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  1. Is there anyway to control how many offspring is spawned at birth, I seem to be getting a minimum of 3 pawns even though the littersizecurve is set to only have 1 to 2 offspring, 3,4 and 5 is set to zero. I heard that fertility also plays a part on how many babies are spawned at birth so I don't know where to start.
  2. Is there a way for a whore to only serve colonist or the settings that set colonist only hooks up with other colonist sets that? And also it would be cool if there is an option for the pawn to be a whore for exclusive like only for colonists, visitors/traders and both (which is already the default I presume)
  3. Yeah, I looked like an idiot now, I just remembered it was a quirk 30 secs after I posted that but I just left it there and I deserve the criticism for not reading the description.
  4. You seem to be the only one having this problem, is there any other traits that adds other meditation types for your pawns, because mine don't meditate if they have hypersexual trait.
  5. I seem to get PartProps errors from Hediffs_PrivateParts xmls when using the RJW Race Support, loaded the mod after RJW of course... unless it should be loaded above RJW. What am I missing here? Also the Incestuous trait addon doesn't work and would not show up in the Character Editor mod.
  6. Hypersexuality traits sets sex as the only meditation type so it might be the sex is what is filling up the recreation bar and not the meditation on anima tree for example so meditating on those only fills up the Psyfocus bar.
  7. I seem to get 2 Fertility Percentage on the Health Tab. I have tested moving the Child, School and Learning mod before and after RJW and still get this double fertility percentage from both mods, I just want to get rid of the second one below from the Child, School and Learning mod and leave the RJW's fertility percentage.
  8. It disables all of them including my tamed animals I don't want that. I want an options to toggle on or off to only allow "colonist x colony animals & wild animals", "colonist x colony animals only", "colonist x wild animals only" or disable both wild and tamed animals which is already in the mod.
  9. Does this mod have a pregnancy countdown timer or at least determine the due date of birth like "due within 2 weeks" not exact but just an estimation. I hate to always wait for too long specially I don't know the gestation period of most of the race mods I have installed or I don't know which number is for which race mod gestation period.
  10. Is there an option to disable comfort rape done by wild animals? And also is there an option to disable bestiality for wild animals ( I don't want my colonists to have sex with some random wild animal and vice versa) ?
  11. Is this compatible with Children and Pregnancy mod? I kinda prefer babies start as a small pawn rather than and adult body labeled as a baby.
  12. Mine is 1.1.2618. I've been too focused on playing it that I forgot to look for the latest updates until me and my friend played a speed run on who will have the highest wealth in 30 minutes, he bought the game so when he noticed mine is outdated, I have to back out of the challenge.
  13. Might as well update some of my other mods to 1.2, makes the transition a bit easier if making mods work for an older version of the game is not worth the effort.
  14. Well it will be a problem to me but I think I will just reverse engineer some of the codes to fix some of the bugs since the code fixes are already laid out on the new version, I'll just copy it to the older one if I can, I do have some experience in coding xmls and other languages but I'm just doing it for myself to make it compatible with the previews version. I'm really against steeling someones work for profit so rest assured I won't redistribute it if it works ( most probably not ). I just want to ask for permission before I start, I don't want to step on anyone here so if the owner of th
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