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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81515 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28740 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35677?tab=images Maybe not exactly what you're looking for but you might find something you like.
  2. A Bandit Boss from Requiem Minor Arcana spawns as lvl 50 but should be lvl 25 according to TES5Edit. The mod in question has no importance in this case though. I just want to know what can make an enemy spawn with 2x level.
  3. There is no earlier version to download. Is this mod still not recommended for a long playthrough? I'm only lvl 4 so I can still start over.
  4. It should be mentioned on the main page that cage scenes has been disabled in SD+ because they didn't work properly. That makes the main part of this mod redundant. Maybe you should start following the master of the mod you create.
  5. What do you mean by "hidden"? Posting logs in spoilers in absolutely necessary to avoid taking up two pages of the thread.
  6. What's the latest version where cage scenes work if any?
  7. I have SD cages, but the cage scene doesn't work for me. I just get the popup "It's a new day as a slave", and then my owner goes to bed and ignores me. I've made sure that cage scenes are enabled in MCM. Log (No idea why it's so damn long. I played for 2 minutes just to let it generate):
  8. Some good mmo games?

    Since you weren't specific about genre, I'll list some popular MMORPGS: World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic(best storywise and FP2), Black Desert Online(haven't tried it yet), Final Fantasy XIV(decent). Talisman, if you like board games.
  9. I always have automatic free camera enabled and it has been working great up until now. When a scene starts, I get the locked camera, and every time I push the hotkey for free camera, it just snaps back to the locked camera view.
  10. A suggestion for the submit/resist event. It's a bit lame that you get to decide the outcome every time, despite being in a helpless situation. If you submit you should get a consensual animation, and if you resist there is a chance that it fails and they rape you(around 50% to make it exciting). I know that your master will be displeased if you resist his attempt, but it doesn't seem to apply to other NPCs(correct me if I'm wrong), so there is no real penalty there.
  11. Can it happen with edited vanilla races, like those in Imperious Races? I don't have any custom races in my game.
  12. I was enslaved to an elf, but the enslavement was terminated because my master's race had been removed from "master races". What does this mean and where is this determined?
  13. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    That some people write blogs about their private life on gaming forums. In Skyrim, finding gold and jewelry on animals...
  14. My chances for stealing during sex is 22% less than if I just tried to pickpocket normally(from vanilla NPCs). I have a few mods that might conflict: Localized theives guild jobs and Theives guild requirements. Could any of those mods cause this issue? I also have Inconsequential NPCs, but I'm ruling that out in this case because of logic.
  15. I can't seem to find the option for finding devices in chests(not traps, just normal devices). Under what category is it?