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  1. Is this mod working properly on SE? I just read comments and i don't know what should i do.
  2. Actually it shows "No Image" texts on the body. Not only for mods, every model looks like this. I'm using NMM. EDIT: I fixed "no image" problem. I'm gonna try again. EDIT2: Ohh thank you so much. It fixed, presets changed. Thanks to you, i realized my fault.
  3. I checked but they're compatible with only CBBE.
  4. I downloaded a lot clothing mods and i tried to batch and build. In my game, that clothes not same as my character's body parts size. When i wear them, my character's body being smaller. Some of clothes stays under the character's inside, not on my character. I watched a dozen of bodyslide videos and i did what they do, still same. Mods compatible with my body mod(CBBE) but i'm using preset. I uploaded a screenshot about what/how i did and my problem. Need help. How can i solve this?
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