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  1. Offering mesh work.

    So no mesh help for me?
  2. FunnyBizness' Animation Resources

    Hello again. From what mod are those animated chains that the girl in the gifs is wearing?
  3. The Banning Game - II

    Banned for being an adventuring and then getting an arrow in the knee. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. Offering mesh work.

    Hi there mistress of the night. I've edited a 7B body in outfitstudio but only the 100 weight mesh. Can you make it work for all weights? I have no idea how you're supposed to do that. And don't worry. It doesn't have boobs that reach the ground or poke people in the faces. It's pleasing to the eye(at least to me). "Did you know heels were originally designed for men?" The first heels were made for riders, to help keep the foot in the stirrups, or so I've heard. So they were actually made for warriors.
  5. Then I have another suggestion: Delete the encounter from the esp. It's better to have no female noble than 24 copies of the same actor. Also contact the author of the mod and inform him/her of this issue.
  6. Sexy Saadia

    Still on steam I see. No download.
  7. Follower mods in TES5Edit

    It should be fine to remove the edits to hair colour and spell costs if you want to. They were probably done for a reason, but the examples you describe are bad edits and sound like they were made by noobish modders, who didn't realize the impact they would have(or just didn't care). If you want a special mechanic or appearance for a follower, you should create new records instead of editing vanilla records. The worst thing that could happen is that your follower won't look exactly as the author intended, or won't be as effective in combat. If the modder lowered the spell costs, then delete those spells and increase the follower's magicka instead. That's my advice. Making your own edits is fine as long as you know what you're doing. Just don't mess with ai, dialogue, or scripts. Some modders add content on top of vanilla to expand on it, and in that case they have to edit vanilla records. But as worik said, it's best to contact the mod author(and give them some well deserved flaming ). If they reply this year, consider yourself lucky.
  8. Did you make sure to remove ALL files from the previous version? Anyway, if you just want a quick fix you can open the console, select the npc you want to remove, and type disable. But this is not a good idea if they were meant to go elsewhere in the game.
  9. FunnyBizness' Animation Resources

    There is nothing technical that prevents them from starting, but for all the vaginal animations the result will be disastrous. If you're a sane person there is a great risk that you will be affected by any of these conditions: Traumatised, blurred vision, shaky hands, migrane, recurring nightmares, anxiety attacks or loss of apetite. Try at your own risk.
  10. I have a lot of appearance overhauls installed, and after making a merged patch and generating all other patches(Bashed, ASIS, PaMa etc), I'm getting a lot of bugged faces for my NPCs. It's mostly the dark face bug, but sometimes everything is just messed up. If I disable all the generated patches, the NPCs look like they should, so how do I create these patches and still get the right appearance for them? Should I just disable all the overhauls before making the patches? That will work for the face but they won't have the right stats or perks. Note: I'm using Mod Organizer. Requiem had a built in solution for this, but now I'm just confused.
  11. Spell "Flames" equipped automatically

    While troubleshooting I found out that flames is added by SkyUI(if I disable it, I won't get any spells when starting a new game). That seems weird.
  12. I recently switched from Requiem to a Perma profile, and whenever I open the console, the starting spell Flames is equipped. It also happens at random times when just walking around, and it's very annoying because it keeps swapping out whatever I had equipped before. I can fix it by deleting the spell, but I want to know what stupid mod could be responsible. I've tried starting a game with only expansions and LAL enabled and it still happens, but I have so many resources installed that it could still be a script. Does anyone know of a mod with this behaviour? Load Order(I haven't run any patchers yet):
  13. This follower was shared by the author but the link is dead. Does anyone still have her and can upload her? https://www.flickr.com/photos/94888663@N07/11433649543/
  14. Okay, updated the face tint to match my preset and it looks fine. What effect does the lighting settings have?