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  1. Episode 8 has been released. Known Issues When playing the game from the start there's one instance where you might encounter an error about man_portrait not being defined. If you disable the character portraits temporarily in the game's settings you should be able to continue. Changelog Add Episode 8 Update Russian translation (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy) Update Polish translation (thanks to Freeman) Update Italian translation (thanks to Frank Rosario) Update Ren'Py to Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Norse, SoloG1983, Holy
  2. Episode 7 is out now! The introduction post has been updated. There are two known issues with this build: Error about portrait images starting from Episode 2 The optional portrait images were introduced in v0.6 and I made some changes in v0.7. Of course this caused a regression and you’ll get some errors when starting a new game and the first generic portrait image is shown (just after landing on Vulpes Velox). The workaround here is to disable the portrait images temporarily in the preferences. The error will crop up occasionally until you reach Episode 7. Choices are invisible on
  3. Episode 6 has just been released publicly. I've updated the introduction post and here's the changelog: Changelog Add Episode 6 Change appearance of Jade and other Twi’ll Add support for dialogue portraits (side images), disabled by default (thanks to monksims) Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Doc Strail, MyPrettyWolfy, Fhilb) Fix lots of blinks and small images issues, because Hobo got himself a 4K monitor (thanks to HoboCop86) ep005: Add alternative to Lilly dialogue (thanks to overtaker40) ep005: Add extra Iana and Sill animation
  4. Episode 5 is out now. I've updated the main post with the new download links and here's the changelog: Changelog Add Episode 5 Add Russian translation up to Episode 4 (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy) Allow translation of codex entries (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy) Add Vess to relationship screen (thanks to Electric) Partial dialogue rewrites for Aven and Nadya (thanks to Cabin Fever) Better portrait of Jade in relationships screen Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to somebodynobody, Dreamweaver and marcurion) Fix replay gallery pagination
  5. Episode 4 has been available for a while now. I've updated the opening post with the links. Changelog Add Episode 4 Add relationships screen Add keyboard shortcuts for relationships and codex Update help screen Tweak relationships of censored version Add option to set say box transparency (thanks to fantasie) Add option to disable codex notifications Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to somebodynobody) Make location labels more legible (thanks to somebodynobody) Fix gallery scenes ending prematurely (thanks to K18) ep
  6. The third episode is now publicly available. Downloads can be found here. The game is now also available on GameJolt, including a web version. Changelog Add Episode 3 Color grading for all artwork Add wait tags where appropriate Cleanup package routine (thanks to Morbil) ep002: Fix missing variables in scene replay (thanks to K18) ep002: Use show instead of scene for animations ep002: Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Morbil) ep001: Fix sentence structures (thanks to Dreamweaver) ep001:
  7. The second episode of Tales From The Unending Void is now available for free, you can get it here. Changelog Add Episode 2 ep001: Fix various renders (thanks to HoboCop86) ep001: Spelling and grammar corrections (thanks to Pheline) ep001: Fix mention of incorrect rank (thanks to 0blivion)
  8. That's correct. The free version is still available though. You can find out more about the Steam release here.
  9. That's great! As soon as I have a build ready I'll send it to you. Still polishing things and making changes. As for Tales From The Unending Void, for the setting I subscribe more to the Star Wars side of things. So a jump to hyperspace is a push of a button, instead of a stream of techno-babble about how the warp drive works (more in the vein of Star Trek). As for gravity, I'm mostly going the generator-route, because the chances are bigger of that generator failing at some point... And that might in turn lead to some interesting gymnastics in zero g... Episode 2 is ri
  10. Thank you for the offer! The translation should be pretty complete, but I'd be happy to hear if it can be improved of course. The French translation will be included in v1.1 as well. Tales is a science-fiction story and I'm having a blast writing it so far. The broader range of possibilities (both technical and character-wise) sure is liberating.
  11. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Vladimir! Translating the game in other languages would be nice and a French fan translation will be included in the future. I'm also looking at including a Russian translation at some point. I'm aware of the missing image issue, that should be fixed in v1.1 which I'm still brewing here. Hope you enjoy my next project too!
  12. v1.0 of Sisterly Lust was released publicly this week. The game will still receive irregular patches, but the content is final. It's been quite a ride these past two years. I've already started my next project, Tales From The Unending Void, released publicly this week as well. You can find out more in its topic here. The changelog for v1.0: Add Megan scenes to Bella’s romance path (thanks to Merlin) Various fixes to renders (thanks to Josh Jackson) Fix several levitating testicles (thanks to Josh Jackson) Fix spelling and wording (thanks to MRMIdAS2k, Phelin
  13. I'm the developer of the choice-based visual novel Sisterly Lust, which just saw its public release this January. I'd like to showcase my next project here as well, an erotic science-fiction story called Tales From The Unending Void. Downloads Latest (uncensored) public build: v0.8, Click here for downloads and changelog or download on itch.io. Latest patron-only build: v0.8 bonus edition, Click here for downloads and changelog (censored), Click here for downloads and changelog (uncensored) The new build of Tales From The Unending Void becomes available to patrons o
  14. The past week, I've released several updates. The public and patron releases of Sisterly Lust were both updated, making the ending available to all players. I also released the first build of my new project Tales From The Unending Void for patrons. As soon as the public release of TFTUV drops I'll publish more details here as well. The changelog for Sisterly Lust v0.23: Implemented Day 145 and epilogues Check for existence of new Day 142 variables (thanks to Drunsul) Add pregnancy status to statistics screen Better checks for extra scenes (thanks to SerHawke
  15. Thanks! The final version is just around the corner and will be released in December. After that I'll be working on my next project called Tales From The Unending Void, a science fiction VN, You can read more about here. After two months of hard work, I've just released the final version (v0.23) to patrons and in October I released v0.22.1 to the public. The opening topic has been edited to add the new links. The changelog for v0.22.1 can be found below: Changelog v0.22.1 Add events for Alina, Ana and James on Day 142 (thanks to Shard73) Fix
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