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  1. Any idea when wardrobe 8 will be finished? Those previews look sweet.
  2. Nah... I got it going nice, fluid and stable now with a bunch of (partly rather ancient, partly new and shiny) other mods, looking decently enough. Fuck it, it's like skyrims 3bbb-bhunp idea in my opinion: amazing if you get it to work, limited to a few options that actually mesh with it, but if you just want to play the game it's not really worth it.
  3. I have everything set up looking nice and well with 1k CBBE (old rig, it's only a hobby after all, hehe). I'd love to have my char looking better though, so I thought: why not. bog standard CBBE setup, using nuclear nude. looks ok...ish. Could be better. LMCC and Real HD Face Textures 2k should do the trick methinks... so I need 2k assets for my face textures...fine, they're's plenty arround. I had a search and only installed stuff that went into 2k for an option. Installed the 2k-texes and LMCC 2k face textures, which require said real HD 2k face and its dependencies... nope-dee-doo, brown face no eyebrows bug, on a shiny brand new game start. Supposedly that happens when you have a is-match of textures...checked again: nope, disabled anything not 2k. No body tex installed, might that be it? I had a look at the mods depending on the Real HD Face Textures 2k, specifically char presets: if I install all and only all their dependencies things should theoretically work and make my char look decent, methinks... LSC face and body pack should do the trick. No seams, since matching textures, both 2k. No, there it is again... What the actual fuck, why won't this shite work?! What the devil am I supposed to do to get this to actually work for once in a life?! Valkyr does the same thing, so the error isn't related to the texture I applied. How the...what the... the textures of face and body are of the same source, the same modfile, so that's not it. No non-2k shite is installed at all, so that's not it either. What the fock causes this? I have no clue how to set up HD textures in this game it seems. My game works well, crash-free and the wy I want, but these 2k-faces and bodies elude me. Is there a guide anywhere? I'll revert to 1k and nuclear nude for the time being, this shit frustrates me too much, gonna go kill some mutants instead.
  4. Even though considering who he was, he had a point.
  5. So far I know of "Better Living through Chems" and "Chems and Alcohol - visual FX" - I want harder addictions and more immersion regarding drugs. Saw a little mod that renamed the chems to RL counterparts, Psycho to Heroin and so on, called Fallout 4 Drugs, but I am unsure whether those are all and if there aren't better ones abound that I can't find. I'm going for a bleak and harsh game here, deadly wasteland an ambience and so on... the Drugs need to fit. Got smokable cigarettes and booze mods already, as well as chem animations. Question is: how best to set up addictions and FX. Anyone got any ideas? Edit: Better Living Through Chems slows down your setup considerably, loading times increase and so on. Not recommended. Edit: feedback time. Visual FX has bugs, that can lead to crash by using mentats and fuck up your visuals at times without using chems, the other one that renames the chems to real world drugs works fine. I want "skooma whore" for FO4.
  6. Any idea where you can actually DL that FO4CK? Embarrassingly I can't seem to find a DL without that cancer-y bethesda launcher
  7. Huh. Hm, sure would be nice to take a mod with a few tattoo overlays, unpack, edit images any way I want, repack and *blam*, new tattoos installed. Used to do that in Skyrim with a slavetats-pack, here things are BA2-packed and while that saves a ton of memory it lead to my current question. CreationKit does a million things I don't need, something I never liked in my software. (why use Foobar2000 when VLC exists). Archive2 you say... guess I'll try that once I actually find out how to get it other than DLing the whole creationkit shebang. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/articles/2730/ has apparently a manual. Theoretically I should just be able to repack the same way it was packed before.
  8. Unpack, edit a few images, repack to same format and place ideally. B.A.E does only extract, not pack, or did I miss something?
  9. Anyone got a good tool to repack those pesky BA2 archives without creation-kit?
  10. So...can you have your player "fixed" in this mod? Woulkd be an amazting mechanic for Raiderpet for instance: "have her taken care off" - Piercings, fixed, collar.
  11. Please? It got selected as best tattoo mod on multiple sites, but Nexus is nexus...
  12. Hi there, I'm looking for any mod that adds more face tatoos via looksmenu. Got the slave-ones from loverslab and misfit ink from nexus... all else I can find are replacers.
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