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  1. Heh, thanks. Actually, mod already released and avaible on Nexus for already pretty long time. It hard to be called "sibling" for ares, it's more likely next generation (scripts and stuff made using new JIP capabilities, so optimisation, stability and armor switch framework cannot be compared to obsolete ares scripts).
  2. Something about deep WIP state, though fit current topic - my main project, APOLLO Androids race update will contain full BodySlide support, with 154 sliders done manually in Blender from scratch specifically for this body shape. So, if you like shiny metal asses and like to mess with sliders - it may be fun for you when V4 will be finally released. Working with sliders in proper way is fun so I even had thoughts to make some fast simple slider set for breeze low poly crapness, lol.
  3. Best way to keep it is make race (prefebably custom) scale to be desired value in GECK. Works perfect for me. x)
  4. Np, I am actually don't mind if someone will do armor refits for this race (basically, it's all it needs). Also Head06 port that I used for it is a mess (no ears, most of tri morphs is absent and neck seam is bizarre) but it's very easy just switch head to vanilla female one. For me it will make much more sense just make young-ish human male race on my own HD headmesh that APOLLO race already use.
  5. First version of it was released and avaible here on LL. I am not interested in this mod anymore and now work on huge update for my main FNV project, APOLLO Androids race.
  6. If your goal is to simply create custom race with different textures and/or eyecolours, hairs - it is very easy. Here's a guide. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62261? If you want to create race with custom head, with all morphs ans stuff, here's another guide. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62328? For this you need to know your way around basic modeling and stuff, of course.
  7. Some shots of my yet another WIP - fully 3d-ish mechanical eyes for APOLLO. I'm not sure about full feature release because there is some technical issues that make use of this eyes a bit odd for average player, though they look incomparably cooler than usual flat texture.
  8. Seems to be some bizarre spam. From 2017 year. Nice demostration of, hm, perfect moderators work. xD
  9. Yeah, animating creature/human is hell in both Oblivion and Vegas, definitely. I had a lot of hard time trying to find out why the heck those radscorpio pounds emptiness somewhere out of place instead of doing what it should as in Blender. SceneRoot bone and it's rotation/position is total mess in this engine. That's why there's so low amount of human/nonhuman anims for both games.
  10. So, race is finally updated to 2.0! Changelog (also avaible on file's page): -Mod is now packed as .OMOD, with many options to choose from during installation. -.esp name is now universal and don't use _public suffix. So you need to begin new game (updates will not require it anymore). -Body meshes are massively redone. Body now fully support BBB and Buttock BB. Improvements for nipple shape are also done. -Improved tail mesh. Now gold accessories are volumetric, not just painted on texture. -New character animations with full butt and chest bounce. -Many new hairstyles and 40 eye colours. -Vanilla armor refits, usable via MeshSwap mod (either raceMess or Unique Player Equipment). There are three vanilla refits avaible in V. 2.0, more to come in future updates. Mod already contains ready-to-use .ini for both UPE and RaceMess. -BreakArmor support for all refits. -LAPF Unique Lowerbody usable via MeshSwap mod, overhauled to have more realistic size of penis and with improved weights. -Seven skin colour options to choose from. -Six horn style options to choose from. Enjoy!
  11. So, I took my hand on lowering Lover's boner size and result is quite nice. I also redone weights because they was bad on original mesh. Also I weighted balls to PussyLips L and R bones. ATM this is just placeholder for possible "real" testicles bones. I was quite dissapointed that Oblivion skeleton doesn't have so obvious thing as Balls bones, so, if they will appear someday - mesh is ready to use them by simply renaming vertex groups. Sometimes there may occur very slight distortions - it's because Penis bones themselves are too big for normal human male dick size. Weights are certainly fine. Few GIF's that show how joystick works ingame. Aside releasing it as MeshSwap boner for Draenei race, If there is request, I can also release it as normal human Lovers boner replacement for those, who, like me, think that default lovers dick is too much (though personally I like when my char's stick significally smaller than top's one ^^' ).
  12. Few pics of WIP update for my draenei race, new avaible skin colours and MeshSwap-ready vanilla armor refits (few atm, hope to make more in future). Also all stuff will be OMOD-packed, with all fancy options and prewievs straight in Mod manager installation. All armors have full BreakArmor support.
  13. No. You need to weight mesh manually in any programm that capable to do it.
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