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  1. How your characters dick fit into vagina perfect..I use hdt vagina set-up but it dosent even close to this..Is there something Im missing?
  2. Look how Hadvar excited.
  3. I would like to see new vampire bloodline 2 like skyrim.. I mean bloodline 1 was awesome and I hope(just hope) bloodline 2 will be support modders. Just think about that vampire concept with sex would be a perfect mix. Also my personal thoughts about sex concept..There must be another concept to make sex concept is succes. I mean sex shouldnt be only purpose in game.
  4. WOW its good news..I wish I have a talent and knowldge to help you. I would do that with plasure..But I really dont know how to create those things. There must be someone to help us for anus 😃 I really want so much that anus on my character as a normal looking anus(at least close to normal)...We need attention people..More people more progress. Right ?
  5. Its like sims 4.. For example today is my birthday and Im 17(Im not really) tmorrow I will be 18 years old and adult(it means I can do whatever I want!). Its like sims 4 teenage goes adult in 1 second or day whatever.
  6. I was thinking about GOT...I said to my self why evrything has to be suck actually.. But then I said ''no'' there are still good things and good movies/tv series.. But GOT totally dissapointed me as a book and lore follower..I know nothing can beat book but its compltly fuked up right now. They have opportunity to make a amazing final but they dont want to ..IDK why..Why would you do that I still cant understand you have opportunity to be a legend as a TV show.. I think I understand now..They dont care about real GOT fans they want to make happy casuals..(I mean dont get me wrong but if you only watch game of thrones and dont know anything about story behind tv show for me you are just viewer not follower of lore if you dont do any resarch and look for lore what happened before all things) LOL IMDB 8.6 For The Long Night episode..Hoow could you like that episode do you really know anyting about GOT?
  7. Wow thank you ..I would like to edit but I really dont know how I have body and outfit stuido for CBBE but I never used this it does work for male characters? Also how can I learn, from where I mean to edit those thing..But ofc if its hard to learn and do..Ill be so happy if you do that for me 😃
  8. I have apachi skyhair and I love long hairs for males but there is a problem about hair..Looks like hair is builded for big males but my body is SAM with 0 weight so I want to fix that hair look do you guys know how? Or any mod that contains long hair for males? Acually problem is there is empty spaces between hair and body(because my weight 0)
  9. I agree male characters deserve more mod..I want to use that mod as a vagina or anus dosent matter(actually anus better but np). If anyone can fix texture for sam light.. I mean no gap or missmatch..I would like to use it with pleasure.. I really love to see mods about male characters and thank you for that @Temporary500.. Also I dont understand why people complaning about realisim..It dosent matter if you enjoy and have fun its realistic or not but its actually so realistic. I have seen few male with vagina and they were looking same like that.. I can see now if I install this mod all male in skyrim going to have vagina ? Cause I dont use custom races thanks to requiem lol
  10. It would be awesome cause I dont know how to mod..Im just install and use type .. You can try if you want and have a time to do.We need hdt butthole lol. I would like to try ofc..
  11. Actually I was thinking like why no body posted or interested..I think no one understood my joke.. I have no problem with Arya but episode 3 dissapointed me..
  12. Can we use it as a butt hole ? With penis scholong ..Im using SAM light by the way.
  13. They are for unp and cbbe how can I use them mod owner says its not supported is that right ?
  14. Oh I think Im lost it looks so hard let me try I hope I can figure out..
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