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  1. nightwolf

    [WHAT IS] This armor

    Lol, no armor is worth that much. Try 9$ and I will think about it...but probably still not buy it.
  2. nightwolf

    [WHAT IS] This armor

    Where do you think I found the screenshots? Already PM'd him. But now we know what armor it is and that we should avoid it.
  3. Found it! And you were right. http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-719.html
  4. Where can I find this armor please?
  5. nightwolf

    How to change an already existing NPC

    To change the body, you need to locate the bodymesh in the mod and overwrite it with your own. If you learn the file structure of mods it's easy to do any such changes. Unpack the mod in a separate location to explore it and see if you can find the body. Or you can just type *.nif in your explorer, and it will show you all nif files. You also need a texture that is compatible with the face or you will have a neckseam. If you're new to modding, it's probably best to look up a tutorial on how to make your own NPC. Then you will understand better what you're doing. Or if you have found a modded NPC that you like, you can use its looks(face and body) for an NPC already in the game. Just use a mod called NPC Visual Transfer Tool. You can also replace the body of the modded NPC and get the body you want for your NPC, but you must do it before you use the tool.
  6. So you want to read my mind do you?

    1. winny257


      that can nobody, if that were the case then I would know what someone thinks and what happens in the next moment. :classic_laugh:

  7. nightwolf

    Radiant Prostitution 3.2.2 (29-Oct-2015)

    Sorry, wrong thread indeed, but I think you are right about the Helgen quest.
  8. nightwolf

    Radiant Prostitution 3.2.2 (29-Oct-2015)

    Not a big issue but still something that bothers me. I have Solutions loaded last and the guard by the gate outside Whiterun still isn't stopping me. The gate is also open, and I think that's why he won't stop me? I have Requiem and Live and another life, but since Solutions is loaded last it shouldn't matter. Any ideas?
  9. After downloading several CHSBCS versions of WotW that claimed to be CBBE bodyslide, I finally found this. Good work!
  10. nightwolf

    FunnyBizness' Animation Resources

    You can also use SexLab Defeat and get a rape orgy, but it's best if your char is female.
  11. Sounds easier and faster to do it in the CK. Personally I don't want to play The Sims in Skyrim, but each to his own.
  12. The thought of using it as a player home actually crossed me while I explored it. The back area is cozy enough to live there without many changes. But I would clean up the place in the CK first, and maybe add some things. I'm a bit skeptic to "build your home" mods though. How's the performance impact of the mods you mentioned? I have a very heavily modded game with a lot of scripts in it and I don't want to add more cpu load. Also, how can you "transport" furniture into a cell? Seems a bit unrealistic if you can carry tables and cupboards in your bags.
  13. Is it safe to disable LAL after you've started a game with it?
  14. Oh I see. Well, in that case there is too much stuff to loot in there. Orcish armor just being one of the freebies.