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  1. I have no plans on re-releasing it. It anyway had very low feedback and very low usage as it never supported females.
  2. So it happened - I "broke" own principles and decided to port female body to New Vegas. This one is Robert Female from Oblivion. Every single body replacer for NV I know is awful in every aspect (hopessly broken topology, barbie doll proportions, awful weights and overall broken models by that attempts to make thiner shoulders which cannot be made with model and has to be made on skeleton/animations level), so I wanted to kinda fix it. Weights are smooth enough to me (and I have hight standarts ) and look very good ingame with all vanilla animations (aiming, locomotion etc.) and most of poses (ones that attempt to masque all type-d bodies mess will have issues, of course). Nevermind no-name vanilla face for tests and textures tone mismatch, it's all unfinished. Hands wasn't ported yet so vanilla ones severely clip. Not sure if I'll do it or will be too lazy and return to my main interest - eye-candy men.
  3. So, I know that there's Sexout Spunk mod which has this feature. It's a very good mod, but for me it has a lot of external unnecessary script activity related to pregnancy and other things me (and I assume many others) not use and will never use. I know that there's "Sexout Lust" mod around, but... It need Spunk as requirement which makes no sense as new Spunk mods has it integrated. So, would be great if someone made "stripped" Lust feature as separate plugin for people who, actually, just want lust tracking with consequent effects.
  4. Nope, for now 2.49 is only way to ,ake proper animations as 2.82+, despite having .kf export, doesnt seem to properly do it. Though I cannot understand what purpose of stating it in this topic at all. And also 2.49 is not so bad if you have brains and patience to explore it's capabilities.
  5. Not only a dick, but obviously full male body proportions and anatomy. Lol.
  6. Yup, some new animations I make from time to time. Though LL release is unlikely as all anims are strictly M/M (Creature/M, M/M/M) which means noooone would need them here. P.S. Non-flood, just another threesome I made yesterday (simple pic but it's another Sexout animation).
  7. Lates Robert N release, aswell my other mods, can be found on my Discord server: https://discord.gg/3wdj8xVJe9
  8. You should have it out of the box as Sexout doesnt restrict 99% of poses for both sexes. Probably mod you try to use have issues in sex call syntax; also don't forget to set anal chance to higher value in Sexout MCM for male on male sex as by default it's only 10% so males have oral sex in most of cases.
  9. Actually, Sexout framework is very unrestricted in sense of sex animations. Waste majority of animastions are avaible for any sex combinations, except obviously lesbian and female or male masturbation ones (that will not work for opposite sex at all). All other anims will work for M/M freely, includinf all creature ones. If you have animations set in dialogue and they're swithced to random picker after sex starts, it just means that sex call in that dialogue either obsolete or calls non-existant animation number. it's not because character is male.
  10. I get different issue with timer stop - it just doesnt work at all. I get a message that timer stopped but soon after act ends normally like I didn't press anything. I assume this issue is related to new xNVSE releases.
  11. Yeah, after extencive testing it seems that my animations are really properly added to random picker. Though it seems that adding code that uses certain number will need that "plugin" addition. Well, anyway if someone want to use that certain animation it wouldnt matter if they need to add plugin name to a code or not. Now I need to test if proper gender restrictions for animations will work.
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