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  1. Suggestions for names: Mikaela, Susia, Suri, Lily.
  2. MO mods folder - 88GB Vanilla Skyrim - 9GB
  3. I'm using Skyrim Enhanced camera to see my character's body in 1st person, and previously I had no problems with it. But suddenly out of nowhere I'm getting double characters in first person when drawing a weapon, including the arms and the weapon, all of it, but with slightly different alignments. (It looks fine when sheathed). So I installed this little mod that's supposed to fix the problem, and copied the files to my character's body(using isharas custom player body). It seemed to fix it for the moment but now the doubles are back again. I tried disabling my combat animation mods to see if that was the problem, but no, no difference there. Any idea what can cause this? Edit: The culprit was an amulet from a mod. For some reason it had a complete skeleton attached, and I think that's why it created an extra body. I have no other explanation.
  4. My advice is to form a concept in your mind of what YOU like her to be, instead of copying other people. Also get SG hair 350 and you will have more hairstyles to choose from. It has more hairstyles for anime-esque characters.
  5. nightwolf

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    You did not provide a first person body with this so I get double bodies in first person. It has to be a model with only the arms. I am using a fix for now but it's CBBE so there is a gap at the wrist.
  6. nightwolf

    Guess This Location.

    That's an inside joke that I don't understand. Feel free to explain.
  7. nightwolf

    Guess This Location.

    This is what it can look like with some graphics mods(ENB + CoT + Flora Overhaul)
  8. nightwolf

    Guess This Location.

    That's a tricky angle. 1. Bleakwind Bluff 2. Roriksteeeeeed(only joking). It's Rorikstead - facing NW
  9. nightwolf

    Do you believe in people changing?

    People can't change their personality but they can change their behaviour and attitude over time. It all depends on if you need to change or not, and how much motivation you have for it. The problem with bad people is that they rarely have the empathy to understand that they are hurting people, so they need to experience being subjected to their own evil to know how it feels. Some people also gain more insight with age, and then they get the chance to "redeem" themselves.
  10. nightwolf

    SexLab Defeat

    Is there a way to complete or remove the robbed quest with the console together with its cooldown? I tried using the completeallobjectives + completequest command and it was marked as completed, but the cooldown seemed to be there still cuz I had to wait it out before they could steal my stuff. That quest was attached to an npc that despawned later so it can't be completed anyway(Had very little stuff on me so I don't care about it).
  11. nightwolf

    Guess This Location.

    Now I see you quoted me, lol. It seems you guys can't see images posted on imgur for some reason(seems like a crappy site actually, so I'll stop putting up my pics there). Anyway, here is the pic again:
  12. nightwolf

    Guess This Location.

    So this thread is going to be a tribute to EinarrTheRed(whom I've never heard of before) or are we going to move on from the Whiterun barracks pic? I first noted that location when soliciting a client behind the Bannered Mare. We all had different ways of discovering this fascinating location. It seems someone quoted me but then deleted his post. No one is going to guess the location of my previously posted pic? I can give you a hint. The Reach.
  13. nightwolf

    Guess This Location.

    You don't have to do any modding to recognize that. Whiterun is the only place with that kind of watchtower. Let's see if you can guess this one.
  14. I've made a patch for Imperious Races with Requiem and Race Morpher(makes Wood Elf use Nord face morphs), and I had to use the Race Morpher file as a template or it won't work. There is only a slight problem with this. I can't drag or edit the Mount Data values for my patch in XEdit. Since they are in Update.esm they must have been added somehow? Do I even need to add them? See screenshot for details.
  15. nightwolf

    MilkySLAL - August Update

    Missionary Side - Stage 3, the direction of the thrust is slightly wrong which makes it look unnatural. How can you not see this? Looks good otherwise.