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  1. Is it possible to change the feather color of this tail mod according to your character's hair color? If so, would anyone be willing to do it? The mod author wanted to but it seems like they couldn't figure anything out.
  2. Something that's been really bothering me is the fact that there seems to be a clear difference in tint between body paints and makeup. For instance, if I set the makeup color the same as my character's skin color, it will blend in completely (or almost completely) but if I do the same for the body paint then it's still very clearly visible. Having to try and adjust colors differently to have something that's supposed to be continuous (like freckles) actually look it is irritating. I thought maybe this was an issue with some other mod, but even if I run the game with minimal mods it still has this issue. Am I doing something wrong or are body paints just supposed to work this way?
  3. File is on the nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72586 I'm using the UNP Midgard version but if you want to be nice you could do the other versions too.
  4. Was wondering if someone could make a pube-less edit of this as it was last updated 2 years ago and it was on the creator's to-do list but it seems like he doesn't care enough to actually do it. Maybe this already exists? I couldn't find anything.
  5. Trying to run these through BodySlide won't work. It returns "Unable to load input nif" for every single one. They don't show up ingame either, but I assume that's related. Edit: Looking in the filetree, it seems to be missing .nif files altogether. That's probably not normal, right? Edit2: I re-downloaded it. It was borked, or something.
  6. Anyone know of any good skimpy armor replacers that are CBBE + BodySlide compatible? Preferrably replacing most/all of the Vanilla + DLC armors (robes would also be a plus!) This mod is great but it doesn't support the CBBE pregnancybelly slider and the author outright said he never plans to add it because he said it would take more work to change the models or whatever without it looking distorted... even though he could just leave it in and I would be fine with the distortion since it's better than nothing but whatever. Browsed the Nexus for a bit looking for something but came up empty-handed. A lot of them are for UNP. Side note - While on this topic, what are the actual advantages/disadvantages of using CBBE vs UNP? I'm just curious.
  7. So is there a way to stop defeat from entirely disabling stamina regen while being raped? I'm using SLSO and that makes it take fucking ages for scenes to end. Setting the "weakened" effect to 0 in the MCM doesn't affect this and just trying to outright remove the spell in TESVEdit didn't seem to do anything.
  8. Trying to put together some stuff using the dummy transform files. Where do I put the textures for tail, wings, and armor? There doesn't seem to be a folder for it.
  9. So what mod are you using for that cool red-skinned demon character?
  10. This mod seemed kind of cool so I gave it a try. I basically just started the quest and was already extremely bothered by the really poor dialogue. Most of it was just entirely lacking in punctuation. I've considered editing this mod to fix all of the grammatical errors and punctuation but I'm honestly not even sure if this mod is good enough to warrant that. Does anyone know if this problem existed in the original version, or is this something the person porting it screwed up?
  11. Are there any alternatives to Sexlab Romance for Special Edition? I liked being able to engage NPCs through dialogue through means other than prostitution.
  12. Update: I did a fresh install of Skyrim SE and it runs now. I guess something with my game that couldn't be fixed by verifying cache was preventing Aroused and only Aroused from working.
  13. I reinstalled SKSE just to be sure. FNIS and SkyUI are their latest versions. I redownloaded SL Aroused. I even tried verifying the integrity of the game cache to make sure nothing was wrong there. Still nothing. Even if there was some kind of problem with the masters for this mod you'd think that it would affect the 80 or so other mods I have installed, but it doesn't. The only thing that's preventing my game from running is SL Aroused, and I don't know why.
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