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  1. If you gotta go.....I can't think of many better ways than suffering an 'overdose' of this nature. Great Set!
  2. Ah, well, as most creators work in CBBE, you may have to learn the conversion process (or switch body to one with more 'love', LOL). You could contact 'cleareddirect', who seems to be the most recent active 'converter' of CBBE to Fusion Girl...and who I'd be 99% certain will convert vtaw's next pack that will include lingerie, anyway? As a 'Wonder Body' user, I understand the position you are in...and I pretty much had to follow my own advice and learn how to convert, as there's no telling if another user will ever want to convert the outfits you or I like. I've done conversion for Wonder Body and Jane Bod that are on Nexus, and I found Atomic Beauty easy to convert from CBBE. Never tried Fusion Girl, so i couldn't say if it's more complicated or not.
  3. Gotcha...I think I understand what you are looking for now...a modular set with all the pieces as their own files. You could try https://www.patreon.com/Snakel101/overview (but the full modular stuff would cost you a couple of dollars). The best thing would be to learn the Bodyslide procedure...it's a little daunting at first, but once you understand there are only a few steps involved (especially if you are using CBBE and aren't looking to convert to or from a different body)...it's super easy, and opens up a world of options. I followed these videos to get started (and if you want to PM me on LL or at Nexus, I'm happy to answer/help): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCW8BYqMR7Ei5smG2ij2GKmiVRu7JoUWk All the Best!
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25923 'Female Underwear' by lazman555 has a black bra, panties, garters & stockings set with options for flats or heels.
  5. For Nexus Mod Manager: Download outfit; should appear in you 'Downloads' folder; in NMM, use the add function....outfit mod should then appear in 'Unassigned' category; Activate; sort load order; Enjoy.
  6. The 12GB covers vtaw's 'own work'..the bespoke creations made from scratch (which is pretty incredible!). This thread is more like 'bonus content'.... conversions of outfits from other games/media (similar to what Bazoonga does on their Discord).
  7. Mistress jade...I don't think TheKite can help, as she isn't a modder, she was the creative partner , the techy stuff was done by Niero, and he has withdrawn support for anything NSFW a long time ago. All of the mods should work however, so you don't have a problem 'in the mod', it has to be something like a bad download file, the install, load order or conflict...and that will be something only you will probably be able to isolate and resolve. I've used the Charred suit recently, from the latest files on Nexus which I downloaded on 02/Dec/2019..and as you can see in attached image...'they just work'. If you want to share your load order, maybe we can help look for conflicts? Try a fresh, manual install of the mod to double check everything is where it should be, and then run FO4edit and see if anything is a conflict....other than that it may be something in the bodyslide process you are using. All the Best.
  8. Did you have any luck finding these? I'm also 'on the hunt'. All the Best!
  9. Thanks, I've started messing around with the area size of brushes, but I have never experimented with the Strength 👍
  10. Thank You for sharing these...Your conversions are what keeps me coming back the Wonder Body. I've managed a few conversions for myself, but they never turn out as 'polished' as yours....is there any tutorial or advice you can offer/suggest? I kind of feel guilty for not helping with these conversions to increase the amount of outfits available for WB.
  11. There isn't a mod that does it, but there are other workarounds for the 'no build area' problem you might find easier than CK world edits. I was using the 'Fallout 76 CAMP' mod for this....it lets you throw down a workbench anywhere, so in the same places you suggest...the Prydwen, Goodneighbour (I'd change the toilets and add a shower in the Hotel), Diamond City, Bunker Hill (toilet back of the market) and the Institute (I also used Vault 81 with Elianora's mod)...I would throw down a workbench and switch or build shower and toilet facilities. Institute is easiest as it has existing kit. Hope that helps.
  12. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/supporterimages/3955 Egypt outfit by snakel101 Atomic Beauty by themilkdrinker Face preset by keke-bu
  13. Thanks, I've downloaded that bodysuit mod...some fishnets that could work well with other armours and clothes, some that will make nice screenshots. I've got Pampas, more for the knee and elbow pads, I use the same modders Fortaleza a bit, for the wetsuits, but Absolutely Skimpy Attire is usually my 'go to' to start building outfits. I've linked in a previous post to image set using on of vtaw's mods, but without HHS..I've added a couple of others since then, feel free to check 'em out on the Nexus. All the Best McAztec. EDIT: You'll find that the full 18 bodysuits and 12 heels are included in the mod, you can get them all using Bodyslide and Outfit Studio. Snakel101 only supplies a basic ESP/ESL to non-patreon's...but the actual outfits are in fact complete. You could create your own ESP/ESL, or do what I do and just access them via Outfit Studio as and when I want them and add to game as replacer for a vanilla outfit.
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