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  1. nightwolf

    How do I edit HKX files?

    I'm only using SLAL packs and no single animations that I can just remove the behaviour files from. I need a way to open a hkx files, remove SOME of the animations from it, and save the changes.
  2. I've reached the animation limit so I want to delete some animations from the hkx files. How can I do this?
  3. I know about that, but that's not what I meant. Clicking that will only register the animations from ZAP to SexLab. I want to register animations from SexLab to ZAP, so they can be used in bound situations.
  4. That's true. How do you register SexLab animations into ZAP, to be used for bound characters? According to Kimy it's possible.
  5. Fair enough, but I didn't know you could register SexLab animations to ZAP. How can I do that? PS I don't know of any bound creature animations that would require creature support. The ones I have are for humanoid races.
  6. If the first scenario happens I would either add a temporary binding to my character, imagining that they bound her, or I would simply switch to a more proper animation for the situation. It might not be immersive to pick animation yourself when bound, but I prefer that to watching an animation I don't want to see. You can also choose what animations you want available in SexLab, so ticking Yoke animations when you're not in a Yoke would just be stupid. Of course this requires some changes in MCM, but I don't mind adjusting mods to give the result I want, and I don't think other people do either. Most mods doesn't come shipped with settings or features that you like by default. In the second case I wouldn't disable the filter, simply because I agree with you there. With your settings in DCL that seem hardcoded, we are not given a choice and we have to use an extra mod like SexLab Tools to be able to choose bound animations from Sexlab. Why should you decide for other people what animations they get? How can you be satisfied with 4 boring animations when bound? That's what I want to know. Why not let us configure DD as we want instead of forcing a couple of settings that can't be changed?
  7. This is nothing new to me. I am going to use the same language as valcon767 here, because it becomes much clearer. DCL triggered animation(shopping quest or rape): player wearing iron cuffs - filters in DD and ZaZ disabled. Number of available animations: 1 of the few that starts with DDZaP. Radiant prostitution triggered animation: player wearing iron cuffs - filters in DD and ZaZ disabled - DCL shut down just in case. Number of animations available: all consensual animations from SL. DCL doesn't limit anything? valcon proves(just above your comment) I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  8. First of all I have SLAL, and I have learned what the animations look like from testing by starting several new games, due to mod updates and too many changes to my modlist. So I know what I animations I want in my game. I also knew that I didn't want the guro animations without testing, lol. I also have time to go through the list and make changes to it now and then if I want. It shouldn't take that much time tbh. For people with limited time it's more difficult, but an SLAL pack would make it easier to install the animations at least. Then just play and see what the animations are. If you don't like an animation, change to something else and disable it in SexLab later. At some point you will have a list with only the animations that you want.
  9. Thanks, that was a good tip, and something that solves my issue. I still think Kimy could allow for more bound animations though. If you make the mod look for the bound tag instead of pulling from DD(can we just agree that those animations are bad?) , it would be great. I don't see the point of having this mod override the DD settings. I think people can handle the responsibility of making settings that fit their game and their preferences.
  10. That doesn't work, because the framework only gives me one animation for a bound scene, even if I disable the filter in DD. I'm using the animation list you can bring up with Defeat installed by pressing 0. It works for all situations, and it shows only one animation when bound. I just need a way to disable the DD settings from Cursed Loot without shutting down the whole mod. Let the players pick their own settings.
  11. You don't seem to understand what I'm asking here. I can force DD to select from all available animations by disabling animation filtering, even if there is a bound actor in the scene, but Cursed Loot overrides my DD settings, which gives me 4 available armbinder animations. I need a way to disable the restrictions that Cursed Loot put on bound actors please, even if I have to mod to do it. I don't need recommendations on what will look good etc. I can take care of that part. For example a bound animation from Funnybiz or Leito will work just fine when wearing cuffs, or even an armbinder.
  12. Let's see if I understand this right. When you click register in ZaZ, it adds new animations to SexLab, and it doesn't affect what animations will be chosen in a scene. They are only extra animations for use with god knows what, because they don't get chosen when you're bound. You need to enable the override button for ZaZ to take over though.
  13. Is it possible to register SexLab animations added by SLAL in ZaZ? I have some bound animations that would fit while wearing an armbinder/cuffs, but both ZaZ and DD is forcing animations starting with ZAP, and there are only 4 of them. So boring.
  14. If that happens for my character I have a rope binding in my inventory that I manually equip, and for NPC vs NPC I don't really care since I haven't enabled that feature. FunnyBizness has a lot of animations, and most are for humanoids. Only some of them are bound, and those are in a separate category that you don't even have to install. Can I register his animations in DD, and how? I also tried the Shopping Quest to get money for removing my armbinder, and while the idea is great, I have to say I'm a little disappointed by how it's implemented. I had to go to 5 different shopkeepers only to get 50g, and I could even do it with the same shopkeeper twice in a row(better to just whore myself out imo). I suggest shortening the quest to 1 or 2 shops, or make it configurable in the MCM. If it's possible, could you also block the latest chosen shop from being chosen again? Something else that doesn't make sense is that all female shopkeepers are lesbian, but if you add the setting I suggested, you could also add a chance for them to reject you based on sexuality, or just exclude alchemy stores from the quest, since those often have a female shopkeeper. The quest would still be doable with a lower setting, and you would have a quest that makes sense in every aspect.