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  1. RiMokir2

    Divinity : Original Sin 2?

    I saw one nude mod on nexus but is there any sexual mods or straight up NSFW mods? I am not very far into the game so I am unsure if there even is anything NSFW in it...
  2. RiMokir2

    Been CTD on loading and New Game...

    I fixed it, on the third or fourth reinstall of Devious Devices it decided to fix itself? Lol thanks for being patient with me everyone.
  3. RiMokir2

    Been CTD on loading and New Game...

    Around 11k, I know it is a lot but I am using the FNIS XL edition so maybe it isn't the animations? Maybe.
  4. Not sure what is going on but I have been crashing after I ran my FNIS patch, I have a lot of fix mods and such but none seems to work and I cannot make sense of the Papyrus log, first one I had looked at I was missing stuff. Here is the latest crash: https://pastebin.com/Ztn59XHs Edit: Tried another time and checked the logs and this one is even worse than before, coming from Devious Devices but am unsure what I did wrong. https://pastebin.com/Q8pcruMB
  5. First thread I am making so I am sorry if this is in the wrong place but, I wanted to know some good games with NSFW mods for them or are actually NSFW themselves! I know of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls mods, I know RimJobWorld and the Starbound sex mod, but is there really any others? I am just looking for some fun but hot stuff, Curiosity is getting the better of me really. Thanks in advance!
  6. @puddles Sorry for the ping (If it works that way) but what do you use for this? I am trying to get this as stable as I can, I crash in certain areas but am unsure if it is this mod or what, I just want to make the Monster Girl experience as nice as possible. Love that you are doing this btw, made me reinstall Oblivion and all!
  7. Hi, pretty new to modding Oblivion for NSFW content but what mods should be used with this or is recommended?? Also is there a discord or something for this? If not here should totally be one!