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  1. Will the animations that are after teasin in the sequence work just fine without the props?
  2. Relationship settings -> Cheats -> Gender preference distribution. If you set likes neither (asexual), homo and bi to zero, it should lead to only-hetero population. Theoretically. However, it seems to only work for newly-generated sims, so you might need todo attractivenes settings, and for both males and females set gender preference to the opposite (separately by gender).
  3. Hi, is there a way to have some middle-ground setting when it comes to nudity in household with kids? On the default setting, they dress up pretty much the moment sex ends, and they also don't respect the full-on switch for nude yoga, massage, exercise, even if they're on another floor than the kids. The other setting I know would, if I understand it correctly, allow them to walk naked right in front of the kids, which is the opposite extreme. What I'd like is to allow nudity when they're some distance away from the kids, or on a different floor, but not right in front of them. Is that possibl
  4. Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to allow the bathtub animations to work with shower+bathtub combos?
  5. There was a patch related to skin tones. If you use any skintone mod, or custom body part mod with its own skintones, I'd check them for updates.
  6. Given the main point of the patch, expect CC skintones to break. Anything else can potentially break as well, of course, but skin tones are pretty much guaranteed to break.
  7. TS4 runs way smoother, loads way faster, and crashes way less than TS3, partially because of the closed world. And TS4 build mode is ages ahead of TS3 with drag-and-drop rooms and customizable stairs. I wouldn't be able to build in TS3 anymore considering how good tools TS4 has. TS3 used more RAM, CPU, and GPU than Crysis, of all things, back then. At least on the laptop I had.
  8. Hello, MCCC is giving me this: [Nov-16-2020 15:29:21]Error happened processing drama node: situationDramaNode_IslanderCulture_ExtraFood:16:03:45.800 day:5 week:10 [Nov-16-2020 15:29:21]Traceback (most recent call last): File "E:\Builds\MCCC_7_5_2\mc_cmd_center\mc_injections.py", line 844, in inject_block_phone_texts File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\drama_scheduler\drama_node.py", line 1278, in run File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\drama_scheduler\situation_drama_node.py", line 210, in _run File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\drama_scheduler\situation_drama_nod
  9. Go to sex settings, there should be a checkbox, something along the lines of 'age restriction switch'. It may be a few choices deep.
  10. I have only seen a part of this set (again forgot to turn off the default 3-minute limit) but even those are awesome.
  11. I am running quite okay with most of my mods updated or okay (apart from waiting for WW, MCCC was updated, Scarlet's and LittleMsSam's mod were eitehr updated too or are okay), no crashes yet. The only issue so far is that my mermaid sim in my side-save is swimming through the floor in his mermaid form when exiting the ocean instead of shifting back to human form.
  12. I don't see it in v161 update notes, so I guess it has been moved... again. Was supposed to be 159, but that was already moved one or two times.
  13. I have a bunch of old versions just in case the current version broke, and I was lazy to delete them for a while, so... here you go. WickedWhims v158a.zip
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