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  1. Thanks. Yeah apparently it was the flycams fault. So I disabled the cam and used a ghost actor as camera ref which kinda fixed the problem.
  2. Hi dagobaking, I am creating a scene where the player is in an AAF scene, and at the same time some npc are talking nearby. However, for some reason the subtitles are missing. If I disable the AAF animation, it works fine. I was wondering if you have any idea how to fix this. Some more details: The scene is progressing, the npc mouth is even moving, only the subtitles aren't displayed. Thanks!
  3. I was wondering if you have any plans to update your DLYH mod at some point, eg. adding new feature or even doing a LL version?
  4. Using the clothing/gun feature with Horizon will probably require a patch right? (Horizon is editing alot of clothing/armor keywords and properties) Anyway, Im always excited for new survival mods and yours looks really good so far! Thanks for your work
  5. For some reason I can't find RH items placed via CreationKit/Script. Eg CreateShockCollarWithModsEquipOnActor works fine, but CreateRemoteTriggerCloseTo doesnt. Does anyone know what might cause this?
  6. My load order : -Animations -The One Patch -The One Patch Temp Fix -your Mod (overwrites everything) I use Vortex yes, but without my posted file it wont work for me(AAF main wizard wont open, only admin mode works) (ANIMATION ERROR FM-CHAIR-01 MISSING and similar ones) I am not saying its your mod, maybe it has something to do with my setup or SavageCabbage's animation pack
  7. SavageCabbage_animationData is empty in 4.2 which caused issues for me, I used https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/512057722309705741/592448286812667930/SavageCabbage_animationData.xml then it worked I had the same problem as @pifesh
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