let NPCs harass you constantly, with
    talking, force talking, struggle bar, temporary escape, dialog JSON customization and more features.  
    Try it! There's MCM and also a lesser power menu. I made a manual for customization but it's dated. I'll make a new one when I'm healthy.  
    Different behaviors of the aggressor are called Actions. There are 5 actions for now but you can create your own actions.  
    Not all the actions have struggle bar. If you see a struggle bar, you need to reduce the struggle bar to zero to escape or proceed the action.  
    Different action has different escaping logic.  
    Sometimes the aggressor talks to you, sometimes you need to talk to the aggressor  
    The dialog progress is automatic. You don't need to activate the aggressor. (After all, he approaches to you, not the other way around)  
    There's also an Openly Flirt feature, although it's not completed yet.  
    Toggle Translation option tries to solve this problem: When the stalker reaches you from behind, he can either teleport to the center of you, or the mod can translate him slowly toward you. Both method are not perfect. You can toggle it on and off to see which way is better.   Openly Flirt and Stalk are two different assaulting method. Only Stalk method will use the json file for now.  
    SKSE, SexLab Framework, JContainer, UIExtension
    Currently Conflict with SLHH
    Install the file through a mod manager.
    Run FNIS.
    (For LE,) According to the comments, you'd better get JContainer 3.3 and put it at the bottom of your mod order.
    Update from 0.09 to 0.10 or newer version: Run FNIS again.
    It uses Babo's 4 animations. But all other much more animation files are all made by Huan. Tell me if you think I'm not allowed to include other people's files and I'll delete them. Don't worry, I can make animation too.
    I'm currently not completely healthy. I'll improve the description later.
    Check out my Patreon! I release debugging versions there. With patrons' help I can buy more medicines, pay back my debts, or improve my foods, and therefore, make more and better mods for you.
    You can use my animation files freely as long as you talked to me first.
    However, you can't modify the mod framework itself. But editing JSON file is fine and recommended.



  4. Huan's Adventures LE & SE (Quest mod) (WIP)

    Huan’s Adventures
    It’s a interesting adult quest mod I’m working on.
    You’ll get a sister in Drunken Huntsman from where your journey begins.
    Your first sister is poor right now. But I want her to have a wealthy background
    She must have sinned
    And it is your duty to save her
    It is your duty to bring glory back to your family
    Your real father should be a powerful man
    But you will suffer to find your true identity
    Interesting stories and sex scenes.
    Many mini games.
    Voice support.
    Custom animations and music handmade by Huan.
    You can make your sister looks exactly like you. (Through twin plugin in the download section)
    Standalone Body Model.
    Modding Situation
    ( The mod is unfinished, or just finished a start, it only has 1% content implemented in version 0.06.
    But you can play with the function panel to see what I'm going to do in the next story. Because I implement basic functions first, dialogues last.
    I will be working on this for a while. Because the base mod is slightly big, I won't upload the whole mod repeatly.
        Instead, when I'm modding, new versions will be released as patches, install all the patches in ordinal order to build up the newest version.
    Try not to save the game at the end of the last version. Try to save at the middle of the story. Because the mod won't handle the interuption at the end of each version.
    for SSE, Please support Huan to port mod to SE constantly.
    When following the mod, please pay close attention to the "What's new section", I mention new changes there.
    Thank MXR for reviewing my mod! But I suggest playing the mod by yourself, because the video only covered the beginning of the quest. The more interesting part is the following stories..
    Go to The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun to start the first quest and reunite with your sister. In the first mini game in Bannered Mare (And other places when you can't figure out how to continue), you need to jump. If you can't pass the game, use Skip button in function panel to bypass. You can sleep with your sister, and wake up in the next morning. Sometimes( not every time), when it seems so, you need to sleep to advance the story. A function panel from the lesser power “Huan’s Sister Mod Function Panel” , containing many interesting functions. You need to meet your sister first to get the panel. Many functions in the function panel are debugging functions, you should save the game before you try these functions. They are fun but dangerous. If you get some issues, try bring up the function panel and use "HotFix" to fix your issue. Check the changelog for details. twin plugin could cause some issues. See relevant post for details. In the second mini game Shepherd, you can hit the goat to see what happens. If it's too hard, you can also skip the game by using function panel. And you must wear the cowboy outfit to continue the quest to get the goat finally.
    Have fun At Bar
    Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock https://youtu.be/V8zhdD4I1nw

    Ride Anybody (Yes that’s possible )   (crawl animation requires Being a Doggy to be installed)
          (To ride an NPC, you need to find a Flat ground. if there's a slight slope the function might be broken somehow. You can not dash when you riding it)
          ( the riding function doesn't work for SE version right now)
    other minor games.
    Mods that you should already have:
    Fuz Ro D-oh 
    ZazAnimatinPack (Not mandatory for now, improve gameplay)
    old Version Unique Dependency( before 0.1350):
    New Version Unique Dependency: (After 0.1350)
    Camera Scripter ( Not mandatory, improve gameplay, recommended if you play RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock)  

    Old Loose File Installation Steps:
    New fomod Installer Installation:
    Use a mod manager to install it and follow the instructions.
    Voice file:
    The voices are machine generated. My intention was good. I thought having sound is better than nothing. Personally I think the voices sound fine. When I was playing the mod, I was so happy to hear any voices. Personally I think the voices are better than some valina voices which have some strong accent.
    The voices are provided seperately so you have the option.
    About voice actors, if no one volunteer to voice over, then perhaps I need to hire somebody.
    More on future versions and old versions: https://renfenghuan.github.io/HuansAdventures/
    Support: Patreon Page
    The mod is unfinished. Please consider some support to the modder so the mod could be continued. If you couldn't do it, would you mind click the Thumb button at the bottom right?
    As fewer people would like to support me at patreon for HA. (from 1 person to zero), I start to update new versions on Patreon for my patrons. In this way, I can have impetus to mod HA, and will mod faster.
    I spent a lot of time on the mod. No one else can edit, redistribute the mod.
    All the mods it depends on, and all the tools I used. Demoniac for the body texture. ApachiiSkyHair for the hair. Doppelganger for the copy looking methodology. @Highborn for his good suggestions and testing with detailed report.  



  5. Huan's Resources Pack LE & SE

    It's a pose animation pack, SLAL pack and armor pack.
    Support me to make more and better animations.
    1 Kneel and cry
    2 SlapMyFace
    3 Farewell
    4 FlyKiss
    5 Curtsy
    6 Curtsy2
    7 ChineseKungfuSalute1
    8 ChineseSalute
    9 MonkGreet1
    10 UltraManMove1
    11 Female Stand Orgasm1
    12 CrouchCryAndWipeTears
    13 Standup And Clean
    How to play the animations:
    "~"->console -> player.sae huan_anims1
    1 is the first animation.
    Well technically it has a sex animation too, but it is not so cool. So you'd better ignore it.
    I might improve this when I'm skillful
    If you want to use it in some other mods, I wish you can tell me about it, so I will be happy.



  6. MuST - Multi-Stage Transformation Framework

    MuST - Multi-Stage Transformation Framework
    With this mod you can be whatever creature you want to be ! Also with an SSE version.
    NetImmerse Override / Racemenu
    JContainer ( newest version )
    Notice: This mod nearly does nothing but an example. It needs modders or enthusiasts who want to make add-ons. The ability to edit JSON file is required.
    I maintain this mod in public. Support me in Patreon so you can get the best works of mine!  : https://www.patreon.com/modderHuan   Want to make your own preset but don't know how to do? Support me to get more support!
    It can cooperate with BaD "Being a Doggy" and other mods who want to do the transformation work.
    It works like Slavetats, using JSON. Mods who want to perform a transformation will provide add-on to this framework. The add-on mainly provide json files, textures, meshes and esp files only if nessasary.
    To change the contents, go to Data/MuST, check the readme file, then go to json folder, check the json files. To check your json format, use website like this one: https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/
    The readme file and example file are designed to help you understand the basic of the mod. Make sure you read them.
    To apply transformation on your character without any extra mods, go to MCM->MuST, click corresponding stage number.
    To begin with, I recommand you make a copy of the example file, rename it to something else, make some changes, check the json format using website mentioned before,  and try it in MCM menu.
    I made an Skyrim SE version.
    There’s also a ppt file to introduce you to the mod 
    Preset Demo:
    preset selection demo
    Mod Use Demo: 
        use armors to add ears, tails, etc.
    Textures,with alpha, color , glow, gloss, normalMap, sex
        use textures to add skin and tatoo.
    Weight, with storing and restoring the original weight
    Height, with storing and restoring the original height
    NodeScaleTransform , for example you can make your arms or legs thicker, longer or creepier.
    Headparts , make the character's face looks like exactly what you want.
    Copy HairColors, FaceTextureSet, Skin ( Copying head in the SE version will cause "Gray Face Bug" and I didn't find a solution. )
    Preset support. Different preset for different transformation mod  and different stages, helping you become a monster progressively.
    To call the transforming event, use code like this:
    ModName shoule be equal to your JSON file name, without any suffix like ".json" or ".esp". If you have a JSON file called file1.json, then the ModName parameter should be file1.
    1 is the stage index, staring from 0.
    Special Case:
     If you want to apply a texture to a male character, make sure you've added the sex entry to the texture entry. Read the readme file to see the example.



  7. EggFactory Huan's Addon (Have Sex->Lay Egg)

    EggFactory Huan's Addon (Have Sex->Lay Egg)
    Makes you pregnant and lay eggs after sex.
    There's also a function panel to let you quickly test the functions.
    Install EggFactory First. Then install this addon.
    The original mod EggFactory force you to drink some potions or you'll lay eggs forever. In this addon, you'll only lay eggs the number of times you want. Just set it in MCM. The default is 1.
    If you select "Impregnate by ALL", then if you had sex with any speices other than "Chaurus, Argonian, Dragon, Slaughter fish, Spider", you'll lay "bird egg" ( which is just a small egg ).
    Choose "Diversify Eggs by ALL" to lay random eggs with these other speices.
    Argonians will make you lay "Big Bird Egg".
    The mod also take effects on NPCs by default.
    Imo, EggFactory lacks certain features and convenience.
    To me, I think the biggest challenge is a remake for EggFactory
    The eggs are too many for each labor, and the labor takes too long
    And it's resource consuming
    If you are interested in enhancing EggFactory, welcome to share your opinion.
    My Patreon Page



  8. Huan's Voice File Powershell

    four powershell files currently, might be more 
    These commands are made for modders who want to import existing voice files to their own mod. 
    they are ps1 files, use Notepad or other text editor to open. But I suggest using Windows Powershell ISE
    Replace the parameters and directories in the file to fit your needs. It's mandatory.
    Need to have the xWMAEncode.exe and the fuz_extractor.exe ( I downloaded "LazyAudio" and have them in its folder ) 
    These commands are made for modders who want to edit voice files in their own mod. 
    So you need to want to add some dialogues and want to do some voice over. Then you may find out that the original valina game has exactly the words. That's where the powershells are going to be in use.
    Skyrim Add Voice Basics:
    Once you learned all the stuff in the basics, you can continue.
    So once we press save in the "Edit Response Window", the ck saves the temp.wav to all the voicetype folder for you. If your dialogue is only valid for one or two voiceType then that's not a big deal. You can assign your dialogue to one voicetype, save it and assign the dialogue to another, record and save again. 
    The problem happens when you are making voice for every possible voiceType and using valina audio resource.  You might feel tired to do the procedure again and again. (Expecially the copy, convert and delete procedure repeatly in each voicetype folder) 
    Then you may use the "copyVoices" powershell. It copies valina resources directly in your mod's sound folder.
    And if you've already have wav and lip files of many different voice types in your mod folder, then you can use “wavLip2Fuz” to convert them to fuz in a minute!
    The shell is useful because unlike "LazyAudio" or other tools, the shell convert the files exactly in their own place, so you don't need to copy them to the audio folder LazyAudio told you to, and you don't need to copy the converted files back as well
    If you don't want a voice of a line any more, you can use "removeXwm" or "deleteWavAndLip" to quickly delete them! Replace the dialogue name parameter in the file to delete your file. Change the extension in the powershell to "lip", "wav" or "fuz" to remove the type you want to remove. These are very useful because the creationkit itself won't delete any files for you!
    you might need to unlock the powershell file by right click -> property -> unlock.  See https://4sysops.com/archives/powershell-bypass-executionpolicy-to-run-downloaded-scripts/
    My files are completely ok because they are shell commands. You can examine them by yourself.



  9. SexLab Skill Loss (Huan's Edition of Defeat Skill Loss)

    SexLab Skill Loss (Huan's Edition of Defeat Skill Loss)
    Original mod:
    Add non-victim skill loss option. Now if the mod is enabled in MCM, you'll lose skills by default unless you checked the "Only Victim Loss" option.
    Call it SexLab Skill Loss. (Did not change the mod name in the MCM or the esp name, so you should uninstall the old edition)
    Remove the unmentioned ConsoleUtil Dependence. (The mod was supposed to print promt in console, if you didn't install ConsoleUtil then you won't see them. In this edition you can still see them no matter installed or not.
    Improve the code. Rearrange the MCM.
    Future Features:
    NPC support, gender options, and skill gain (The oppsite of skill loss). 
    Why did I think "NPC support" feature is not practical.
    GPL 3.0
    Financial support:



  10. Pose Sex

    This is a modder resource (very simple dependency ) I made.
    The video shows how the "Being A Doggy (Doggy Auto Fuck)" mod cooperate with this mod.
    There are supposed to be two group of modders: the ones who run the animations and the ones who want to trigger some sex scenes.
    If they are not the same person, this might help. It bridges them.
    Every time the player try to pose a certain ( masturbation in test animations ) animation, the mod will emit a ModEvent.
    When you try to jump ( space on keyboard or Y on gamepad ), the msg may show up ( if toggled on in mcm ) to tell you the animations event name which are registered for the actor under crosshair.
    After registering an animevent for the player, Try "player.sae animationEvent" to let the player pose the animation, and after a second , a notification in the topleft will shown indicates that the ModEvent is emitted.
    It is in "SexLab Framework" zone because the mod uses all the female solo animations (tag "F") in SexLab ( to add test animations, see mcm ) .
    It requires "SKSE - Register Custom Animation Events v02.7z"
    It is very simple, I just made this and thought that maybe useful to others. And if a mod register some animations, another mod may catch this and run a certain sex scene.
    Feel free to use the source code because it is very easy.
    I think this is useful to add some trigger to  many "none-SexLab" animations . Such as "Crawl animation" that I use in Being A Doggy (Doggy Auto Fuck)
    Such crawl "non-sexlab" animations like "DefeatAllFour" in SexLabDefeat can be registered by this mod ( I put it in the code ).
    And lots of Poser idle animations.
    Use registerActor(Actor a,string anim,string position) to register a new pose.
    Position is a SexLab tag indicates the about to happen sex prefers which position, like "Doggy", "Missionary".
    For example, "crawl animation" should trigger Doggy sex.
    Technically the Position can be anything you want , for example you can do this : registerActor(a,"myanimevent1", "aCustomString"). As long as you can recognize this string in your callback function.
    Anim is the animation event specified in the FNIS text file, like these shown in the screen shot.
    As the sex scene requires a second actor, the selection method is unknown to this mod, so this mod do not trigger sex itself but emit a sex event by these lines:

    So you just need these:
    RegisterForModEvent("huan_poseSex", "OnMyCustomEvent")
    Event OnMyCustomEvent(Form actorForm,string anim,string pos)
       ;trigger your sex according to the position, like "Doggy", "Missionary"
    Use the function registerActor(Actor a,string anim,string position) in huan_ps_q1 to register new animationEvent and the triggered sex position.
    use function unregister to unregister one
    use function clean to unregister all



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