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  1. frkncnky

    Only one stage?

    Im kind a new fallout player. I have four-play sex and looks like everything works good but when I speak with someone they are just doing one stage. I checked settings there are 4 stage but I dont know how can I fix it. I need help about that. I want all stages not just only one.
  2. frkncnky

    Netflix's 'The Witcher' Cast

    Im disappointed..There is my Yennefer and Geralt cast.. Yennefer (Eva Green) Geralt (Mads mikkelsen)
  3. Peopel who earn money from youtube doesnt need PC users..They are doing that money with in-video ads or phone! PC users are generally never close their add-blocks but mobile users not able to use add-block(you can but its not easy).. If you ask me you can earn amazing money with modding..But it must be something special..Just think about skyrim sexlab-framework mod is made by one person with every mod inculuded(even all animations).. I mean all mods like defeat ,necro or animations all of them in one mod..Call that ''Skyrim-Sex'' and do some videos or promotions about your work..Lets think its 10$ or even 20$ ..Could you buy? But dont forget there is no sexlab mods and something close to that. I would defintly buy it! (in my country 1$=5.69) But I dont think you can earn money with some skin, clothe, armor or animation mods. It must be something big like DLC you just install and play. Also dont forget all modders are part of big picture that we have. I mean everything not coming from just one person..I hope I did explained with my bad english..
  4. frkncnky

    Creating A sex game

    Idk do you know HDT vagina but if girls interest you its a good start. For male body I always used S.A.M , its best..
  5. frkncnky

    HDT Vagina is not working?

    Trust me ıts easy to set-up and play it has already installer just dont forget you have pick right options and check requirements..I dont have teamwiever but if you want and you cant fix problem I can dowload and try to help you.
  6. frkncnky

    post your sexy screens here!

    Wow I think its time to start..
  7. Wow..Thats look so hard.I dont know should I try or not ..I never used MO either way I cant play without Requiem ..Its like nightmare..Maybe I should wait for offical Requiem SE idk is it possible but I dont have choice..
  8. I wonder why do you need to use ''E'' ..If you push that button by mistake its okey..But do you need to use it for something?
  9. frkncnky

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Carefull you are khajit dont play with fire lol
  10. frkncnky

    HDT Vagina is not working?

    I think first of all you need to know mod is working for you or not..So I suggest you to install mod without bodyslide I mean use options ''Leyenada body'' not bodyslide studio..When you do that if mod works we can try to figure out what is real problem here..And we will be sure problem is about bodyslide studio..I hope it helps. Dont forget to overwrite evrything when nexus mod manager ask you..Say accept for all mod..
  11. I have another solution but it might be hard to do evrytime..When sex scene start you can go settings/display and lower hud display..After sex scene fnish you can up it again..I dont know there are other solutions but its better then nothing.
  12. frkncnky

    HDT Vagina is not working?

    Do you have bijins or serana? Because that happent to me . When I try to sex with bijin npc's ...I fix that with install menu. If your answer is yes..I would suggest you to choice leynada skin from options when installer ask for bijin skins and do not choice any face just let it default.
  13. Mmm Immersive hud? Maybe you can check.
  14. frkncnky

    SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

    Thats my big bad wolf..I created this after setup my SE(I mean just now) ...