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  1. So, finally made fresh and decided to refresh my boys again Vanilla EA graphics at the moment
  2. Everything is OK for me, they are hosted on postimage which shouldnt block ll like imgur. But ok here's straight upload.
  3. I meant WW vanilla skin overrides that prevent black penis bug.
  4. No, only sims-related content need to be converted (skins, clothes. etc.).
  5. Well, in CAS difference is HUGE. Ingame it less noticable - I assume it possible to make very good results with properly lights settings - but still makes a difference: HQ automatic converter does it's job as intended, though results may look not very good, but it mainly question to cc creators why they didn't bother with HQ compatibility (which is not hard and doesnt force user to use HQ), but from my experience with cc searching all really quality content has HQ compatibility. Main problem atm that WW is not HQ compatible and it's not so easy to do patch manually (converter corrupts _tuning package because that package made not in normal way in s4s).
  6. So, I decided to switch to HQ mod as it makes essential difference to quality of sims and screenshots and faced problem that WW skin overrides (those that remove black penis issue and probably located in _tuning package) does not support HQ resilution despite they should be hq-compatible. Though hours of experimenting and fixing my mods folder and properly setting priority for resources I am sure that WW vanilla skins overrides loaded properly as first priority. They always turn black when I turn on HQ. Without HQ all works flawless so I am 99% sure that somehow they just either wasn't patched to hq or patched version where accidentally overriden by author during compiling one of newer versions of the mod. I tried to patch _tuning package with HQ patcher manually but it breaks package completely and game refuses to load ubtil I remove it and switch back to non-patched package. So, I would be glad to see WW hq-compatible again.
  7. Some home fun (these two idiots keep constantly quarrel but keep fuck like a rabbits at the time lmao).
  8. Okay I properlly rigged model and made it fully work with WW body selector.
  9. I made a mesh, but I don't know anything about extended bones for Sims 4. I assume s4s imported it without vertex groups because s4s uses vanilla skeleton.
  10. Yeah, base skins often have more eye-candy colouring, but compatible only to themselves without editing texture itself (though it's quite possible to do if needed). P.S. Back to topic, experimenting with some Reshade options. DoF seems to behave bad with hair that has alpha channel, eh.
  11. Yeah, that one is CC, from Pralinesims as I remember, but this is overlay, not full base skin replacement. I had issues with full replacements too, yes. So I switched to overlays that give sims that delicious face texture features, but make them have vanilla skin color tint, so things are compatible.
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