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  1. I wanted to upload a sort of cheatsheet for all the locations that I added the magazines to. I may still add perks to magazines or even create new ones. No Promises though! MOFMasterSheet.xlsx
  2. In the fourplay build I believe the way the character is slotted causes them to be in the receiving position, just a "feature" , for better or worse, of the mod.
  3. I guess I'll have to take a look at your install video then. It's been a while since I did a clean install so it's a lot of things installed on top of one another. That's good to know though.
  4. SEU just passes all the sex scene info to AAF. If you're using the AAF version, you'll need this mod I believe: Since VonHelton recently redid his installation, he could probably help more if you still have issues.
  5. The issue will most likely be with how you installed Halstrom's tags. I believe currently that the only masturbation tagged animation is Crazy's. Check your data folder and make sure that the tag files from Halstrom are in the AAF folder. I would also go ahead and make a clean save without any of the SEU files. Then only install my newest update, since it is all self contained. That may solve the issues with the following package. The have sex right here could be due to the two version of SEU or it could be due to AAF. It sometimes takes a while to start animations.
  6. Yeah, I can put in the functionality for a gangbang, it will just take some time due to how the code is currently configured. I am also uploading a new version with just the notification and an increased activation radius. You still have to be closest to the person you want to have sex with. AAFSEU091718.7z
  7. Depends on what you mean by spam bug. It shows the errors currently in the log, not on screen. I can easily cook up notifications on screen to let the player know. Farther down the road I would kie to try to fix the breakage of the hotkey. Currently though, you can also use the hotkey to masturbate and it will fix it for npc targeting Make sure that you have either the 4play mod or the compatibility patch for AAF. I think most of the work is shifting to an AAF version only, but we can try to help out with 4play issues.
  8. Which version did you grab? The one on the main page or the one on the last few pages of these comments?
  9. Is there any functions or set of functions that can emulate GetCrosshairRef() that was used in NV? I want to receive the actor reference under the cross hair when a keystroke is registered within talking distance of an npc or creature. I know that Dagobaking was talking about finding a way for AAF but I'm not sure where an example of the way he did it is found.
  10. yeah, with an MCM toggle. Basic tags, only use masturbation for masturbation, and to generally use aggressive tagged only for assault and anything not tagged aggressive for flirt. The close distance for triggering the flirt dialogue could be due to selecting the npc you want vs. others in the vicinity. I will increase the distance to trigger the dialogue, and look into the spam function
  11. Well I figured out the issue which is totally my fault. I never actually included the main script for the entire mod, so it would not have worked for anybody at all. This new version is also renamed to AFFSEU, as it's about time to reflect the change over. You may want to do a clean save, I'm not sure how the baked scripts would handle a name change. AAFSEU 090918.7z
  12. I also forgot to mention that the updated file needs Halstrom's animation tagging file in order to work properly.
  13. The key mapping for SEU, is this for the active or passive hotkey? None of the changes should affect the key press itself. Try finding an npc to flirt with using the active key and see if that works. Also, I don't believe prostitution works right now since I think it also checks fourplay for factions. I should be able to fix it by sometime tomorrow.
  14. I am uploading a version of the AAF SEU based on the work done by cuceta and integrating some tagging features. This file adds tagging to masturbation so poses should no longer be selected. In addition, sexual assaults and flirts now have mcm toggles for the use of aggressive animations. These toggles are found under the misc page, and default to only use aggressive animations for assaults and rapes during surrenders. This also means that surrenders are fixed (sort of). You may get stuck in a loop if you surrender to an npc you have no animations for. Test it out and see what bugs there are. AAF 4PlaySEU.7z
  15. Just wanted to let you know that currently the sliderset file is empty and so it's not showing up in bodyslide.
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