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  1. Nevermind, I found what it needed by mousing over the OTY_nude bar in between loads. Handy that!
  2. My guess was right, an update fixed everything. Sorry for the false alarm.
  3. yes, but after thinking about things overnight. I think the problem is probably with me. What version of RJW is meant to work with? Also, I'm a version or two behind the latest Rimworld release.
  4. I found a bug with this mod. When vaginal or anal sex occurs, it does not count as far as Rimjob world is concerned. No sex or recreation fulfillment or even an increase in the number sex counts in the pawn's bio! Also, there is distinct lack of ejaculation for vaginal and anal sex acts when Dyspareunia .03 is installed. Oral, handjobs, breast jobs however are functioning as normal. I'm using RJW 4.1.5a
  5. I like it so far. I have two suggestions: 1. only critters with a canine penis should play the knot animation. 2. larger size creatures should be animated slower? While smaller ones faster. Can the size of the pawns be called during the animation process? Traits as well?
  6. Rather than see this wonderful suggestion disappear in the sea of posts, I was think of reposting this in the [mod] RJW -New Sounds thread. Would doing violate forum "norms"?
  7. "v1.1 version will switch genital system" Ed86 will continue.
  8. Is social fighting one of those things in Rimworld that are hardcoded (like compatibility) or can it be modded? It would be interesting to see clothing get torn off every once in a while. Can colony animals engage social fighting as well?
  9. Whoops, I guess I should not have posted while half asleep. All I was asking for was for a pawn to go out and drag back the animal. I know that this a purely cosmetic change that adds nothing. Perhaps, there's a some mechanic that could be added.
  10. Since you asked.... My only real complaint is about how bestiality is implemented in RJW. Maybe it's just me but I have always been a little irked how my colony's animals just know who to mount and breed with. Is it possible to have a pawn with the warden or handler job serve as "matchmaker"?
  11. I was playing around in dev and debug mode trying figure out the whorin' biz in RJW when I started noticing the same messages kept popping up. "Is whore appealing False" Nothing seems to change it. I've tried altering the breast sizes, pawn age, bedroom impressiveness, drug influences (tried beer, humpshrooms, ambrosia) of both my colony pawns and the visiting pawns. Any ideas? "fail - not allowed job" This comes up when a whore solicits a pawn that is currently participating in a joy activity (horseshoes, stargazing, etc). Since sex refills the recreation bar, shouldn't the solicitation attempt interrupt?
  12. Dead male pawns that have rotted to the skeletal stage have literal boners! Maybe it is the rigor mortis kicking in.
  13. This is why my brothel buys all the pemmican and medicine off of visitors. But, it can be tricky to "earn back" the money they spent in the short amount of time the visitors are around.
  14. I thought the breeder trait did that.
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