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  1. I just used this on LE, newest DD (5.1) and so on...worked marvellously well. This old gem deserves some more recognition!
  2. Hey, I'm having a bit of an issue with this with my bodyslide setup: it works only with certain ones of my CBBE presets, even though nothing seems to differentiate those it works with from those it doesn't...any ideas why that might be? I made 2 screenshots highlighting the issue, the other presets work just fine with everything else I use... as do the ones that this mod seems to have selected. That's the big library of random shit I tried... ...of those these few are all this mod seems to want to work with. I have no idea what differen
  3. Simple explanation I found, maybe helpful for others: Default key for EXP-explorer is F-10. Problem there is that there's a typo in the .ini-file: So you delete the 0X79 and replace with one of your choice. He says he used 0X79, but actually the .ini says 9X7A on that area, and that's [F11] - result is instant sexytime every time you open ESP-explorer.
  4. Thanks a lot! And sorry for the thread-necrophilia.
  5. Sorry for digging this up. but I'm experiencing the same thing. Was there a fix?
  6. Sorry for digging this up. but I'm experiencing the same thing. Was there a fix?
  7. Sorry for digging this up. but I'm experiencing the same thing. Was there a fix?
  8. Aalrighty! It works! I haven't the foggiest why, but it does. But: that neck seam, omfg. Say, how can I fix that, any hint? Do I need a 2k Skin ressource or something?
  9. How do I use that BA2 version? I'm kinda new to FO4-modding (departed TESV), which of the three files do I need here? I re-installed the mod, making damn sure top select the 2k-option. Totally uninstalled it, deployed, installed it and deployed again. See? HD-faces. WTF is wrong here?
  10. Hey, sorry for the nooby question, but the tattoos are invisible in game on the player; I can select them in the Looksmenu but they don't show up on the player. I got all the requirements, using CBBE and SSS-skin. Any idea whyt might have happened here? I followed the instructions: selected one, can't see anything on the player. I tried all combinations here, there must be somethign I am missing. Edit: I selected 2K version in the installer and run the Real HD Face Textures 2k What did I do wrong? If needed I'd change those face and body textures,
  11. Hi, I have a quick question regarding the custom items, specially the collar. It says there you need to replace 2 files: CustomCollar_go.nif and CustomCollar_1.nif. I found a nicenew texture and mesh I want to use, but they come in only one file... can I use that or manipulate it to work somehow?
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