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  1. Intimacy Overhaul on Nexus has text boxes for all vanilla scenes and patches for a whole bunch of mods. Even gives you active Effects depending on the context of the scene. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66600
  2. Baldur's Gate 3 (the only game I've bought Early Access, and it has the potential to be one of my favorite RPGs of all time. But who really knows?) That's the only one I can think of that I'm actively looking forward to. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Starfield, but it won't be a day-one buy for me. And if CDPR does another Witcher-based game, same thing. Oh, and Dragon Age 4. I'm not into a wide variety of games....
  3. Wow, Faendal gave up so easily. Did you intentionally make him such a jerk, or did you just not want to be repetitive and have him offer several times? I hope something goes right for Sirrae 😢 (Also the quote function in comments looks like two eyes, hehe)
  4. It adds a bunch of new quests to the Powder Ganger's factions. Also they enslave you. So that's a thing. I actually found a few versions here. Without SexOut: With SexOut (found two versions, haven't tried either)
  5. Does anyone know what it would take to remove the SexOut portions of SO quest mods? I like the stuff it allows me to do, but I don't want the animations or framework. I'd prefer a fade-to-black, maybe a text box like Intimacy Overhaul. I don't expect anyone to do this for me; I'll do it myself, or try. I'd just like somebody with more experience with the Creation Kit to give advice on how to accomplish this, maybe an example at most.
  6. I don't suppose anyone has a non Sexout version of the mod?
  7. Adventure!


    Cema's back! Yay!
  8. Thanks! That's exactly what I did, and it took forever (seeing each anim one at a time... oof), but it's great now. Wish there were an easier way to view each animation, but NifScope can't read the files, and none of the converters worked for me. But at least doing it this was is just time consuming, not hard.
  9. How could I go about removing some of the animations? I love the idea and many of the idles, but there are a few I'd rather go without.
  10. May I know what mod adds that palace/shiro? (And correct me if that's not a Japanese shiro like I think; Chinese palaces have similarities, and I might be confused)
  11. Just in case someone else has the same question and runs across this, I guess I'll just answer. From what I've tried, yes you can. Just make sure you're doing everything right!
  12. Have either or you, or anyone else, tried it yet? If not, I'm thinking of backing up my game and testing it a bit, but I'd like to know if it's been attempted first. That said FOMM is easy to use, so it wouldn't be that problematic for most people (I used to use SO mods with FOMM, just not in my latest playthough).
  13. Are there any Lovers mods that are designed to be integrated into gameplay? Ones with buffs, debuffs, stats and such? Something along the lines of M.C.Gs Lust and Wear in Fallout 4. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread, and I'm really sorry if what I'm looking for is right in front of me and I didn't see it.
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