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  1. I never played the BOS part of this Mod, So soon I saw the toaster brand in pictures and confirming it was not optional I stayed away from BOS ever since. Only idea I can come up with to help you is to recommend a good read of the Mods description. I do know with the base mod it is possible to go back to prior gens lower then your level allowed Like if at level 30 you can go to gen2 and gen1 again, Just use a terminal that changed you to gen2 for instance. If that works similar for BOS route of Mod, sorry I have no idea how or where to point you. *Edit* The base mod at one point pr
  2. Changing into a ASIA Synth happens in Vault 111, any changes after that is changing gen models. * Or going the BOS route if you interacted with a hacked terminal. That's the only way to Not have BOS aggro automatically they see you. Remember the BOS attitude toward Synths, ..... Especially as a Gen1 or 2.... yeah they are going to put you down! I ignored then often until later in game as I on occasions had one or two of them go essential. That total A*&^%^e Knight Rhys it happened mostly. Taking away my wish to kill him up close and savor it lol Those places were places to g
  3. The Truck crashed into end wing of CIT, need to climb it. As you look at truck the Terminal is on end wall to your left above truck. The Polowski shelter near that Terminal only can be opened at level 20. 20 and above a new option in the terminal appears allowing you to open it. Like a lot in the mod many options and terminal entries are level based. Also - Near that Terminal is scaffolding, look under it against the building around corner of the truck and terminal for a steel trapdoor. In There you will find suspension chairs to change armor BUT Repeat BUT Save before you begin.
  4. It positively sounds like you have the ASIA mod and/or ASIA BOS Addon mod also installed. That mod has those sexbots you see at raider camps that might ask for an overclock drug they are addicted too. Example at BADTFL Regional Office near Bunker Hill. Same mod has some armored bots that walk about the Commonwealth searching for other ASIA units, including the player character. Thing is the Player is the only one who can kill them. They are tough but it can be done. I watched them sneaking after them and it was hilarious. They attacked the entrance of the Diamond city, killing guards
  5. I'll send a walkthrough I made ages ago before the BOS addon that will help you.
  6. Do not take my word for it but from what I learned of IKAROS from its description, it is very unlikely to play well with ASIA. I am fairly certain that A.S.I.A. and IKAROS Combined will conflict. If you do not change to an ASIA bot and use only IKAROS as the player race it should work. Rouge Sexbot will have at least some people see you as a sexbot, good for roleplay. The captive ASIA slaves will likely see you as one of them, I think. If you have other ideas how to play, expect conflicts if not potential CTD's Good luck Oh you can leave the HN66Fo4_EasyGir
  7. laughs, doing the same thing πŸ˜‡ Returns to silent checking..
  8. Not sure if it is the issue specifically but wonder if you Built the A.S.I.A. files in bodyslide before playing FO4? Of all the hours I played and new starts with this mod only problem I had was the brown face bug twice. Either locate the files in Body slide and build each one to your preset, or Batch build with your preset. Depending on other Mods tick the Morph box by the batch build button too.
  9. I haven't played the mod for sometime now but from memory I'm fairly sure the weapon is based on a vanilla Laser rifle with sniper barrel. Mod uses vanilla assess for it. Besides the A.S.I.A. files are in ba2 files. so there should be no problem with missing meshes I checked my folder dedicated to the ASIA Mod and there is no weapon assets needed.
  10. Something you could try is the Synth Workshop MOD by Kinggath. Scan a poor unsuspecting ASIA slave bot and reproduce again in that Workshop. Unsure if it will work but it's the only idea I can come up with to achieve what you want
  11. Then its happening to someone else too, I've got same problem. Like having only Institute Collar allowed in Roggvir's DD Items Manager (MCM) but a red leather one is attached instead?
  12. Look back on the previous page at post #420. I explained there the reason why there are doors not going any place. The Hotel and the Dollhouse.
  13. Once transitioning through the 4 A.S.I.A. Generations, that is it mostly. Behalve having the benefits of being an A.S.I.A. Synthetic of which being in a post apocalyptic wasteland is a big advantage. Hells bells people, to be able to walk in a bikini around the glowing sea and be a combat goddess as well, Come on! 😎 I once had a Mod "Synthetic Peeps" (.esp was the title - Mod?) Combined with ASIA, I had often Raiders, Gunners and Super mutants run away as I walked into a area they happened to appear. Few occasions, Feral Ghouls wouldn't so much run away, but were keen to avoid me😏. D
  14. If you go to Danse without using Console Before level 10 or there after [Consoles do not work after level 10 due to your firewall developing too far. *lore ] you are their enemy regardless. Sadly even as a Gen4 A.S.I.A. they magically know your true origin To go the BoS route you need to be "Hacked" by the BoS compromised consoles you find over the Commonwealth. Without being hacked you will be shot on sight by BoS. As for deceiving the BoS later, ie deciding to join the institute, getting rid of the BoS version chassis I do not think is an option. User Beware *Edit - Deceiving
  15. When the BoS addon happened, upgrading the Mod, Trykz removed the Hotel and the doll house due to them not going any further and forgot to also remove the entrances. I know this is awkward when having the CCS mod Penthouse Noir and A.S.I.A. too. What I do to solve it is with console, select the door and use disable to reveal the Penthouse door. BUT SAVE FIRST .....If you need to do that.
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